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Are you looking for the best online casinos in Germany? This probably means that you are a German with an affinity for online casino gambling. If this is the case, you have come to the right place!

On this page, we outline all the key features and benefits of playing at the best German online casinos. We have tons of information—as well as links to numerous great German casino sites that you can start with. Many of these casinos come with incredible bonuses, 24/7 customer support, multiple banking options and thousands of games. In other words, all the best and newest German online casinos are right here at your fingertips, safely and securely!

Best German Casino Sites 2023 June

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How to Choose the Best German Online Casino

As you will see, our helpful casino guide is filled with intriguing Germany online casino brands piled on top of each other. Although this should make sure that you can most definitely siphon the best ones, knowing which casinos to lean towards can be challenging.

To help you choose the best online casinos for you, we have listed a number of some of the most important things that you should always take into consideration. Better yet, you can read our honest online casino reviews for even more information.

Below, you will find a list of important factors, after which we will go through all entries one by one:

  • Safety and security
  • Game selection
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Payment options
  • Customer support and language options

Safety and Security are of Paramount Importance

Whenever you arrive at a new online casino, it is extremely important to go over your surroundings. To do this, you should first scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at the casino homepage footer. In this section of the site, you will find all the most integral information related to the casino’s operations.

The footer is the place where online casinos usually put information on who owns the business and which licenses the brand is operating under. Preferably, German online casino sites should be powered by European licenses from places like Estonia or Malta. These EU licenses are the best choice for German players who are looking for a safe zone to play in.

EU licenses can only be obtained by casinos that have the highest security standards in place. In other words, to best protect yourself from things like fraud, identity theft, and other nasty things, always sticking to EU-licensed casinos is a great idea.

It is also important to note that EU licenses are often the most expensive ones to obtain. This means that casinos that operate under them must be wealthy and serious enough. On the other hand, casinos with cheaper licenses, like the one from Curacao, have less to lose if they want to break the rules.

German Casino Games

casino games

While safety is no doubt the most important thing at any German online casino, players should never discount the meaning of a well-rounded casino game portfolio.

Let us face it: online casino customers gamble to have fun. If the game selection is not good enough, entertaining yourself will be that much harder. Thankfully, most German online casino sites host games from a large variety of international game providers. Some of these include Big Time Gaming, Quickspin, NetEnt, Play’n GO, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, and Nolimit City.

When a modern German casino player arrives at an online casino, he or she might not just be looking for slot machines. Granted, slots are always somewhat of a centrepiece at every online casino, with thousands of games and dozens of studios to choose from. Even so, games like video poker, bingo, scratchcards, table games, and live dealer casinos are always popular as well.

If you want to go for the most wholesome online casino experience, it is a good idea to scan through the game selection before you take your pick. For example, if you are dying to play Wolf Gold from Pragmatic Play, you had better make sure the casino actually has the game in its selection.

Welcome Bonuses

casino bonuses

Later on this page, we will go over all the different online casino bonuses available at German casinos. Here, though, we will mostly only say that for many of us, welcome bonuses are one of the most central things we focus on when choosing brand new online casinos.

Every online casino wants new customers—some fresh blood, if you will. In order to accomplish this, many of them are willing to risk life and limb by giving out bonuses to their customers. Some of the best German casino bonuses are the kind that can easily help you further on your casino journey by increasing the odds of you winning. Then again, some less-than-stellar casino bonuses could even end up decreasing your chances when all is said and done.

For more details about all the different kinds of welcome bonuses and strategies that you can use with them, just keep reading this article!

Payment Options

banking methods

As is the case with most nationalities in the world, Germans are quite particular about what payment methods they want to use. Not everyone will want to pay with the same methods, which means that you need to pay attention to this when choosing your online casino.

Fortunately for everyone on us, modern online casinos rarely shy away from including several banking options. Whatever method you want to use, there is a good chance that you will find it at your online casino of choice.

The most popular payment methods in Germany include Trustly, bank transfers, Visa and Mastercard, e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill, and prepaid cards such as Paysafecard. Since online casinos, as well as all businesses in the world, are all about turning a profit, you can rest assured that most casinos will make sure to cater to your every payment whim. Even some crypto & Bitcoin casinos exist.

While finding your preferred payment method on the list should not be too much of a problem, there are also other things to consider. For example, some online casinos might deduct some minor fees from your deposits as well as your withdrawals. Players should always mind these fees, especially if they only want to make a minimum deposit. Fixed fees on deposits of 10 to 20 euros can amount to a lot over time.

Another payment-related thing to consider is the processing times for withdrawals. Certain online casinos will pay out winnings in just a few minutes or hours, whereas others might take a few days instead. All of this is usually outlined on the online casino payment page or the FAQ section.

If you are unsure about what the withdrawal speed for a particular online casino might be, it could also be a good idea to reach out to customer support to ask. This way, you can also test the quality of said support.

Customer Support and Language Options

Above, we already briefly touched on customer support. The reason why having good customer support is so important is that it is basically your only link to the casino staff. As elaborate as many German online casinos are, without proper customer support, you can feel like you have been left to your own devices.

The best German online casinos will offer players multiple ways to contact customer support. These may include things like email, telephone, and live chat. Live chatting especially makes your experience flow nicely without the need of staying on the line on your phone to your ear or looking for an email to drop.

If you are lucky, your preferred online casino might even have 24/7 support. This means you can always air out your grievances and ask any questions you need to be answered.

Another important factor here is language options. Again, the best German casino sites make sure to cater to German-speaking audiences by employing German people on their customer support teams. This way, there will never be any misunderstanding or miscommunication between you and the staff.

Preferably, online casinos themselves should also be in German to allow for the easiest possible access to the German-speaking public.

casino games

International online casinos and their customers are not too different from one another. Granted, there are stereotypes out there about Asian businessmen liking baccarat and Americans loving roulette and blackjack, but not a lot of these hold too much weight. Most games (maybe with the exclusion of the Asian favourite baccarat) are actually pretty popular everywhere in the world.

Be that as it may, there are a few genres of online casino games that are particularly popular in Germany. Here are a few examples and their brief descriptions:

  • Online slot machines. These games come in an infinite number of forms, shapes and sizes. We will go over some of these later on in this very article.
  • Blackjack. This common land-based casino favourite has also been available online for several years. Both RNG (random number generator) versions and live casino versions of the game exist. The goal for players is to beat the dealer by getting as close to the score of 21 as possible.
  • Roulette. Another massive brick-and-mortar favourite that has successfully been adapted by online casinos. Here your goal is to guess what number or group of numbers will ultimately be chosen by the hypnotic roulette wheel.
  • Baccarat. Not all people might be too familiar with baccarat, but the rules of the game are about as simple as they come. Players only need to guess whether the player or the banker wins—or if they end up in a tie. Getting to one of these three outcomes is obviously the fun part, but that is basically how it all works.
  • Video poker. Video poker games tend to come with high RTPs (return to player) and a leisurely pace. As long as you know some of the most basic poker rules, these games should be able to offer an exciting betting experience.

The great thing about all these different games is that players do not only have to choose one. Instead, you can just as well mix and match different varieties together. By doing this, creating your very own wholesome casino experience can be a real bundle of joy!

Bonuses and Promotions for German Players

casino bonuses

As we already alluded to earlier, bonus campaigns and promotions can often be the most crucial element when it comes to choosing your German online casino. With the right type of online casino bonuses, you can take your chances of winning up a notch, which is obviously a smart thing to do.

Next up, we will detail a set of different types of bonuses and some common bonus terms that are typically associated with them.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses or match bonuses are the most common type of online casino bonuses available today. With these bonus campaigns, players can redeem some bonus money on their deposits.

If a German online casino is offering 100% up to €300, this means that players can redeem a maximum of 300 euros worth of extra money. The casino will essentially match your deposit all the way up to 300 euros, thus allowing you to play with double the money you put in.

With the help of deposit bonuses, you can play for a longer time—or choose to take more risks by raising your bet level. Either way, the downside is that you will need to complete what is called wagering requirements with your deposit bonuses. For example, a 100% up to €300 bonus might require you to wager the amount of your bonus and deposit 40 times before you can cash out on any winnings.

The fastest way to complete your wagering is by using a high bet and being lucky. Just be sure to follow the maximum bet rules, though!

Free spins

Free spins are another common promotional tool among new German online casinos.

Understanding free spins is not too hard. Some online casinos will simply give their customers a few free tries on some of the most popular online casinos. For example, you might get 50 free spins on Starburst or Book of Dead as a thank-you for making your first deposit.

Free spins also usually carry some wagering requirements. Here, though, your wagering requirement multiplier (be it 30, 40, 50 or whatever) will be used on your free spin wins. Thus, if your 50 free spins on Starburst give you 13 euros in winnings, this means you may need to wager 13 euros x 40 = 520 euros’ worth.

Do note that the bet level for your free spins is most often the minimum allotted bet amount for the associated game.

Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses are more of a new addition to the realm of online casino campaigns. Instead of gifting players with anything extra straight away, cashbacks are more like insurance-type of bonuses.

If you are using a 10% cashback, this means the casino will pay you back 10% of your net losses during the campaign period. For example, if you lose 100 euros during the week, you may be 10 euros back at the end of the week.

Cashbacks do not always carry wagering requirements and may be instantly cashable.

Online Gambling Regulations in Germany

online casino platforms

In Germany, online gambling is regulated at both the federal and state level. The Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ISTG) is the federal law that governs both online gambling and any other forms of gambling.

Under the next two headlines, we have included a comprehensive overview of the online gambling regulations in Germany.

The ISTG was first introduced in 2012 and received revisions in 2021. The law prohibits several forms of online gambling in Germany, except for sports betting, slots, and horse racing.

The ISTG also includes provisions for player protection, including measures to prevent underage gambling and problem gambling.

Moreover, the law establishes the Glücksspielneuregulierungstaatsvertrag (GlüNeuRStV), a state treaty that is supposed to regulate online gambling in Germany. The GlüNeuRStV took effect in July 2021 and allows for up to 20 licenses for online sportsbooks as well as online casino games.


Most online casino games other than slots are still prohibited under the ISTG. In some cases, German players might be interested in looking into VPN gambling.

The law also prohibits the advertising of unauthorized gambling operators. Operators that violate this law may face strict penalties.

As is the case in most countries, German players are required to be at least 18 years old to participate in online gambling. Operators must verify the age and identity of their players via the international KYC protocols.

Overall, the online gambling regulations in Germany tend to be somewhat complex and restrictive. However, the recent revisions provide a more regulated and licensed online gambling market. There is also hope that in the future, things might become even more clear.

Online Slots for German Players

It bears repeating that online slots are the most popular game of choice for German players. This is mainly due to the fact that modern slots are extremely diverse and multifaceted.

Gone are the days when German online slots all had only 3 paylines and super simplistic graphics. Nowadays, games from the likes of Big Time Gaming may have more than 117 000 paylines, spectacular graphics, and intense background music.

Online slots of today are all about audiovisual adventure. And with a couple of hundred global game providers all vying to create the best games, you never know what incredible bonus features and rewards could be there waiting for you!

German Mobile Casinos & Apps

There used to be a time when all online casino gaming took place on your desktop computer. Fast-forward some 25 years from that time and nowadays you can just as well only use your mobile device to play. In fact, for a few years already, most German players have opted to access their online casinos specifically via their mobile phones.

When the first mobile casino in Germany came to be, players had to make sure that their mobile devices were indeed supported by these casinos. Nowadays, this is more of a given since no online casino wants to lose out on customers because of poor optimization.

Whether you have an iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone, you can rest assured that your favourite casinos will be 100% accessible without the need for any external downloads or updates!

Responsible Gambling

Finally, we want to end this article about the best German casinos by talking about one of the most important things you need to pay attention to. That is, of course, responsible gambling.

Basically, all European online casinos in our database are committed to doing their best to protect players and combat the so-called darker sides of gambling. This is done by imploring customers to play responsibly and giving them the tools to do so. Tools like this include adjustable deposit, loss, and time limits.

While German casinos have been tasked with carrying their load, it is also imperative for players to stick to the principles of responsible gambling. Never play with more than you can afford to lose, and always remember that there is plenty of help and resources available. One good starting point would be this site.


What is the best German online casino?

Giving a definite answer to this question is close to impossible. We recommend that you go through our list of German casinos to find the ones best suited for you.

Do German online casinos have bonuses?

Yes. The vast majority of German online casinos have welcome offers available for all their newest customers. More bonuses tend to also follow here and there in the form of special campaigns.

Are online casinos legal in Germany?

On this page, we have gone over the legal framework and restrictions currently in place in Germany. While online casino gambling is indeed legal, there are certain limitations. For even more information, please refer to your local laws.

Are German online casinos available in the German language?

This depends on the individual German casino. By and large, German casinos are available in German and the vast majority of them even provide German-speaking customer support.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!

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