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EstablishedJanuary 2018
Company NameMountberg Limited
AddressVision Tower 4th floor, Lemesou 67
2121 Aglantzia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Company numberHE355350
VAT numberCY10355350P
Affiliate platformMyAffiliates

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Why choose GnG Affiliates?

At GnG Affiliates, our slogan is “Give and Gain” and that drives the company towards a reliable and steady growth.

GNG Affiliates was founded in September 2018 starting with Monte Cryptos Casino as its main and only brand. Despite the fresh establishment of the company, a strongly driven towards success team of 5 people with years of experience and knowledge of the industry started building the fair commission platform. After one year of growth of Monte Cryptos, we have decided to make another huge investment and acquired two brands in three months period – PlayPCF and Royal Rabbit. Soon after that, we established another online casino – Jack21. Its innovative idea and market positioning make it the first real live casino. Our development continues with the acquisition of one of the most premium and modern online casinos built on the same platform as our current brands – LuckyLuke. The deal and the migration of the brand will be finalized in November 2020.

We value your time, that is why the GnG platform has been fully optimized and automated for ease of access. Even our monthly affiliate payments are automated and no invoices are needed.

We believe that for better results tracking and analyzing are two of the most important actions, that is why our platform has been integrated with easily usable charts, graphs, trends and also detailed reporting and monitoring for a better understanding and improvement of your results.

Reasons you work with us:

  • Transparency
  • Regular payments
  • Deal that is precisely calculated to be profitable for both sides
  • We do more than we talk
  • Europe and North America are our core markets
  • We are here to stay

How to become a partner?

Partnering with us is easy, just hop on GNG Affiliates and register by filling out all the needed details. Once the registration is complete a skilled affiliate manager will contact you to help you by choosing the best deal model possible for your requirements.

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