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After carrying out thorough research on Google about the best European casinos to play, here you are. We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the most played 2023 EU casino sites where you get bonuses and free spins.

Best EU Casino Sites 2023 September

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The Best Casino Guide for EU Casinos

Are you a casino enthusiast in the EU that’s looking for a safe and reliable online casino? Here, we write on the best international online casino sites with thorough details that can provide you with a clear guide for everything about EU online casinos. Our platform is one of the best-rated for weighing online casino sites and their offering; we understand that every casino players have a unique preference. Therefore, we assure you of a detailed listing of EU online casinos that suits your playing needs.

To augment the list of available casinos in the EU, our team has worked tirelessly to gather real-time data and helpful resources. There are tens of casino guides on our website and comprehensive reviews from experts within our online professionals’ pool.

Our experts are users that play online casinos in Europe, and they do this with a whole lot of expectations. So, for any online casino that doesn’t live up to expectations, we’ll identify them and inform you.

As people get more interested in online casinos, selecting which EU online casino sites to play with real money gets more challenging. Then, the question of how to choose from several existing options of online casinos will spring up. Our guide for euro casinos will ensure that you have a great experience with the casino you select, and give you hints on how you can play safe.

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Top European Casinos by Category

One thing we can say that makes online casinos stand out in the EU is that gamblers will never run out of features. New online casino games with distinctive features are developed from time to time. Most Europe casinos come in multiple variations; sometimes the variation could be significant or minor. The fact that European casinos come in categories means different gamblers and different tastes in gameplay from which choices can be conveniently made.

As an international casino hub, we have a resource pool for all requests and inquiries from any of our EU users. Also, in honouring users’ tastes, we have a comprehensive list of European online casinos based on their unique categories which have been narrowed down to sub-categories. Therefore, you have the privilege to select your suitable casino options based on your customized interest.

In the next few headings after this, you will find detailed explanations of the nitty-gritty of the categories of EU casinos we’ve listed here on our website.

Best Casino Bonuses

casino bonuses

Getting bonuses on casinos in the EU is what all players would love to access. Some players might decide not to play a casino further if there are no offers like free spins, welcome and deposit bonus, etc. If you are a player from Europe that wants to enjoy online casino bonuses, then you are at the right spot.

Best EU Casino Bonuses 2023

Here, we leverage our algorithm to check and compare bonuses and other conditions between live casinos. Through this comparison, our visitors get a list of the best casino sites in EU with commendable bonuses while playing with real money.

It’s worth mentioning that none of the best UK online casinos will offer a bonus without expecting a payback. At least, players will be required to complete a few wagering activities before they can claim their winnings in real money. This translates that, no casino bonus in the EU comes easily; you will need to put in a bit of effort. We have a dedicated page for online casino bonuses, you can click to select and sort on the casino sites that have bonuses that are attractive to you.

Best New Casinos

new casinos

Our ears are all down to receive first-hand information regarding the European casino market. When a new casino launches, our team runs a holistic background check and tests the casino before we integrate them into our database. As a European casino player, selecting the latest casino to play shouldn’t be a difficult task; we understand how you feel when you intend to sort it all by yourself. But, do not worry; we have the solution with a clear-cut setup.

Best New EU Casinos 2023

New casinos in Europe have promising features, high-end resolutions, amazing game varieties, and easy withdrawal and deposit options. Also, the new casino that seeks to magnet European players to their game portals offers attractive bonuses. Just as important, players have the privilege to check for the best new casino in Europe they’ll like to try out based on their intended experiences. Thanks to our international casino review website you are on now.

Latest EU Casino Reviews

Above, we have shortlisted and displayed new casino sites and the latest casinos added to our database that accepts European players. To augment the new casinos listed on our website, all the related information is up-to-date and reflects transparency that you, the player will witness yourself. So, looking for a new casino for real money? Take your time to surf through our expert reviews, and you will be amazed at the winning potentials open to you.

Best Live Casinos

live dealer casinos

If you enjoy playing a casino game with players using a hybrid mode, then live casino would be your favourite. The experience from a live casino game is fully immersive as players have the opportunity to interact with others around the globe. Players who join online stream the game in real time and place a bet with real money on their computer. The activity from the live casino category is seamless and all players feel like they are at the casino table at the moment.

Best EU Live Casinos

This new form of online gambling is largely embraced by EU casino players, and statistics show that it’s the most played casino category in Europe. Wondering what made it gain so much light? Well, we’ll attempt to give details to that effect. So, brick-and-mortar casino establishment has a great amount for bonuses and RTP, and live casinos share the same amount too.

The world is becoming completely digitized and players expect that even casinos should be part of the new technology revolution. Games like roulette, blackjack, poker, etc have their unique live mode with the regular chat window being utilized. If you are looking for exciting live casinos in Euro, above are a few you can get more information about, perhaps try out!

Crypto Casino EU

crypto casinos btc

As you know, crypto and blockchain technology needs no announcement as it is a topic on everyone’s lips due to the rapid growth record. Therefore, EU players see the crypto casino as a source of income and investment. Of all internet business that exists in the market, online casino has been one of the early game genres that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Crypto Casinos & Bitcoin Gambling

Find the best European crypto casinos and deposit with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin USDT, Doge Coin and more.

The greatest merit of the Euro crypto casino is that withdrawals and deposits are super fast. On the other hand, a traditional casino solely supports bank deposits or payments from third-party platforms which will take about 7 processing days. Based on the review from our expert gamblers, there are no particular rules guiding crypto casino betting in Europe because they are not prohibited.

However, casino houses that accept crypto must have a license from the government and recognized gambling authorities within the jurisdiction. Crypto casino features more traditional odds & games like slots, poker, table game, blackjack, etc, and customers can cash out in BTC, Litecoin, USDT, and more. This is depending on the casino portal you are gambling on.

Currently, there are a few top crypto casinos and before you get started, you will need a secure virtual wallet. The wallet does the same function as the generic bank account, so, it helps you hold your crypto funds and facilitate transfers anytime. If you intend to gamble with real money on an online casino, and then check below, our team has provided a circle of casinos you can try out, and they are legitimate.

All crypto casinos listed on the website for EU players provide flexibility and amazing options while you wager with your favourite cryptocurrency. If you enjoy casino games generally, you should know that crypto casinos for European players come with excitement and golden bonuses that can’t be found anywhere. To get more accurate information and build your knowledge on the new trend; of gambling with crypto, you should surf the dedicated page on our website.

EU Banking Methods

banking methods

Banking options are one of the requirements when a gambler is searching for an online casino to stick to. It’s worth mentioning that with the dozens of banking methods that exist; most players still find it difficult to use some. Perhaps, due to the mandatory verification and other activities that cause delays during transactions.

In some scenarios, the pattern or terms of operation might not be favourable to all their users. For instance, a network glitch from Visa that causes downtime can alter the processing time for specific payment requests, and this might cause the customers to lose interest. Gamblers have dynamic behaviours, and not getting the expected satisfaction from payment merchants could set off their tone to place a bet at that moment.

We understand this challenge, and through our test and recommend practices, the team has identified popular casino banking options for EU casinos that promise a low processing timeline and a fulfilling gaming experience. Whatever banking method you would prefer, you’ll have a glance at a few listed on our website.

The options we provide are reliable, safe and promise safer banking while you carry out any gaming transactions like deposits. As a European casino player, having full knowledge of channels for deposit and withdrawal is an added advantage, and you could learn more via our website.

game suppliers

The European casinos industry is currently flourishing and widely regulated by accredited associations. This is a result of most casino websites in Europe becoming the biggest and most played in the entire world. Casino enthusiasts create a customized list of their preferred games to bet on, and there are a lot of game features that capture their interest.

Slot, video poker, dice, and jackpot are all genres of games in a casino, but what gaming company built them? This is one of the series of questions in the mind of three out of ten casino gamblers. Most games you tag your favourite due to their pattern and content are developed by world-class companies like Programmatic, Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming, IGT (International Game Technology), and a host of others.

Any casino that’s hosted on a casino platform tends to utilize the unique theme, gaming suite, and mechanics of the platform. Knowing EU casino platforms requires a bit of experience in playing whether live or online casino.

Casino Games

casino games

When it comes to online casinos, most people mention slot, card, or table games, but do you know there are varieties of games waiting for you to tap the play button? Oh, we see you shake your head in surprise already, so, stay glued to this section for a couple of seconds, let’s intimate you about unexplored casino games.

Whatever you prefer to play, whether a solo game or with a team of other gambling enthusiasts, they are a wide array of quality casino games in the EU that will surely keep you fulfilled and entertained. On our thrilling casino games page on the website, you’ll see and read about casino games like video poker, blackjack, roulette, and more. From there, we believe you’ll get a positive influence on what casino you should jump on.

Most European casino games offer a chance for free play where players can gamble without depositing real money. Well, for starters, this is a great game mode to try and an opportunity to build your gambling skills before you invest real money and cash out real money.

However, when it comes to casino slots, it’s difficult to identify which game provider is the best. All slot game providers are innovative in their approach and put the user in mind when updating their offerings. On our website, we have a page where you can read up on game providers to find the one that’s worthy to become your favourite.

EU Casino Platforms

online casino platforms

Casino platforms in the EU are look-alike for casino companies, however, there are differences based on functionality and gaming content at different levels. They are the superman of the online casino niche, and there are a few that has gained popularity in Europe. If you visit European casinos frequently, you would have seen the names of any of the casino platforms listed below.

For a casino platform to function efficiently there must be affiliations and partnerships with high gaming technology brands. It’s worth mentioning that some EU casino platforms understand the concept and need for seamless service, so they have signed licenses and partnership deeds as the case may be.

Online Gambling Laws in Europe

As gambling becomes more embraced online, a greater number of about 49.5% of gamblers in the international market spring from the European continent. This indeed shows the level of interest from EU residents in casinos and other betting services. No EU gambling law regulates all betting and gambling activities, and it doesn’t look like there will be any in the future. Instead, there is autonomy based on the country and type of games, so, different countries play by different laws.

The European Commission plays strictly with one regulation which is the KYC requirement for digital gaming. Also, the Anti-Money Laundering law requires gambling providers to have a risk-based evaluation of all EU players to curb money laundering opportunities and other financial crimes. In all, there aren’t any strict standard laws that restrict customers who have an interest in online gambling.

If you belong to the segment of our reading audience, who intend to start a gambling business in the future, we’d recommend you consult an attorney. Consulting an experienced lawyer will make you avert heavy fines from the European Government and other gambling commission that exists. The legality of the gambling business is a whole discussion on it own, as you’ll need to acquire a series of licenses from the European Gambling Commission, etc. For further knowledge about EU gambling licenses, read our next sub-heading.

Casino Licenses in EU

It’s pretty unusual to mention gambling services or platforms without asking whether they have online casino licenses or not. No doubt, the gambling market in Europe is not entirely regulated, but multiple licenses make gambling outlets worthy to offer their services. Issuing casino licenses in the EU give a player the leverage to make their choice based on accreditation. This means that the right licensing separates one casino from the others in the market.

Some countries in Europe require gambling outlets to possess licenses before they offer specific gambling products such as poker. Obtaining a license can be challenging and at all times the fee of issuance is on the high side. The average number of licenses that exists in the EU casino market is 234. Players prefer to place betting odds on websites that regulate, and protects consumers’ right. 

There are licensed casinos to play in the EU, and there are also non-licensed casinos, which in the real sense, they are not to be trusted completely. The European Gaming & Betting Association (EGBA) help to form a disinterest habit in placing a bet for real money on online casinos that don’t have a license. 

If you choose to play casino in the EU without a license, you’ve made yourself vulnerable to financial theft. We’ve listed below the names of countries in the EU that give licenses to gambling operators.

Problem Gambling Organizations in Europe

Gambling is an activity that’s performed during leisure time because they give players the chance to free up their minds and put their brain to work while they earn from it. However, most players are carried away with gambling; hence it becomes a problem to an extent. – Gambling should be done healthily. 

In the case where you observe that you spend more time and money on wagering a bet, you could visit our page on gambling addiction or contact any of the listed problem gambling organizations in the EU;

Online Casino Europe FAQ

Can I gamble in a mobile casino?

Yes, you can gamble using your mobile phone. Over 55% of gamblers perform the activity through their smartphone, therefore, almost all casinos in the EU are mobile responsive.

What is the best online casino in Europe?

To answer this correctly, it depends on what exactly you are looking for. There are hundreds of casinos in the market right now, so what matters to you might not matter to the other gambler. However, when you read this post from start to finish, we are certain you’d find an EU casino that matches your taste.

Is it safe to play EU casinos?

Well, it depends on the subject casino. The safest casinos are listed in our reviews, as we make sure that we provide all accurate information about European casinos for better player awareness.

Do I need to pay taxes upon winnings?

There is no particular reply to this, however, we encourage you to visit your local news portals and read about casino taxes.


Thank you for reading our casino guide for EU casinos. We hope that it has provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about where to play. With so many great options available, we are confident that you will be able to find a casino that meets all of your needs and provides a top-notch gaming experience. Good luck and happy gambling!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!

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