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Beem Partners Casino Affiliate Program Review

In today’s world, many people are turning to new ways to make money. Gone are the days when manual labour is all that you can do to make a living. Nowadays, you can even become a social media influencer—or make your money affiliating with different companies.

In fact, affiliating with online casinos has become tremendously popular over the years. There has been a surge in great new brands and slots, which has helped the industry grow to be a massive international juggernaut.

In this review, we will discuss the ins and outs of the Beem Partners affiliate program.

What is the affiliate program by Beem Partners?

When you join the Beem Partners affiliate program, you start earning money by referring new customers to join the program’s online casinos. This is obviously a very straightforward way to make money—and definitely also a lucrative one.

The Beem Partners affiliate program consists of two distinctive brands: Beem Casino and Borse Riders Casino. As you can probably guess, Beem Casino is the flagship brand here with its 3000+ slots and 20+ payment providers. Referring customers to a mega-successful brand such as this should not be too much of a problem.

Why choose the Beem Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

Since the online casino affiliate scene is scorching hot, it is only natural to question why you should choose a certain brand over others. To be honest, our pro-tip would be to consider joining many, but here are a bunch of reasons to at least make the Beem Partners casino affiliate program a part of your portfolio:

  • Up to 55% revenue share. Only rare affiliate programs will pay you over half of what they make. Here, however, you can earn up to 55% for each player that you bring.
  • High conversions. According to the Beem Partner’s page, 50% of registrations to the sites also convert to first deposits. Thus, if you can get people to join, you can be quite confident that they will indeed start playing.
  • Hourly statistics. Your statistics with Beem Partners are being updated hourly, making it ultra-easy for you to follow what is going on.
  • Personal managers. It is always less painful to start new things when there is someone there to guide you along. A personal manager will be assigned to every new and aspiring partner in the program.

How to become a partner?

If you want to join the Beem Partners affiliate program, you can start by clicking on our link. After this, you will land on a page where there is a gigantic “Create account” button for you to press. The rest will be easy as pie!

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