Top 20 Biggest Casinos In The World

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April 12, 2021 16 min read

Slip into your tux or your favorite black dress, and get the pilot of your private jet to set the controls for Oklahoma, (and yes, you did read that right, Oklahoma!). We are going to take a spin around the world and visit the 20 largest casinos on the planet!

What is the Largest Casino in the World?

The Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, ranks as the largest casino in the world. For those living in the USA, it shouldn’t be too difficult to cross it off your bucket list. You won’t get bored with the Winstar World Casino anytime soon, with 600,000 square feet of gaming area available to play at.

Biggest Casinos in The World By Gaming Space

When we looked at showcasing the biggest casinos in the world, we decided we’d go by the square footage of total gaming space. While mega-hotels, multiple restaurants, and huge entertainment areas, are all great extras, the primary reason to be at a casino is gambling, so the more space devoted to slots, poker rooms, and gaming tables, the better.

a chart showing the 10 biggest casinos in the world by square footage
Top Ten Biggest Casinos in the World by Square Feet of Gaming Space

If you like your casinos big and bold, then the ones listed below are the ones you’re going to want to explore.

Winstar World Casino, Oklahoma, USA

Winstar World Casino largest in the World

Winstar is not only the biggest casino in the USA but in the World. It’s also got to be the most unlikely place for the world’s largest casino to be located, in the small town of Thackerville, with a population of around 500.

Still, it’s nicely situated near the Oklahoma–Texas state line, making it an easy day trip from either Oklahoma City or Dallas-Fort Worth. But, if you’re going to visit the biggest casino in the World, you’ll probably want to spend a bit of time indulging in the vast array of gaming options they have on offer.

The casino managed by the Native American Chickasaw Nation offers; 100 table games, 8,500 electronic games, a 55-table poker room, a dedicated high stakes room, a bingo hall that can hold up to 800 players, and racers off-track betting.

The 600,000 square feet of gaming space is spread over eight gaming plazas named after famous world cities. Adding to this International atmosphere are the 17 restaurants on the casino complex with cuisine from all over the globe available.

If you haven’t worn out your legs walking around the ginormous casino but want a break from gambling, there’s a PGA-designed golf course, for you to work on your handicap.

Accommodation at the Winstar World Casino isn’t an issue, with a total of 1,495 rooms available, in addition to a 200 space RV park close by. It goes without saying that all the other amenities you’d expect from a casino complex of this size are on offer, including shops, spas, nightclubs, restaurants and bars.

Fun Fact 🙂: Four-time Super Bowl champion Terry Bradshaw keeps a ranch in Thackerville, which is used to film his reality TV show The Bradshaw Bunch.

The Venetian, Macao China

The Venetian Biggest Casino in Macau

To travel from the world’s largest casino to the second biggest in the world is a distance of nearly 8,000 miles! To confuse things even more with its Venice-themed style, including gondola rides and replica landmarks, you’ll think you’ve arrived in Italy not Asia!

The Venetian has been described as a Disneyland for gamblers, and has an impressive total gaming space of 546,000 square feet over four themed gaming areas. This includes 643 table games and 3,400 slot machines.

With over 350 brand name stores, including the Manchester United Megastore for the soccer fans amongst you, you’ll have plenty to spend your casino winnings on. Restaurants and bars cater to all tastes from fine dining specialty restaurants like Jiang Nan by Jereme Leung or if you prefer food a bit less fancy – grab yourself a Fatburger at the Venetian food court.

Fun Facts 🙂: The casino hotel is the largest single structure hotel building in Asia; owned by the Las Vegas Sands, it cost $2.4 Billion to construct the complex.

Casino de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Casino de Montréal largest casino in Canada

While not on the scale of the two casinos mentioned earlier, The Casino de Montreal is the largest casino in Canada with 526,488 square feet of gaming over five floors. The casino boasts over 3,200 slot machines, 75 table games, and a live poker room with 26 tables.

While there is no casino hotel on-site, there are plenty in the vicinity. There are four restaurants and bars on the premises that range from casual dining at L’instant to fine dining at  L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon.

Fun Fact 🙂: Daniel Corriveau won CAD 600,000 in 1994 at The Casino de Montreal playing Keno; three times in a row picking 19 out of 20 of the winning numbers. Corriveau managed to achieve this due to the Keno machine being reset each morning with the same seed number, with the outcome that the numbers generated had the same sequence each day. Though contested, this was due to the casino’s error, and Corriveau received all his winnings.

MGM Cotai, Macao China

MGM Cotai Macao

If you ever planned to visit all the biggest casinos in the world, prepare to spend a lot of time on the island of Macao. While Macao only offers 41 casinos, in contrast to Nevada, which has 222 casinos with 51 on the Las Vegas strip alone, 6 out of the 10 largest casinos on the planet are located on this small peninsula.

The MGM Cotai is one of the newer casinos on our list opening in 2018 with 500,000 square feet of gaming area. It hosts 1,500 slot machines and 175 table games, with a casino hotel that has 1,390 rooms. The facade is designed to resemble stacked Chinese jewelry boxes but has also been described by some as a mega-Lego project gone wrong.

If you are interested in history, both natural and human, the MGM Cotai is a mini-museum in its own right. The MG Cotai features Nature’s Art which is the world’s most extensive indoor art garden.

It’s the home of over 100,000 plants and 200 orchids, including species that were previously extinct. It also hosts more than 300 Asian paintings, sculptures, and carpets, some from Beijing’s Forbidden Planet and dating back to the Qing Dynasty.

Not So Fun Fact ☹️ : The solitary bar at the MG Contai is named the Bar Patua after the old creole patois language of Macao that is now spoken by less than fifty people on the island and is on the critically endangered languages list.

City of Dreams Casino, Macao, China

City of Dreams Casino Macao

We don’t need to travel far from the MGM Cotai to the City of Dreams as it’s only 2 minutes away by air-conditioned limo, or a 10-minute walk away if you want to save your cash for playing the gaming tables. It’s also opposite the Venetian, enabling you to visit at least three of the biggest casinos in the world in one night!

So what does the City of Dreams have to offer us? How about a total gaming space of 420,000 square feet with 1,500 slot machines and 450 table games. The Mega-casino complex also includes 4 hotels, 4 spas, 30 restaurants and bars, an aquarium, a dancing water fountain, and a nightclub.

Fun Fact 🧜‍♀️: Pre Covid, the House of Dancing Water, a spectacular water-based stage production, was held at the Dancing Water Theatre at the City of Dreams, seen by over 2 million visitors. The Dancing Water Theatre holding 3,700,000 gallons of water, boasts one of the world’s largest commercial pools.

Wynn Palace Casino, Macao China

The Wynn Palace Casino is actually joint 5th place being the same size as the City of Dreams; there might be a few square feet either way, but really who cares! The Palace is the second of two Wynn casinos operating in Macao, this one the larger with a total gaming space of 420,000 square feet opened in 2016. What can this casino offer you? 1,000 gaming machines and 350 table games, is all!

As with many of the biggest casinos, the Wynn Palace has a hotel to match with over 1,700 rooms and suites available. You won’t go hungry either as the resort is graced with five fine dining and eight casual restaurants.

Features that make this Casino resort stand apart are the aerial gondolas and spectacular performance lake with over 2,000 lights and 1,000 jets synchronized to musical pieces.

Fun Fact😋 :  If you love fine dining, you should know that the Wynn Palace has more Forbes Five-Star restaurants than any other individual resort on the planet.

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut, USA

Foxwoods Resort Casino Connecticut USA

And at last, we have a brief respite from exotic Asia as we venture to the more familiar surroundings of Ledyard, Connecticut; that’s assuming that you are from the USA, of course. While this resort covers a sprawling 9 million square feet, the gaming area counts for just 344,000 square feet of it. The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation operates the resort complex.

If you are looking for a family-friendly resort with the bonus of being one of the world’s largest casinos, look no further. Before we discuss all the excellent facilities that this resort casino offers, let’s get the important stuff out the way. The Foxwoods Resort has over 3,500 slot machines and over 250 table games spread over four casinos. For poker lovers, tournaments are held regularly, including the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

Depending on how much of a diehard gambler you are, the biggest problem you’ll face at this resort casino is all the other entertainment options on offer that can lure you away from the gaming tables. This includes zip lines, bowling, karting, an amazing golf simulator, walking trails, and a Pequot museum; the list goes on.

The resort has five hotels and restaurant chain favorites such as California Pizza Kitchen, Hard Rock Cafe, Johnny Rocket, and Wingstop.

Fun Fact 🙂: With 114 tables, the poker room at the Foxwoods Casino is the third-largest in the world and the largest outside California.

Mohegan Sun Casino Uncasville, Connecticut, USA

After a downgrade in 2019 when it closed down one of its three casino areas, the Mohegan Sun has a total gaming space of 299,000 square feet. Before the ‘Casino of the Wind’ gaming area was closed, it would have ranked equally with Foxwoods for seventh place on our list.

Despite its downsizing, it still offers more than 300 table games and around 5,000 slot machines in its Casino of the Earth and Casino of the Sky gaming rooms.

Fun Fact🐺: Look and listen out for the mechanical wolves that sit back and howl from time to time; you’ll find them situated around the gaming areas, atop high rock structures.

Wynn Casino, Macao, China

Nope, we’re not done with Macao yet; by a long stretch, this is the second and older of the Wynn Casinos in Macau. This casino has a 273,000 square feet gaming area with 375 slot machines and 212 table games in total. The hotel has 1008 rooms available to guests and 14 restaurants and bars.

Fun Fact 🙂: Steve Wynn, the billionaire behind the Wynn chain of casinos and hotels, started his career at 15 selling Good Humor ice cream bars from a bicycle.

Ponte 16 Casino, Macao, China

Ponte 16 Casino Macao

Yes, another huge hotel and casino located in Macao, with 270,000 square feet of gaming space, the Ponte 16 is still pretty impressive despite being half the size of the biggest on the list, the Winstar World Casino. Ponte 16 is situated in Macau’s Inner Harbor area, a UNESCO World Heritage site; it offers visitors 109 gaming tables and 307 slot machines. As well as the usual selection of bars and restaurants, you’ll find the 16 Foot Massage Center and an Angry Birds themed play center for the kids.

Fun Fact 🙂: The Ponte 16 was home to the MJ Gallery, the first Michael Jackson themed museum in Asia; however, don’t make any special trips as, alas, it has now closed down. However, there are still a few interesting artifacts to view in the MJ cafe and bar.

Rio Casino Resort, Klerksdorp, South Africa

The Rio Casino Resort is the largest casino on the African continent, its total gaming space totaling 266,330 square feet. Opening in 2006 as the Tusk Rio Casino Resort, it was later bought out and lost its tusk. 

As you’ve probably guessed by the ‘Rio’ in its name, this casino resort has a Brazilian carnival theme. Gambling enthusiasts can expect 12 table games, 274 gaming machines, regular poker tournaments, and for the high rollers, a Salon Privé. For the rest of the family, there’s a hotel, arcade gaming for the kids, restaurants, bars, and a theatre. The resort also has a 70 room hotel.

Fun Fact 🙂: Klerksdorp has a rich history; once a sleepy backwater, after gold was found in 1885, thousands of people descended on the town to seek their fortune. At the height of the gold rush, the town had 70 taverns and its own stock exchange.

Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Tampa, Florida, USA

Guitar shaped Hard Rock Casino and Hotel Tampa USA

The biggest of 6 Seminole casinos, it offers 245,000 square feet of gambling fun after a 2019 upgrade which added another 55,000 square feet of gambling area to the property. This Hard Rock Casino and hotel just falls short of the Rio Casino Resort with 179 gaming tables, over 5,000 slots, and a 46-table poker room.

The hotel has 469 music-themed rooms to rock-out in and offers all the usual spas, shops, pools that you’d expect. There are plenty of venues to eat and drink, including, as you would expect, a Hard Rock Cafe. If you love ice cream and booze and you’re over 21, you won’t want to miss Aubi & Ramsa with its ‘alcohol-infused artisan ice-cream’ – try saying that after a few scoops!

Fun Fact 🙂: In 1980, Indian remains were found during excavations in downtown Tampa. The remains were exhumed and relocated to land east of Tampa and given reservation status to the Seminole Tribe shortly after. The business-savvy Seminoles turned that land into one of the largest casinos in the world!

Sands, Macao, China

After its 2007 expansion, The Sands Macao was briefly the biggest casino in the world, but at 229,000 square feet of gaming space, it currently holds the twelfth position on our list. The Sands Macao has 200 gaming tables and over 1,000 slots, but truth be told, apart from hardcore gambling, this resort doesn’t have a great deal to set it apart from its rivals. The hotel has 289 guest rooms, a spa, restaurants, bars, and a small pool.

Fun Fact 💰: The Sands Macao was so profitable that it managed to pay off its construction debts in just one year.

MGM Casino, Macao China

The MGM Casino, formerly known as the MGM Grand, might be slightly smaller than the Sands, with 222,000 square feet designated for gambling, but it’s undoubtedly the superior of the two in looks and atmosphere. Over the casino’s two floors are 400 table games and over 1,000 slot machines.

The hotel has 600 rooms, a spa, fitness center, nightclub, and high-end shopping. The rooftop pool with amazing views of the South China Sea is worth checking out. You can find one of the best international buffets on the island at Rozzio, one of several high-end restaurants to be found at the MGM.

Fun Fact 🙂: The north end of the property is built to resemble the central train station in Lisbon, Portugal, with its impressive 1800s architectural design.

The Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia

Lobby of the Biggest Casino in Australia The Crown in Melbourne

After our extended layover in Macao, we get to go around the world and head Down Under to visit the largest casino in Australia (see Australian online casino sites here).

The Crown, offering 2220 square feet of casino gambling space with 540 gaming tables and over 2,000 slot machines or “pokies” if you want to use the local lingo. The resort complex is colossal and includes four hotels totaling 1604 rooms. Also, there are 37 restaurants, cinemas, bars, nightclubs, a bowling center, a gaming arcade, and plenty of shops.

This casino is also big on poker with a 50-table poker room, and the Crown also hosts the famous annual Australian Poker Championship known as the Aussie Millions. The prize pool is over A$7 million, which amounts to over USD 5.4 million.

Fun Fact 🙂 (Or not So Fun Fact for the casino ☹️): in 2013, the casino was cheated out of $33 million when the video feeds from security cameras on the property were hijacked.

Wynn and Encore Complex, Las Vegas, USA

Wynn and Encore Casino largest in Las Vegas

You’re probably as shocked as us that the first Las Vegas casino to grace our list doesn’t even make the top ten. And even then, it’s a bit of a fix, as the Wynn and Encore are actually two separate casinos. However, as they are both under the same room and share a gaming license, they are deemed one large casino space by the Gaming Control Board, and who are we to argue?!

Combined, they have a total gaming space of 186,187 square feet, over 2,000 slot machines, and 240 table games. The Wynn and Encore between them have 4,750 hotel rooms. As you can imagine from a mega-complex in Las Vegas, there is plenty of other entertainment for you to indulge in, from shopping, dining, and drinking to playing golf on an 18-hole championship course.

Fun Fact 🙂: Collectively, Wynn and Encore Las Vegas hold more Forbes Five-Star Travel Guide awards than any other casino and resort on the planet.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA

Nowhere near the size of its Macau cousin at 171,500 square feet of casino space, the MGM Grand still provides gambling enthusiasts with 200 table games, 3,000 slot machines, and a 13 table poker room. As with many of these sprawling resort complexes, everything you need to keep you entertained and fed is available in what amounts to a self-contained town.

The MGM Grand, with its Grand Pool Complex, which includes five swimming pools,  and its many other entertainment choices, make it one of the most family-friendly venues on the strip.

Fun Facts 🙂: The MGM Grand is the largest hotel in the USA, with 6,852 rooms. The casino also appeared in the 2011 movie Ocean’s Eleven as one of the casinos that were robbed.

Casino Lisboa, Macao, China

Casino Lisboa Macao at night

After a brief visit to the Casino Lisboa, we can say goodbye to Macao. The Lisboa has 165,000 square feet dedicated to gambling with over 700 slot machines and 270 gaming tables. While it doesn’t have all the amenities that other newer Macao casinos have, its old-school vibes will charm some. The original Casino Lisboa and hotel was built in 1970, and it held the position as one of the most famous casinos in Asia for many years. With all the amazing art on display and its history, if you ever take a trip to Macau, be sure to visit it.

Fun Fact  😎 : In 1998, when Triad crime was at its peak in Macao, the infamous gangster Wan Kuok Koi AKA Broken Tooth, was arrested in the 456 restaurant in the Lisboa after a bomb exploded in his car that was meant for the Macao Chief of Police.

Borgata Casino, Atlantic City, USA

The second home of gambling in the USA, Atlantic City just scrapes into 19th place with the renowned Borgata Casino. The Borgota has 161,000 square feet of gaming space, with 259 table games, 50 poker tables, and over 3,000 gaming machines. The hotel at the Borgata has 2,798 rooms making it the biggest hotel in New Jersey.

Fun Fact 🙂: In 2009, at the Borgata Casino, a Grandmother from New Jersey, Patricia Demauro, rolled the dice 154 times over four hours and 18 minutes without ‘sevening out’ beating all Craps records.

So there you have it 19 of the biggest casinos in the world, so what happened to number 20, you might ask. Well, once you get to position 20, there are dozens all vying for that position with little to differentiate them in size. But we thought at least one European casino should be considered even if it isn’t technically at 20th place.

What is the Biggest Casino In Europe?

Casino de Monte Carlo Monaco

The Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is the largest casino in Europe at a rather underwhelming 108,000 square feet compared to its Macau and US counterparts. 

Unfortunately, the biggest and oldest European Casino, the Casino di Campione is currently closed after being declared bankrupt in 2018.

Nonetheless, if you want history and elegance, then The Casino de Monte Carlo has both. Established in 1863, its cinematic appeal has led to it appearing in Ocean’s Twelve and several James Bond movies.

Not a Fact 💀: While waiting to park the high-rollers Ferraris outside the Casino de Monte Carlo, the valets wait in a room known as the Morgue. Legend has it is where the bodies of gamblers who had lost at the gaming table and shot themselves were temporarily stored.

Top 10 Casinos in The World by Number of Table Games

Before we conclude this guide to the world’s biggest casinos, let’s look at the results from a slightly different angle. Even though Winstar World is the biggest casino by gaming space, it only has around 100 table games compared to the Venetian, which has 643.

The issue we have with table games is that it is much easier to add or remove them, so the figures can easily change from year to year and even month to month while gaming space, in most cases, stays the same.

But as you can see from the chart below, there are some new contenders on the list if you were to rate them by the number of gaming tables available.

Chart showing casinos of the world listed by the most number of table games


Tip: if you live table games and want to play them live on the internet, see our live casino guide.

Top 10 Casinos in The World by Number of Gaming Machines

We also shouldn’t forget electronic gaming machines such as slots; these are particularly popular in the USA, as you’ll see from the chart below. Once again, this changes the landscape considerably if you were more interested in knowing the casinos with the most gaming machines in the world.

a chart showing casinos of the world by the highest number of gaming machines

Tip: some casinos on the internet have even more gaming machines than Winstar World Casino in Oklahoma. Compare and find a suitable online casino for you here.

In Conclusion

But the question to ask ourselves does size really matter? While these behemoths of casinos are undoubtedly impressive, they aren’t necessarily the best (find the best casinos in the world here). Sure, they offer everything you could wish for under one roof, but often this isn’t enough. Sometimes the best casino experience is about the friends or family you are with or the characters you meet in a small casino away from the big cities.

It might be the Marina Sands in Singapore where locals have to pay $100 for the privilege of entering the casino, but tourists get free entry. Or the Casino Baden-Baden in Germany’s the Black Forest which Marlene Dietrich described as the most beautiful casino in the world. Every gambler and every casino has a story to tell and win or lose; it’s the thrill of it all we love the most.

Still, if at the present time the chances of visiting some of the biggest casinos in the world are slim, don’t despair as who knows what the future will bring. Fortunately, you have a handy, tiny device that you carry in your pocket, allowing you access to the biggest casinos in the world.

OK, they might be virtual, but as long as you have an internet connection, you can play thousands of casino games at hundreds of casinos online. And you don’t need to navigate a maze of rooms to find your favorite table game or slot. At the touch of your fingertips, you can navigate to the game of your choice, and play from the convenience of your sofa within seconds at an online casino.

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