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EstablishedMarch 2022
Company NameFoggyStar Global Limited
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FoggyStar Partners Casino Affiliate Program Review

The FoggyStar Partners casino affiliate program review starts here!

This program sees you recruiting new customers for an online casino called FoggyStar. You can choose your deal between revenue share, hybrid, and CPA. Admin fees come in at 40%, and the Affilka tracking program is used to track your progress.

What is the affiliate program by FoggyStar Partners?

In today’s world, passive income is oftentimes the way to riches. If you want to make money—and preferably lots of it—, you need to figure out a way to be able to do so in your sleep.

Becoming an affiliate can sometimes be hard work, but the rewards that follow can be as sweet as blueberry pie. As an affiliate, your goal is to do some customer acquisition by spreading the word about the product that you are helping sell.

The FoggyStar Partners casino affiliate program is an official affiliate program for a crypto-based casino called FoggyStar. This casino lets people gamble with Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies, which is definitely not something that can be said about all the online casinos in the world. In other words, if you have access to people who just love investing in cryptos, marketing FoggyStar to them could turn out to be a lucrative cause for all the parties involved.

FoggyStar Partners Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

When you are a FoggyStar affiliate, your job is to spread the word about FoggyStar Casino. This is done by spreading around a particular affiliate link that you receive when joining the FoggyStar Partners casino affiliate program.

The performance of your affiliate link is being tracked carefully in order to see how many users you are bringing in and how much money they are spending at the casino.

The FoggyStar Partners casino affiliate program uses a popular tracking tool called Affilka in its operations. With the help of this tool, you will be able to keep tabs on how your links (and financials) are doing.

FoggyStar Partners Admin Fees

If you can match a fan of online casinos with FoggyStar, you are going to receive a cut of the money involved in the process. We will go over all the different types of commissions later on in this review.

Before you get your cut, however, something called admin fees needs to be deducted from the equation. With the FoggyStar Partners casino affiliate program, these fees come in at 40%, which is a bit on the high side of things. Only after the deduction will you get your percentage of the rev share being dealt out.

Why choose the FoggyStar Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

No casino affiliate program is perfect, but each of them most certainly has its own benefits. Below, we will be taking a look at the biggest reasons why you should choose FoggyStar over some of the other affiliate programs in the industry.

  • Three types of commission. Whether you want a revenue share deal, a hybrid deal or a CPA deal, nothing is off the table here. Revenue share deals can go all the way up to 50% (minus the 40% admin fees), whereas CPA’s can rise to an impressive 240 USDT (a cryptocurrency whose price is pegged to USD).
  • No negative carryover. With online casinos, your customers could also end up winning, which means that their winnings would be deducted from the overall pot. Even if this happens, your following month here will always start at 0 and will never go negative.
  • Fast payments. The FoggyStar Partners casino affiliate program guarantees that payments will be made on the 1st day of business every month.
  • Great retention rates. Being a rare crypto-based casino, FoggyStar has the ability to retain its customers for a long time to come, which could result in persistent gains.

How to become a partner?

If you want to partner up with FoggyStar, just click on our link and head to the affiliate program website. There you will find a massive “Sign up” button as well as another “Become a partners [sic]” button that will get you started!

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