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EstablishedDecember 2020
Affiliate platformAffilka

Casitsu Partners Casino Affiliate Program Review

The Casitsu Partners casino affiliate program revolves around Casitsu Casino. This program is powered by the Affilka tracking system and can offer up to 50% revenue share to its partners.

What is the affiliate program by Casitsu Partners?

There are numerous international online casinos out there, and just about every last one of them has a corresponding affiliate program. While some affiliate programs tend to divide their attention to multiple casino brands, there are also those that solely focus on one single brand. The Casitsu Partners casino affiliate program would be an example of the latter mentioned types.

With Casitsu Partners, the sole focus is on trying to find new customers interested in creating an account at Casitsu—an online casino brand established in 2020. Operated by industry professionals in Dama NV, Casitsu is a popular brand with lucrative welcome bonuses and enough games to keep its customers hooked for a long time to come.

Casitsu Partners Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

The Casitsu Partners casino affiliate program uses SoftSwiss tracking, also known as Affilka. This tracking system has become rather popular and liked over the years with built-in payment processing and real-time statistics being some of the perks. With great tracking tools, you can always have your ear to the ground in order to sense what exactly is going on at any given moment.

Casitsu Partners Admin Fees

Casitsu Partners offers its partners some pretty stellar revenue share deals, but we would be remiss not to bring up the associated admin fees. These clock in at 31%, which means that your potential up to 50% revenue share will actually behalf of 69%, which would be 34.5%. The average high rev share cut in the industry is already just about 35%, so try not to be fooled by the unusually high margins advertised here.

Why choose the Casitsu Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

Every dog has its day, and every online casino affiliate program has its distinct benefits. Below are some of the best things about working with Casitsu Partners:

  • No negative carryover. This is always important. Negative carryover would mean that your potential could tag along with you for quite some time. Without it, however, you do not have to be too scared of your customers winning big.
  • 30% to 50% revenue share. Granted, the 31% admin fees are levelling the playing field quite a bit, which kind of more makes this more of a 20.7% to 34.5% revenue share split.
  • Plenty of marketing materials. The Casitsu Partners affiliate platform has all the marketing materials you need, including tracking links, logos, and banners.
  • Good brand. Casitsu has over 3,500 games and is available in multiple regions and jurisdictions, which makes it reasonably easy to find new customers to join.

How to become a partner?

To start making money with the Casitsu Partners casino affiliate program, click on our link and head on out to the program’s homepage. There you will find a “Sign Up” button that is impossible to miss. Then just keep filling in all the mandatory fields and that is about it! Once your affiliate account is approved, you are welcome to access all the marketing materials necessary to start earning a passive income!

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