Casino Withdrawals – The Survival Guide

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October 7, 2020 5 min read

Picture yourself in this situation… 

You are sitting in your chair, playing your favourite slot, all relaxed and comfortable… You have been playing for quite a bit already, just waiting for Lady Luck to finally grant you that one unlikely win that is going to make your day—or perhaps even your month. Then all of a sudden BAM! There you have it. The words “BIG WIN” are flashing on your screen with gold coins and diamonds flying wildly in the air.

You did it.

You won.

A lot.

It is not yet time, however, to start floating in the clouds! You still have a couple of hurdles that you have to overcome. The first one of these is obviously the urge to play more.

We have all been there.

Once that adrenaline kicks in and your casino account is up to the brim with money, you sometimes tend to get greedy.

“If I already won this much… Is the sky not the limit?”

“How about I just keep on playing for a little while more?”

“When you’re hot, you’re hot, right?”


There is no such thing as being hot. You might have gotten lucky, but that does not mean that your luck will last. In fact, there is a good chance that it won’t!

It is all about beating the odds when the odds are stacked against you.

Winning is not something you take for granted. It is something that you should be thankful for.

What You Should Do When You Finally Hit It Big

Let’s face it. No matter how hard we keep reminding ourselves that the luck probably won’t last, we will still probably want to play some more. After all, we now have a lot more money than we did when we started. We are now naturally feeling smart for having played and having outwitted the system!

Let’s say you now have 334 euros/pounds/whatever in your gaming account. Some of us will say “I’ll play until there’s 300 left” whereas others will aim for 330. Why we just have to go for these rounded up numbers is beyond me! Be it as it may, not many people will withdraw everything straight away!

In my mind, whatever it is that you decide, the best thing would be to go and immediately request a withdrawal for at least some amount of the spoils. That way, you are making it easier for yourself to stick to what you’ve decided—which is, by the way, one of the most important tactics when it comes to playing and winning at online casino games!

When your casino balance is showing 34, you tend to play with a different attitude than you would when you have 334 left instead!

The Dreaded Final Boss — The Withdrawal Process

All right. Let’s say you have now decided to withdraw your money and are going to be sending your withdrawal request to the casino. While sending the request will probably be very simple, it is what follows that might prove to be tough for many players.

Most online casinos will understandably take some time to process their withdrawals. It is not like you just enter the sum of money and it magically appears in your hands! In fact, most licenses actually require casinos operating under them to verify the person’s identity before they are allowed to send them money. And this is especially true if we are talking big money!

After the casino staff has had time to look at your withdrawal, the casino will most likely send you an email telling you that you need to verify your account before they can proceed to process it. Below is a list of some of the documents that they might ask for you to deliver to them:

  • Picture of your passport, driver’s license or some other form of accepted ID
  • Proof of address
  • Receipt of payment to the casino

What the security staff will require from you might differ from one online casino to another, but this is mostly what they’re after. They just want to know that it is indeed you who was playing. And that is perfectly fine!

What is not so fine is that some unruly online casinos are seemingly trying to make things hard for their players. Instead of accepting the documents that you send to them, they will constantly ask you for better quality or figure out some other ways to throw a wrench into your withdrawal plans. A lot of the times, these casinos will take a couple of days between sending you these new requests, thus dragging out the process and making it extra frustrating to you. This can sometimes be an actual ploy to make the customer tap out, cancel their withdrawal and lose their winnings. It is like the final boss in a video game—if the cronies (slots themselves) did not get you, perhaps the withdrawal process will!

My advice to you is this: do not cave in. If the casino is sending you tons and tons of requests, just keep your cool and do not cancel your withdrawal! If time has passed and you want to play some more, play at some other online casino instead. In other words, never ever cancel a withdrawal!

What you should also remember is that sometimes all of this could be in your head. Perhaps the casino is not purposefully stalling after all. Perhaps the quality that you are sending them is just not that great, and the casino’s customer service or security team is not fast enough to keep telling you that in a timely manner…

Either way, if you have already won, just relax and try to comply with what the casino is asking for you to do. The money is still there and will remain there as long as you do not cancel your withdrawal!

Closing Words

In order to win money from an online casino, there are three things that you need to beat: yourself, the odds, and the withdrawal process. It is imperative that you beat all three—otherwise you will ultimately fail!

If you master all the aspects that I have written in this article, you will be that much closer to winning yourself some extra cash! Just pick an online casino from our major database and start honing your skills!

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