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EstablishedAugust 2020
Affiliate platformIntellitics

SuperSeven Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Review

The SuperSeven Affiliates casino affiliate program is the exclusive affiliate program for SuperSeven Casino. This program features tracking and analytics from Intelitics as well as 10% admin fees. CPA’s, hybrids, and revenue share deals of up to 45% are all available.

What is the affiliate program by SuperSeven Affiliates?

Marketing and comparing online casinos is not always easy. Gambling companies often have their hands tied with the ever-changing regulations in the industry. Television commercials and huge billboards are usually not available to these companies due to all kinds of laws pertaining to responsible gambling. As a result, online casinos always need to come up with new alternative avenues to make their voices heard—and to start earning some revenue.

The SuperSeven Casino affiliate program is one of the main ways that SuperSeven Casino is using in its quest to create interest. As part of the program, your job as an affiliate would be to spread the word about this brand’s services. Doing this successfully can then lead to some money flowing your way as well.

SuperSeven Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

Every affiliate program needs high-quality tracking software by its side, and the SuperSeven casino affiliate program is no exception. This program is using Intelitics as its tracking method of choice.

Intelitics prides itself as a scalable customer acquisition solution for iGaming brands. With its help, you are bound to get accurate and trustworthy data when it comes to how many customers and much money you are bringing in to SuperSeven Casino.

SuperSeven Affiliates Admin Fees

Fees are a part of life, and this applies to online casino affiliating as well.

Instead of compensating their partners for every single euro that they bring in, affiliate programs will often have some fees that they want to deduct before splitting the loot. The so-called admin fees are 10% of what your customers will be bringing in.

Once the 10% fees have been deducted from the overall lump sum of money, this is when your actual profits will be calculated based on your revenue share percentage.

Why choose the SuperSeven Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program?

As you know, every online casino affiliate program out there comes with its perks and benefits. Below are the main talking points that people weighing their options about joining SuperSeven Affiliates would be wise to consider.

  • Different types of deals available. Some of us will be more comfortable being paid based on the number of customers that they bring in (CPA), whereas others are looking for more long-time, revenue-share based deals. As part of the SuperSeven casino affiliate program, you are free to negotiate a deal that best suits you.
  • Good conversions. SuperSeven Casino has a couple of rather unique loyalty features that could incentivise customers to keep coming back for more, which is good for raising the margins on your gains.
  • Fast payouts. SuperSeven promises to pay its partners promptly and without any extra hassle.
  • No negative carryover. With online casino gambling, there is always a chance that players will walk out with major wins and completely flat-line your profits. However, with no negative carryover, these losses will not be there to affect your bottom line the following month.

How to become a partner?

We thought you would never ask!

Joining the SuperSeven Casino affiliate program is as easy as joining SuperSeven Casino. You only need to follow our link and the casino page with its huge adverts will take it from there!

We wish you happy affiliating!

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