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EstablishedSeptember 2021
Affiliate platformCellxpert

Doubleup Partners Casino Affiliate Program Review

The Doubleup Partners casino affiliate program is a spanking new affiliate program. At the time of writing, this Cellxpert-powered program only consisted of one single online casino with new ones coming soon in the pipeline. The admin fees for Doubleup Partners are 20%.

What is the affiliate program by Doubleup Partners?

Online casino affiliate programs are all the rage nowadays. In addition to investing money in the stock market and cryptocurrencies, this is another popular way of seizing some of the modern revenue streams of today. Contrary to investing money, however, becoming an affiliate is entirely free of risks and any type of force majeure.

When you join the Doubleup Partners casino affiliate program, your goal becomes to market its brands to your selected audience. At the time of writing, the only brand available for Doubleup was called Doggo Casino. Being that the program is named after Doggo, however, would imply that there might be new brands joining the fray very soon.

Despite its name, Doggo Casino is not only meant for dog lovers but is available to a wide range of worldwide markets and all kinds of gambling-loving adult customers.

Doubleup Partners Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

As part of any affiliate program, let alone the Doubleup Partners casino affiliate program, your progress needs to be tracked. It is all based on your partners knowing where their traffic is coming from and who exactly is sending people to them.

Doubleup Partners uses a tracking software called Cellxpert. Cellxpert’s mission statement, according to its website, is to “help build trust and transparency, enabling you and your partners to grow.” These sound like admirable goals indeed!

Doubleup Partners Admin Fees

In this world and the current economic situation, no one ever likes to pay more money than they absolutely need to. Regardless of this, there are always some extra costs buried somewhere where you cannot clearly see.

Casino affiliate programs usually have what is called admin fees. These fees are always deducted from the overall profits before the splitting of the profits actually takes place. This is, of course, somewhat understandable, as it is the global online casino operators who are taking the financial risks here and not the affiliates.

Doubleup Partners deducts 20% admin fees.

Why choose the Doubleup Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

How does the Doubleup Partners casino affiliate program sell itself to those interested? Here are some of the main advantages for partnering up with this very program:

  • Timely commission. In today’s world, fast payments are the way to go. If you are due something, you might as well get it ASAP. Doubleup promises to pay quickly through methods such as bank wire, Webmoney, Payoneer, Paxum, and even Paypal.
  • Real-time stats. Everyone loves stats and never more so than when they are accurate and punctual.
  • Knowledgeable affiliate managers. When signing up with the program, an affiliate manager will be assigned to you to tell you all that you need to know to make a buck.

Unfortunately, not a lot of concrete information was available on the Doubleup Partners website at the time of writing. You can definitely see that the program is only just getting started with mentions of upcoming brands and more.

How to become a partner?

If the Doubleup Partners casino affiliate program managed to catch your interest, you might want to get to know even more about it. To do so, just click on our attached link and head on out to the program’s homepage. There you will see an orange button saying “Start Earning.” That is your cue!

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