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EstablishedNovember 2019
Affiliate platformNetRefer

Sweetspot Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Review

Sweetspot Affiliates is a casino affiliate program powered by the popular NetRefer tracking software. With zero admin fees and revenue share deals of up to 45%, this should be an interesting program for any aspiring affiliate.

What is the affiliate program by Sweetspot Affiliates?

In these uncertain times, it is great to find new revenue streams to bolster your bottom line. You never know what will happen to the economy so it makes sense to keep some tricks up your sleeves as well instead of throwing all of your cards to the table. With the Sweetspot Affiliates casino affiliate program, you can make your future at least a little bit more secure.

Being a casino affiliate, your job is to work as part of the casino industry as somewhat of a recruiter. With Sweetspot Affiliates, here are the casinos you will be recruiting new customers for:

No Limit Casino

The more, the merrier, right? With a lot of brands, you will have more online casinos to market to your audiences.

Sweetspot Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

When you become an affiliate, you always hope that your program provides you with good enough tracking opportunities that will help keep you in the loop with all of your earnings and impressions. Sweetspot Affiliates uses the so-called industry-standard affiliate software in NetRefer to get this done.

Sweetspot Affiliates Admin Fees

Let us face it—admin fees can be a true pain in your backside. Instead of paying you the revenue share percentages displayed on their sites, most casino affiliate programs will want to first deduct their admin fees. For instance, a 30% rev share deal will not be quite as lucrative if there are 50% fees there to go along with it…

With Sweetspot Affiliates, there are no hidden costs or admin fees at all. In other words, you will indeed get your cut from all the money that you are able to bring in.

Why choose the Sweetspot Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program?

Everyone likes casino affiliate programs that come with great terms. Below, we have listed some of the things that we consider to be the top features of the Sweetspot Affiliates casino affiliate program:

No negative carryover. The king of all terms. When there is no negative carryover, every month will be its own story. Otherwise, you could have just one bad month and have to pay for it for a long time to come.
Rising revenue share deals. Depending on how many customers you bring in, your referral commission will rise. You will start at 20% with your first three customers and then move all the way up to 45% when you have brought 31+.
Automated payments. When payments are made manually, there is always a chance for someone to flub their job. That is why it is so important that Sweetspot Affiliates provides partners with automated payments.
Many brands in many markets. As we already mentioned, it is easier when you have several brands to advertise. This will raise the odds that your customers will find at least one casino that is to their liking.

How to become a partner?

Partnering up with Sweetspot Affiliates is basically child’s play. First, you need to follow our link to the program’s homepage. Second, you need to click on one of the two “Sign Up” buttons on the page. That is about it, really!

Good luck on your journey!

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