Mehr Steuern: German Politicians Explore Massive Tax Rise for New Legal Online Gambling Market

Author Thomas Wolf
January 11, 2021 2 min read

German lawmakers are also considering a flat limit of €1 per spin on slot machines and a monthly spending limit of €1000.

According to an October 2020 report commissioned by the German taxman, state bureaucrats estimate an 8% slot game tax would be worth over a billion euros a year.

The report states that these tax levels will “promote competitive framework conditions.” Although gambling operators may object, with such figures on the table during a pandemic, it’s not hard to see why officials might be a little blinded by euro signs.

Global Markets

During times of economic crisis, gambling operators are nearly always among the first businesses to catch any taxman’s eye.

All over the world, from Argentina to the UK, states are deciding that now is the opportune time to enact gambling law reform.

“The plans of the country working group inevitably mean that the goals of the new state gambling treaty are not met”

Dirk Quermann (President of the Deutscher Casinoverband)
massive tax rise for German gambling market

Many countries haven’t updated their gambling laws for decades or more, and everyone can agree that these archaic regulations are no longer fit for the modern day. For example, Germany’s Finance Ministry (BMF) has not changed its Racing Betting and Lottery Act in any significant way since 1922.

However, just because gambling laws need updating for the modern era doesn’t mean that wholesale tax rises are the right answer to the gambling world’s problems.

Yes, problem gamblers could do with more protection – especially in currently unregulated markets.

But slapping a hastily considered tax rise on slot games that may make many popular games for casual gamblers completely unviable, as in this case, is certainly not the answer.

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Author Thomas Wolf


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