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Heroic Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Review

The Heroic Affiliates casino affiliate program is a new brand that revolves around Slotman Casino. Not to be confused with Hero Affiliates, Heroic Affiliates offers partners up to 40% revenue share. The admin fees for this Affilka-tracked program are 35%.

What is the affiliate program by Heroic Affiliates?

Are you a social media maven? Do you have thousands upon thousands of followers watching your every move, ready to click on just any link you throw at them?

If you are well-versed in modern marketing, becoming an affiliate is a logical thing to do. As an affiliate, you are essentially being paid for your talent of drawing people in and getting them hyped up for what you are selling. This 100% applies when becoming a part of the Heroic Affiliates online casino affiliate program as well.

As part of Heroic Affiliates, your goal is to spread awareness of the brands in the program. At the time of writing, this program was unique to Slotman Casino, which is indeed a heroic online casino brand if there ever was one.

Slotman is a casino by Dama NV and a highly esteemed one at that! Dama is known for its meticulous approach to online casinos and is recognised as one of the very best gaming companies operating from the island of Curacao.

Heroic Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

When joining the Heroic Affiliates casino affiliate program—or any other affiliate program for that matter—you are always interested in tracking your progress. Heroic Affiliates uses the popular third-party software Affilka to do this.

The presence of Affilka guarantees that all of your tracking data will always be as trustworthy and up-to-date as possible.

Heroic Affiliates Admin Fees

None of us likes any types of fees—unless we are the ones getting paid.

When talking about online casino affiliate program admin fees, we are referring to the fees that are being deducted from our eventual pot of earnings. For instance, let us say your customers bring the casino 1,000 euros (or currency equivalent) and you are working on a revenue share-based deal worth 40%. Normally, you would get the full 400 euros, but due to admin fees, you will get less.

Heroic Affiliates charges 35% in admin fees, which means that, in the example scenario above, you would get paid based on the following calculations: 1000 x 0.65 = 650 -> 650 x 0.40 = 260.

Why choose the Heroic Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program?

As there are numerous casino affiliate programs out there, it begs the question of why you would want to join a specific one. Below are some of the best things about the Heroic Affiliate casino affiliate program:

  • Up to 40% revenue share. As you bring more customers and more money to the program, your revenue share percentage can grow from 25% all the way up to 40%. Just be cognisant of the admin fees, though.
  • Slotman is a stellar brand. Many affiliates only think about the potential money they could make when the product they will be selling is a lot more important. Slotman is first and foremost a great brand, and great brands always sell better than merely high-paying brands.
  • No negative carryover. For some reason, we could not find the Heroic Affiliates homepage mentioning that the program does not have negative carryover. We were, however, able to find this information elsewhere. No negative carryover means that each month your money-making starts anew.
  • Punctual payments. Heroic Affiliates promises to pay affiliates once every month.

How to become a partner?

The Heroic Affiliates casino affiliate program is not hard to find—and this is by design. You simply only need to click on our associated link to enter the site and start your registration process. Once you are done, an affiliate manager will have a chat with you and kickstart you on your path to success!

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