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Partners in Cash Affiliate Program Review

The Partners in Cash affiliate program sees you join forces with the brand CasinoWin. Finding new customers for the said brand will earn you money through CPA, rev share, and hybrid deals. This program can also sometimes be called “PIC Affiliates” which is short for Partners in Cash.

Read on now to find out more about this Cellxpert-powered affiliate program!

What is the affiliate program by Partners in Cash?

The idiomatic phrase “partners in crime” is an extremely descriptive way of putting things. When you are partners in crime with someone, you are deep in the trenches together, working for a common goal and watching each other’s backs! The same can be said of the Partners in Cash affiliate program, where the program’s gain is also your gain.

As part of the Partners in Cash affiliate program, your job is to go and seek out customers for a casino called CasinoWin.bet. And no, there is no actual headhunting or tiresome recruiting involved—all you need to do is spread the casino’s link around and hope for fresh fish to bite. As is always the case with affiliating, the better your haul, the better your eventual compensation will be!

CasinoWin Casino is licensed in Curacao and has a humongous welcome offer of €6000 (or cash equivalent) available to its newest customers. This kind of casino bonus is, of course, likely to turn some heads, which should help you with your bottom line as well.

Partners in Cash Affiliate Program Tracking

Partners in Cash is powered by the Cellxpert tracking program that is also being used by 200+ other global brands, including Currency.com, Fiverr, Markets.com, and several others. To say that this tracking program’s track record is great is an understatement

Partners in Cash Admin Fees

When an affiliate program offers your a revenue share deal, you should know that this is seldom the real percentage of what you will be getting. Instead, casinos usually need to first minus the admin fees before they can give you your cut.

With Partners in Cash, however, there are no admin fees that will be deducted!

Why choose the Partners in Cash Casino Affiliate Program?

Every casino affiliate program out there is unique in that they can operate based on very different benefits and business models. With Partners in Cash, below is a rundown of all the most important advantages:

  • Various types of deals are available. Some affiliates out there like to be paid for every new customer that they bring in. Others like to receive a share of the pie. As part of this program, you are welcome to negotiate either type of deal—or a hybrid of both.
  • Quick payouts. On its homepage, Partners in Cash promises that its customers will receive fast compensations for their troubles. Clearly, no one likes it when you have to wait for weeks to get paid!
  • Help from bonafide marketing specialists. It always makes things easier when you have a bunch of experts on your side sending you fresh, professional marketing materials to work with. No need for you to use Paint to scribble your own!

How to become a partner?

The Partners in Cash casino affiliate program is not hard to access. Just click on our associated link. This will take you right where you want to go!

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Online Casino smile

I played at casinowin.bet and I was so happy to win 750 $. But unfortunately, I think after 4month of waiting for my withdrawal. The casino stole my money. I asked many times but the casino always apologised and ask to be patient. Don’t place your money at this casino.

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