About online.casino

Our mission is to create the world’s first data-driven online casino database, and we’re well under way to do so.

Today we have over 200 online casinos listed on online.casino, all reviewed by real experts and rated by our algorithm.

About online.casino

Calculating the O.C score – How our algorithm ranks casinos based on data

Are you sick and tired of these dishonest review sites that always put the top paying casino at the top?

So are we, and we decided to do something about it.

On online.casino every casino is reviewed by one or more experts in the field. Who reviewed what operator is always visible for our users and the experts have nothing to gain by leaving an untrue testimony.

However, they don’t rate the casino, the O.C algorithm does.

By comprising all features and data for each casino, the O.C score is calculated to show the absolute best casinos out there.

It works a bit like this:

Casino Y has a high welcome bonus, but the offer comes with a lousy wagering requirement attached. This will result in a poor bonus score.

The same operator has great payment methods for UK players, but not for Canadian players. This will give operator Y a good payments score in the UK, but a not so good one in Canada.

The algorithm then does the same thing when looking at game providers (based on popularity in the country), licenses, no-deposit offers, customer service, reputation and much more.

In the end, the total O.C score is calculated and presented to our visitors.

This means one casino can be top-rated in the UK, but average rated in New Zealand.

The O.C score is not for sale

What’s pretty cool about our O.C score, is that we can’t manipulate it. Once we started the algorithm and let it do its job, the ratings are out of our hands, and we intend to keep it that way.

Making your choice easier, not harder

We’re aware that most people are not as into online gambling as we are, and don’t care about all the little details and more about the big picture stuff.

With this in mind, we’re constantly trying to make the user experience better by keeping all details available for visitors, but we present them in an easy-to-understand way.

This could mean showing you the bonus amounts only on a review, but for the visitors who want to dig deeper into the t&c’s of the offer there is always an expand button available which will open up the full details of any promotion.

This way we’re making your choice easier, and you’re more likely to end up at an online casino you’ll actually enjoy.

Meet the online.casino team

Thomas Wolf

Thomas Wolf is our editor in chief. With an extensive background in online gambling (both working for casino operators and game studios) as well as an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, he’s a proper authority on online casinos.

When not running the day to day operations or reviewing new operators Thomas is a blackjack aficionado with some serious big wins recorded at land-based casinos in both Las Vegas, Monaco and Macau.

thomas wolf

Thomas Wolf

Editor in Chief, online.casino

New York City, USA

How to get in touch

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