Best UK Casino Bonuses

On this page, we present the latest casino bonuses in the UK.

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Top UK Casino Bonuses 2023

Casino bonuses: Getting started

Online casinos are growing in popularity but so are the number of sites to play at.

This means that operators need to find incentives to attract online gamblers to their sites.

One way to attract new players to a site is to offer casino bonuses.

However, with so many exciting welcome bonuses available it can be hard for players to pick out the best UK casino bonus offers.

That’s where we come in.

Online.Casino can help you identify casino bonuses and promotions that appeal to you and allow you to get more bang for your buck.

In addition, you will also find a full guide to bonuses and how they work.

You can use this information to enhance your online gambling experience and perhaps even beat the casinos at their own game.

Extend your game with a casino bonus

Casino bonuses are very popular among UK players. And for good reason.

Bonuses are specifically designed to reward loyalty and attract new players. That said, both the casino and the players benefit from them.

Most experienced players know how to use these bonuses to their advantage. For example, extending their playing time will increase the number of spins.

This is vital when trying to hit the big wins.

It’s logical when you think about it; the more spins you do, the more chances you have to hit a mega win.

Whether you want free spins, no deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses, VIP promotions or loyalty bonuses, most casino bonuses are straightforward and quite simple to use.

They give you the opportunity to play your favourite games for longer.

This results in increasing your chances of potentially hitting a big win without wagering too much of your own cash.

And the best thing about playing your favourite game with a casino bonus?

If you win big money, and you meet the requirements of the casino bonus, you will be able to cash out and keep your winnings.

Casino bonuses come in many different forms and appeal to people for different reasons. Some people prefer welcome bonuses over loyalty and VIP bonuses and so on.

Still, what they all have in common is that all these bonuses allow you to play for longer.

And as we mentioned before, the more you play, the more it increases your chances of potentially hitting a big win.

The ultimate guide to casino bonuses in 2019

Gamblers always want to know what the best casino bonuses in the UK are. But that is not always a simple process.

This is because all players have different preferences and casinos focuses on many types of bonuses.

There are operators that provide awesome welcome bonuses to new players, but very little else after that.

At the same time, other online casinos have loyalty VIP-programs where you can get rewarded big time in the long run.

But perhaps not in the beginning.

Those websites concentrate more on rewarding their most loyal players with huge casino bonuses, on a regular basis.

When you are looking for the top online casino bonuses in the UK, you need to know how the different bonuses work.

Then you can decide what appeals the most to you.

Small changes make the big difference

Finding the best online casino bonuses can be time-consuming and confusing. Especially if you don’t know what a good bonus looks like.

For example, there can be subtle but significant differences between two similar-sounding bonuses. They could look almost the same, but one could be great, and the other one could be a waste of time and money.

Here at Online.Casino we search the internet to locate the best casino bonuses and we regularly update our site with new offers.

This is to ensure that you never lose out on the opportunity to claim a great bonus offer or promotion.

Use our guide to find out more about casino bonuses in the UK and browse our massive database to identify the promotions that work best for you.

What is a casino bonus?

Casino bonuses are incentives offered to existing or new gamblers by UK casinos.

This is to encourage them to play and are often very generous.

They are handed out to new players to entice them to become members of an online casino or to existing players to reward loyalty.

Casino bonuses usually add something extra to the playing experience and can be offered in a number of different ways.

This includes free spins and other no deposit bonuses as well as deposit offers more.

UK casinos use bonuses to reward players

Most online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses to attract gamblers to their sites.

Usually, casino bonus offers are typically governed by wagering requirements that have precise rules.

It’s important to understand this and how they work before you play. This is because there can be restrictions and limits on bonuses.

It is important to realise and accept that not each casino bonus offered by an online casino is useful to all gamblers.

This is why you need to use your discretion when claiming a casino bonus.

Accepting a casino bonus is a personal decision and some players do not like to be restricted by specific wagering requirements.

Casino bonuses can, however, enhance your online gambling experience by allowing you to play for longer.

That’s why we feel they are always worth checking out.

A good rule of thumb is to look for promotions that appeal to you, and then look into the details.

This could mean checking the requirements, or double-checking that you qualify for the specific offer.

To claim your casino bonus you typically just need to tap on a link, and it takes just a few moments until your bonus is active.

Sometimes, deals need to be activated by a bonus code.

If this is the case, just cut and paste the code or type it in during your deposit to claim the bonus. Typically there will be clear instructions on the site.

Finding information about the latest casino bonuses and promotions is quick and easy here at Online.Casino.

Simply browse our extensive database and use our filters to set your criteria to search for casino bonuses.

It’s not hard finding promotions that appeal to you when you can decide what factors matter to you.

What’s the difference between deposit and no deposit bonuses?

There are two different types of popular casino bonuses that are available on most online gambling sites:

Deposit and no deposit bonuses.

The no deposit bonus is extremely popular because it is free, and the casino does not require you to make a payment to claim your bonus.

No deposit bonuses, including free spins and sign up bonus money, allow you to try out a site and certain games before you commit any of your own money.

A deposit bonus, however, does require you to make a payment before you can claim your bonus.

These are usually offered as part of a welcome package or loyalty program. This means they are typically offered once you already have claimed your no deposit bonuses.

Different types of no deposit bonuses

Sometimes it feels like more online casino operators are opening up shop in the UK on a daily basis.

This is all in all good for players, and we’ll tell you why:

To compete, online casinos constantly have to come up with exciting and enticing promotional deals to stand out from the crowd.

Offering the best games and latest technology is no longer enough on its own to draw customers to a site.

Instead, the most common marketing tool is the no deposit casino bonuses.

Almost every online casino now offers welcome bonuses and regular promotions for their loyal and VIP players.

The specifics of these offers vary a lot.

There are, however, several common types of no deposit bonuses offered by most casinos websites in the UK, including

  • Free Spins
  • Extra Spins
  • Free bets
  • Free money sign-up bonus

Free Spins

Just like all other promotional offers, free spins are used by UK casinos as a way of getting more registrations.

While allowing you to try out a number of their slot games and services for free, the chance of you making a deposit makes it worth their while.

If you receive free spins in a welcome bonus, this means that you don’t need to use your money at first.

It’s then possible to try a variety of different games to see which ones you like best.

This also gives you a chance of winning money before you wager any of your own cash.

But free spins can only be called free if there are no wagering requirements. If you are offered free spins when you register at an online casino, you simply need to open an account.

Then you will be able to spin for free, no deposit required.

At least for a few spins.

Extra Spins

Another popular type of bonus which usually is included in welcome packages or loyalty promotions are extra spins.

Extra spins are really the same thing as free spins.

However, due to new marketing regulations, it’s not allowed to say free spins, if the winnings from the spins are not available for withdrawal instantly.

Extra spins are usually offered on the sites flagship games, or on any games offered on the site to win real money.

The difference between free spins and extra spins is that free spins have no wagering requirements, but extra spins usually do.

This is why it’s good to check the T & C’s before claiming your extra spins bonus.

Free Bets

Many online gambling sites and bookmakers offer free bets to entice new customers to sign-up to their sites.

Free bets come in several different formats, including matching your stakes and winning first bet bonuses.

The basic concept is that the bookmaker will credit your account with a certain amount of money.

You will then be able to use it on specific games or types of bets.

When you win with a regular bet you receive your stake (the amount you bet) and your profit back.

With a free bet, you only receive the profits from the bet because there was no stake.

Free money sign-up bonus

A sign-up bonus is offered to players once they sign-up to an online casino.

To claim this type of bonus, the casinos require you to verify your phone number so that they can establish that you’re who you say you are and that you have not claimed this offer already.

A sign-up bonus is basically the same as a welcome bonus and gives you a chance to gain an idea of the games on the site.

Instead of free spins, a few online casinos also give players free bonus money to play with.

This is often between £5 and £10 and you can choose to use this money wherever you like. These are great casino bonuses so make the most of them when you find them.

To identify the best no deposit casino bonuses, use Online.Casino to filter sites according to your criteria.

Different types of deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are commonly used by casino sites to attract new customers or to reward loyal members.

These come in various forms, but all require you to make a deposit before you can claim your bonus.

One of the most common promotions is the first deposit bonus and this is relatively self-explanatory.

When you make a qualifying deposit into your new account, you will receive a first deposit bonus from the casino. This will be in the form of a top-up on your account with a predetermined number of free credits or free spins.

For example, if you have a 100% casino bonus and you deposit £25, the casino will match the amount you deposited, and your initial £25 deposit will now be worth £50.

This encourages players to deposit as much money into their account as possible when they start playing in order to take advantage of the best first deposit bonuses. Players do need to be aware that most deposit bonuses do have a cap.

Usually, bonuses are presented in the following way:

Bonus percentage, up to a specific amount + something on top.

For example: 300% bonus up to £1500 + 35 extra spins.

Many casinos don’t only offer deposit bonuses on your first deposit.

Instead, they offer bonuses on up to five deposit bonuses, this means that each time you make a deposit, the casino will match it.

Deposit bonuses come in various forms, including:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Extra spins / free spins
  • Risk-free bets
  • Cashback
  • Reload bonuses

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are offered to new players and usually include either free spins, extra spins or match bonuses.

These are offered to new players and can be claimed when a player joins a UK online casino.

Once you have registered for a gambling site you will receive your welcome package.

Then, when you make your first deposit the operator will credit your account with your bonus money.

The bonus should be available for you immediately. You will get to keep any winnings, provided you clear the stated wagering requirements.

Extra Spins / Free Spins on deposit

Extra spins/Free spins are self-explanatory and are given out by casinos to encourage players to try out different slot machines.

Or to entice players to new gambling sites, of course.

If these spins have no wagering requirements then they can be called free spins.

However, if there are wagering requirements attached then they are known as extra spins.

Extra spins can usually only be used on certain slot games and winnings can only be withdrawn once the wagering requirements have been met.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets allow you to place a bet knowing that if you lose, you’ll get your money back in the form of a free bet or casino bonus and in some cases even as cash.

If you use risk-free bets in the same way that you play free bets, placing them at high odds and overlaying slightly, you have a good chance to make a profit.


Cashback is popular with players because the casino refunds a percentage of your net losses over a specified time period.

Cashback can be granted at any time including daily, weekly, monthly or as part of a specific promotion.

The cashback can be paid out as either cash or free spins.

The most popular cashback vouchers for slot machines have no wagering requirements.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses are similar to welcome bonuses but are usually used to reward loyal players and often form part of a casino’s loyalty or VIP program.

As an incentive to encourage players to regularly deposit money into their accounts, online casinos reward players with reload bonuses and these often take the form of match bonuses. 

At Online.Casino we help you compare all the different deposit bonuses so that you can find the best ones at casinos in the UK.

Casino bonus percentage explained

Casino bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes. They can vary from free spins to 100% or 200% casino bonuses.

Free spins are quick to play and easy to understand. But percentage bonuses can be slightly more complicated.

A match bonus of 100% matches your deposit and basically doubles your money.

This means that if you deposit £10 the casino will match it with £10 and you will have £20 to bet with.

With a 200% casino bonus, you get an extra 200% to play with.

This means that if you deposit £10, the casino will give you £20 extra and you will have £30 to bet.

Most percentage bonuses have a cap. This means that if the casino offers you a 100% casino bonus with a max of £100, then they will double your deposit up to a maximum of £100.

If you deposit £100 you will get £200 in total but if you deposit £150 you will only get £250.

This is because the bonus cap is £100 and no matter how much you deposit, you will not get more than a £100 bonus.

Although rare, some casinos do offer unlimited bonuses, and this means that there is no maximum bonus cap.

You need to take some time to consider what type of percentage bonus is best for you.

Forfeitable casino bonuses and why you should use them

Casino bonuses are a great way for operators to reward existing players and attract new customers.

But the terms and conditions of these casino bonuses can become quite confusing and difficult to navigate.

Considering every UK online casino has its own unique set of rules and wagering requirements for bonuses, things tend to get a little tricky.

In most cases, online casinos will add the deposit and the bonus together, turning it into a bonus balance that cannot be withdrawn.

Well, until all the wagering requirements of the casino bonus have been met, that is.

But some online gambling sites are now making it simpler for players and segregating deposited funds from bonus funds.

This means that you will first use your existing real money balance and only once that has been depleted will you have access to your bonus funds.

This is beneficial to players because it gives you the option of withdrawing your winnings from your real money bets at any time.

For example, you can claim a bonus and win big while you’re still using your own money.

Then you can choose to forfeit your bonus and withdraw your winnings instead.

This way, you will not risk losing your winnings by trying to meet the requirements of the bonus.

Simply put, when you use a forfeitable casino bonus you have the freedom to use your real money cash balances as you please.

The wagering requirements only apply when you start using your bonus balance.

Wagering requirements on casino bonuses explained

Whenever you receive a casino bonus you will see that there are terms and conditions attached.

Also, most have what is termed wagering requirements.

Whether it is a no deposit bonus or a regular match bonus, most come with wagering requirements attached.

This means, to get the benefits of your bonus and claim any winnings, you need to play until you have met the wagering requirements.

These wagering requirements differ from operator to operator but usually require that you wager your profits a certain number of times before you can withdraw any money.

A popular wagering requirement is often about 25x (if the bonus is good).

For example: you have a £100 casino bonus. The bonus has a 25x wagering requirement.

To be able to withdraw the potential winnings and the bonus money, you will need to bet £2500 on certain games that quality.

If you manage to do this, the money is yours to keep.

Also, there are some casino websites that have bonuses without any wagering requirements.

This means that you can play with your casino bonuses and claim what you win, without any wagering and risking to lose your winnings.

Even though these bonuses don’t come around often, it is usually worthwhile keeping a lookout for casino bonuses without wagering requirements.

Look out for unfair terms & conditions 

Most UK online casino bonuses have terms and conditions that are fair. This is mainly because the UK Gambling Commission has taken action on bonuses and offers with unfair terms and conditions.

But as with any industry, there are always people who are trying to make a quick buck at the expense of others.

Even in the UK, where online casinos are licenced and well regulated, there are still UK casino sites that do not always behave ethically towards players.

And in some cases, a casino bonus may not be as good as it appears at first glance.

Some casino bonuses have maximum limits set on winnings, maximum withdrawal limits or really low limits on the amount you can bet with a bonus.

There are also games that do not count towards the wagering requirements of the bonus.

To be sure, always check and ensure that you clearly understand the conditions of claiming an offer on any site before you sign up and deposit.

If you do not want to read through all the terms and conditions of an offer or you find them long and confusing, then a good way to check if the T & C’s are fair is to read the casino reviews at Online.Casino.

Then you will quickly be able to see which sites offer the top-rated UK casino bonuses and which sites have unfair terms and conditions.

Casino bonus codes and how they work

Most online casinos no longer use bonus codes, they prefer links with no codes required. However, some online casinos with bonus codes still operate in the United Kingdom.

The codes are mainly for claiming unique offers. Luckily it is simple to activate casino bonus promotions with a code.

These days you do not need to physically type in your bonus code.

The majority of all operators activate your casino bonus by default when you register as a new member on a site, or make your first real money deposit.

This makes the process of claiming an offer more simple and improves the overall experience. At Online.Casino, we will notify you if you must enter a specific bonus code when you sign up to an online casino through our site.

Not only are we here to help you find the latest UK casino bonuses, without any hassle.

We will also make sure that you never lose the opportunity to claim exclusive promotion codes that offer good value.

How to choose a casino bonus – Our top tips

In a nutshell, we offer our members the best gambling experience by helping you locate the top UK sites and make the most of all the best casino bonuses available.

We recognise that everyone has their own preferences and criteria when assessing a bonus, but some of the important features that you should consider are:

  • The requirements of the campaign – the casino bonus that looks good at first glance could have very strict wagering requirements
  • Fair terms and conditions
  • Deposit or no deposit required – deposit bonuses often have fewer wagering requirements
  • Certain restrictions on how or where you can use the bonus – is it only valid for certain games and for a specific time period?
  • Is the site reputable and is it licensed by the UK Gambling Commission?
  • Are you eligible for the bonus?
  • Is there a mobile casino bonus option?

The biggest database of casino bonuses in the United Kingdom

We search the internet daily to gather all top online casino bonuses.

This way you can use our extensive database to find huge casino bonuses and increase your chances of beating the house at their own game.

It only takes a few clicks to set the filter according to your preference. Then, finding all the casino bonuses according to your specific criteria goes within seconds.

This includes free spins, 200% casino bonuses, mobile casino bonuses, £10 no deposit bonuses or the latest promotions.

Now that you have more information about what casino bonus offers are and how they work, using bonuses should be easy.

And of course, make informed decisions about the benefits of playing with different types of casino bonuses.

Nothing beats the feeling of a big win when you have used the casinos own money to achieve it!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!

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