My Luckiest Ever Streak With Slots (Part 2)

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January 3, 2023 6 min read

Whoah. It’s been a while.

I don’t know if you still remember, but I released the first part of this two-part blog way back in October. If you haven’t read that one yet, I recommend that you go take a look.

Trust me, it’s a banger!

Now, over 2 months later as we are wrapping the year up, I figured it was finally time to write and release the second part of this exhilarating story!

I don’t think I’m kidding when I say that this whole amazing casino adventure of mine is the perfect example of life imitating art!

Short Recap of Things That Happened Before

Although I still suggest that you go read the first part of the story, I will be happy to give you a small recap of what the situation was going into my streak. After all, you cannot have a lucky streak without having at least two fortunate occurrences in a row!

So, in my last blog, I told you about how my close to 10-year relationship had just ended around a month before I would hit the slots at Octocasino. This is where I would turn my €50 deposit into a whopping €4700.

I can honestly say that, given how difficult my life situation had been back then, my winning really felt like fate… After maybe 20 years of playing slots, I would get my biggest win only a month after my devastating break-up! (And without going on a larger-than-usual gambling spree, mind you!)

Now then, after exactly one month and two days from this incredible win, things would escalate even further…

Happy Midsummer

In Finland, Midsummer is one the most important events of the year. This is the time when people all around the country gather together to watch huge bonfires (or Finnish kokko) and to have a few cold beverages to celebrate the occasion.

(Well, truth be told, most probably have more than just a few cold beverages… Just the typical Finnish way, I guess!)

On Midsummer’s Day, my friend Tommi and I decided to hang out a bit. We were supposed to go shopping and have some dinner, and my friend came to pick me up. In his car, Tommi had a country playlist on and I immediately recognised one of the songs, “When It Rains It Pours by Luke Combs”. I also made mention of this as I’d come across this song quite recently.

When It Rains It Pours by Luke Combs

by Jouni

As it turns out, most places were actually closed because Midsummer was a red-letter day. I guess we did still find something to eat, but after that, we would go to just about the only place that was open: Casino Helsinki.

Playing Together

Tommi and I often go to Casino Helsinki to gamble together. In addition to playing at online casinos, visiting brick-and-mortar establishments like this is a great way to unwind and spend some time with friends. So that we did!

Inside the casino, we would both go to the ATM and withdraw 50 euros to gamble with. As a side note, here are a couple of ways you can play casino or online casino games together with a friend:

  1. Play the same game together with mutual funds. Here you are both playing the same slot while taking turns on which one of you controls the action. Both put in the same amount of money and all the wins are shared!
  2. Play different games with mutual funds. Here you can both play separately but will still share all the wins. This way, both of you have more freedom as to what you want to play etc. The important thing is that, in the end, you will share all the potential spoils.

With Tommi, we always go for option #2. This is also how Tommi and I played when we visited Las Vegas just before the world first closed down. It is a fantastic way to avoid all the awkwardness if one of you gets lucky and the other one doesn’t!

First, Tommi would start with some random game. I remember joking about how it would be great if you could just somehow give yourself “Luck +99” stats like in video games.

After losing a bit of money, Tommi cashed out what he had left. This is when I decided to pick a slot for myself…

Luck +99

Jouni lucky streak casino win

What you see in the picture above is the end result of what would happen. It is me counting €100 bills that a game called Walking Dead by Playtech would eventually give me…

The funny thing is, I only had to play three spins on the slot for things to happen. Since Tommi had also decided to start with some high bets, I also chose to wager €1.50 per spin.

The first two spins gave me nothing, but the third spin saw some zombies falling out from above the reels, leaving some wilds behind. I had never played this game before and was totally unaware of what was happening. What I did notice, though, is that this amount of wilds would probably turn out to be pretty lucrative if some other great symbols also landed on the screen…

At first, I thought I’d missed the big one, but then the game told me I’d gotten a big win. The counter for the amount of money won quickly started growing. I watched in awe as it would hit milestone after milestone… finally landing at an eye-popping €8000! This was even more than the Grand jackpot in the game!

Jouni big win at casino Helsinki

The above picture shows me with a silly smile on my face. Also, note that I’m wearing shorts since Casino Helsinki doesn’t have any dress codes. In most other countries, this attire would have definitely kept me out of the venue!

I guess that the zombies somehow ended up spreading wild symbols everywhere on the screen. Pretty neat, huh?

The Aftermath

Once the counter finally stopped at €8000, a casino staffer would arrive at the scene.

“Seems like you hit a pretty nice win.”

The staffer would then ask me how I wanted the win to be paid out. Perplexed, I asked him what he meant. Turns out I got to choose the bills that I wanted. After this, these bills were brought to me by an attractive woman with a small wooden box. Then I signed some papers and that’s it!

All this time, Tommi was gushing about the win. For me, though, it hadn’t really yet sunk in.

Tommi even said I wouldn’t have to share the prize if I didn’t want to, which made me feel a bit uneasy. Of course, I would share it as these were our rules! Not that I wanted to give €4000 away, but that was the name of the game!

Tommi had been with me through thick and thin. We’d gambled together for many years already, even travelling to Las Vegas together. This win meant that both of us probably gained it all back—and then some!

Strange Coincidences

When counting the bills from our win, I realized something strange…

The song that I’d recognized in the car just an hour before was pretty much the story of my life.

In the song, a man loses his girlfriend and then goes on a massive winning streak. He basically ends up winning everywhere he goes. That is what the phrase “When it rains it pours” is all about!

Up to this point, I had played at international online casinos and Casino Helsinki for years. How come I ended up this lucky just 1 month into my break-up and then yet again just 2 months into my break-up?

To make things even more ominous, something weird happened when I was walking with my son a couple of days after my win…

My son would talk about how his friend had once been unlucky like Donald Duck with some comical mishaps happening to him. For instance, his friend had fallen into a shallow stream and failed to photograph a frog that had just managed to hop out of the screen. My son then said that he himself would like to have a “Gladstone Gander kind of day”.

I smiled and told him that I’d had one of those kinds of days just recently… My son’s answer left me dumbfounded:

“Oh, what happened? Did you find €4000 under your bed?”

Whoah! He got the sum 100% correct without any knowledge of what had happened! How in the blue hell is that even possible?

“Well, something like that,” I answered as I didn’t exactly want to tell my soon-to-be 8-year-old too much about daddy’s gambling habits.

Was It Fate?

This is where my true story of my luckiest-ever streak with slots ends. I hope you had fun reading it!

Personally, this whole thing actually turned me into a massive believer in fate. There were simply too many strange coincidences here. With the life-changing year I’ve had, stuff like this just felt a little too convenient…

Perhaps there is indeed a divine purpose for all of this?

Stay safe and good luck!

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