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Coinsaga Casino Affiliate Program Review

The Coinsaga Casino affiliate program is powered by the MyAffiliates tracking program. Zero admin fees mean that affiliates will get a lot more bang for their buck from the 25 to 45% revenue share commissions.

What is the affiliate program by Coinsaga?

Cryptocurrencies have become a huge deal in the world of investing. There is really no way of knowing how many online casino customers use cryptos to deposit, but we would assume that the number is increasing. At the very least, brands that allow crypto deposits have become increasingly common. Coinsaga Casino, the star of the Coinsaga casino affiliate program, is just one of many of these kinds of suitors out there.

As part of this program, your goal will be to get people to join the new, the year 2021 brand in question. By helping Coinsaga make money, you are also putting more width into your personal bank account.

The branding of the affiliate program by Coinsaga is mostly professional and serious. After all, affiliates come here to make money—not so much to be entertained.

Coinsaga Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

To track money and customers going in and out, the Coinsaga casino affiliate program uses MyAffiliates. This software rolled out in 2005 and first mostly dabbled with Australian sportsbooks. Nowadays, however, MyAffiliates is a big player in the industry with 24-hour support and more.

Coinsaga Admin Fees

When your customers bring online casinos money, you usually get your piece of the pie only after admin fees have already been deducted from the grand total. However, with the Coinsaga casino affiliate program, there are basically no admin fees for you to endure. This means that their promised 25 to 45% revenue share deals are indeed what it says on the bill!

Why choose the Coinsaga Casino Affiliate Program?

Are you still on the fence about whether you should join this affiliate program? Fret not as we have listed some benefits below to perhaps help you make your mind up:

25 to 45% rev share deals. Depending on how many first-time depositors you are able to bring in, your rev share percentage will fluctuate between 25 to 45%. Not all affiliate programs can touch the top percentages here—especially with no admin fees insight.
No negative carryover. You start each month from scratch. Potential losses from previous months will have no bearing.
Steady earnings. Earnings of over 200 USD will be paid out on the 15th of every month. If you fall below this, earnings will be carried out to next month.
No need to make your own ads. The Coinsaga casino affiliate program promises to provide you with banners, tracking links, logos, and anything you need in order to promote their brand. All you need to do here is to put what you are given to good use.

How to become a partner?

Thinking of joining forces with Coinsaga?

To do so, simply follow our link to the Coinsaga affiliate page and click on the big teal button to SIGN UP. This will get you up and running in no time!

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