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Bright Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Review

The Bright Affiliates casino affiliate program review starts here!

This program sees you recruiting people to a whole trio of online casinos: Extra Spel, Extra Vegas, and Locojoker. The affiliate tracking system of choice here is MAP, and the admin fees come in at 25%. Commissions, on the other hand, can go all the way up to 50%.

What is the affiliate program by Bright Affiliates?

The world is changing, and so are the ways of making money. Nowadays, some people will just go on Youtube and create a few videos about their day to make a fortune. Others will take to Onlyfans and post adult content for ridiculous amounts of money. When our parents were just kids, none of these modern revenue streams existed.

Another feasible way of making money is joining a casino affiliate program such as Bright Affiliates.

As part of the Bright Affiliates casino affiliate program, your task is to get people to join one of the three casinos in the program: Extra Spel, Extra Vegas, or Locojoker Casino. All of these brands are quite popular, which should make driving traffic fairly easy—provided that you know people and have traffic that likes to gamble online.

Bright Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

The way that the Bright Affiliates casino affiliate program works is that you will be given a so-called tracking link. You should use this link (or at least a version of it) to get people to join one of the three casinos currently in the program. Then, whenever someone does join—and starts spending some cash at the casino of their choice—that is when your cash register starts going ching-ching.

The Bright Affiliates tracking system of choice is called MAP. This tracking system was shortlisted as one of the very best affiliate tracking systems three years in a row in 2017, 2018 and 2019! 

Bright Affiliates Admin Fees

There are three things that you just cannot escape: death, taxes, and casino affiliate program admin fees.

The Bright Affiliates program, in particular, comes with 25% admin fees. This means that before your earnings are divided between you and the casino itself, 25% will be deducted from the overall pot.

Why choose the Bright Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program?

What are some of the bright spots of the Bright Affiliates casino affiliate program as compared to some of its numerous competitors? Here is a list below!

  • Three brands. According to the Bright Affiliates homepage, all of the brands that belong to this program are good at converting people to long-time customers. This is great, as it should make it easier for you to make more money.
  • Up to 50% rev share. Bright Affiliates offers lucrative commission models for its signees.
  • Monthly payments. You never want to be paid late in life. With this program, you are guaranteed prompt monthly payments.
  • No negative balance carryover. Let us face it: sometimes the customers you bring in will win and leave your monthly earnings drained. Good on them! With no negative carryover, you will start each month from 0 despite these random strokes of luck.

How to become a partner?

If you are sold on Bright Affiliates, you are more than free to click on our associated link and head on out to the casino affiliate program’s homepage. There you will find a large Register button. It really does not get a lot more simple than this!

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