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February 24, 2023 2 min read

Online casino visitors today are spoilt for choice. Wherever you turn, you’re bound to find at least a few online casinos vying for your attention. This also applies to our database where we have listed around 400 online casinos. What is more, the number is growing every week with new casinos constantly being added for your convenience!

Choosing a new online casino can be a tricky thing to do. Obviously, there wouldn’t be this many of them if only one was enough! What, then, is the determining factor as to why so many online casinos are needed? What makes a good new online casino—and which ones should you go for? In this blog post, I will give you a few pointers to help you along the way!

No online casino is the same

The first thing you’ll need to grasp is just what it says in the heading. No online casino is the same and each one of them comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. This is true so much so that some online casinos will simply not be worth your time. After all, a copycat cheap soda can rarely beat the quality of the actual premium brands in the beverage business! The same applies to online casinos—not all are equally as good!

There is one thing, though, that can give most casinos at least a small boost compared to their competition. This is the casino bonus welcome offer that is only reserved for first-time users. With a nice welcome offer, a smart casino can guarantee at least a little bit of added momentum for a limited time. After this, though, it will be up to the casino’s fundamentals whether it can compete long term!

Things to look out for when selecting a reliable new casino

As I alluded to above, online casino bonuses are a good starting point for every online casino player. If the incentives to walk through the door are not good enough, you might as well stay outside and pick another brand! That being said, there are other things besides online casino bonuses that you should consider.

Next, I will go through 3 things that you should really keep in mind when selecting a new online casino!



Let’s face it: the online world as we know it is full of scammers and crooks. If you think that these heartless monsters don’t also have their hands all over one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, you’re sadly mistaken!

Thankfully, avoiding nasty things like casinos that don’t pay out winnings or those that will gladly confiscate your money for the slightest miscue, is fairly easy. The most important thing to do is stick to the online casinos mentioned on this site. Even more importantly, you should always read our professional expert reviews on each casino. That is where we’ll give you the good, the bad, and the downright ugly about every online casino out there.

Instead of keeping you entirely dependent on us, though, we are also here to educate. Our experts will never shy away from letting you know their exact reasoning when they tell you how safe specific online casinos are. This way, they will gradually build up your confidence and help you start thinking like a veteran instead of a newbie. Soon enough, it will become second nature for you separate wheat from the chaff!

On top of learning from our experts, there are already some valuable things you can do. For instance, whenever you arrive at a new casino, make it a habit to scroll down the page. At the bottom, you will find data about casino licenses and company information. Whenever the license is from a well-known and trusted European regulator (like the MGA, UKGC or the Estonian Tax Board), you already know that you’re in good hands!


Customer support availability

No one misses customer support until they really do.

When things hit the fan at an online casino, it is important to be able to ”talk to the manager,” so to speak. However, if your chosen casino only features email support and no live chat support whatsoever, you could be in for a long, cold wait.

Hosting 24/7 customer support is always a remarkable thing for an online casino to do. This means you will never be left alone with your problems and can always get back on your feet right away.

Trust us—we’ve been there. Just as we’ve been about to embark on a long-awaited casino journey, we’ve found out that our deposit bonus was not added. Then, upon trying to contact customer support, we’ve found that it’s not open on the weekends. Clearly, this is an awful situation to find yourself in!


Withdrawal speed

The third and final thing we want you to keep your eye on is the speed of your withdrawals.

As you know, the world of finance is way more advanced than it used to be. Nowadays, there are multiple providers out there that can deliver your money to you in mere moments. The same applies to the best international online casinos. They won’t withhold your winnings for a long time!

Fast and punctual withdrawals are yet another great sign of a casino that’s committed to serving its customers to the best of its ability. Conversely, if a casino wants to hold onto your money for days upon days, this could be a sign of something sinister at play. In fact, stalling with withdrawals could be an attempt to make you cancel your withdrawal and lose your money back!

Again, we encourage you to read our honest casino reviews. There you will find all the information that you need about specific casinos’ withdrawal speeds!


In this blog post, I’ve given you a few pointers that you can use to find a reliable new online casino. I hope this answered some of your questions and helped address a few common insecurities. After all, feeling confident and safe about your gambling is of utmost importance! Are you looking for a new casino to play at? Make sure to visit our page about all the brand new casino sites.

Thanks for reading!

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