No Wagering Casino Bonuses 2023

Although no wagering casino bonuses are usually some of the smallest bonuses offered by online gambling sites, their simplicity and flexibility make them a hot option for players.

no wagering bonus

Casino bonuses with no wager requirements

The casinos that are listed here show the lowest wager requirements that we have in our database. The wager requirement are based on the first deposit bonus. No wager requirement casino bonuses are hard to find but if we find any, it will show up here. Happy hunting!

What Is a No Wagering Casino Bonus?

No wagering casino bonuses are very straightforward, with no strings attached. There are no minimum wagering requirements associated with cashing in on the bonus offer.

Types Of No Wagering Casino Bonuses:

  • Bonus cash – e.g. $20
  • Free spins bonus – e.g. 20 free spins
  • Hybrid bonuses – e.g. 100% deposit bonus up to $100 (with wagering requirements) + 20 free spins (with no wagering requirements)

Free spins with no wagering requirements and hybrid bonuses are more common than free and clear bonus cash offers.

To better understand the value of no-wagering casino bonuses, it helps to understand and compare wager-based casino bonuses.

What Is a Wagering Casino Bonus?

Wager-based casino bonuses require that you wager a minimum (specified) amount at the casino before you can withdraw the bonus money and any associated winnings.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are usually represented by a multiplier (e.g. 10x or 20x), which is applied to your deposit amount or the total of your deposit plus bonus amount.

Bonus Offer: 100% matching bonus on $100
Wagering requirement: 20x deposit
$100 deposit x 20x deposit = $2,000 wager requirement

In this example, you would have to wager $2,000 to collect on the $100 bonus. This may be doable for some players, but it may not be realistic for others.

Casino bonuses may carry wagering requirements that are too difficult to meet, which means you will lose the bonus money and any associated winnings if you do not successfully fulfill the wagering requirements.

Seasoned players know that wagering requirements are one of the most important things to consider when looking at bonus offers, because wagering requirements can make or break the chances of collecting on bonus offers.

Other Wagering Bonus Restrictions

In addition to wagering requirements, online gambling sites typically impose restrictions on:

  • Game play credited toward your wagering requirement.
    • Slot games usually count 100 percent toward playthrough requirements.
    • Table games and video poker typically count less than 100 percent toward playthrough requirements.
  • Bonus offer timelines.
    • Wagering requirements must be fulfilled before bonus offers expire or you may forfeit the bonus money and any associated winnings.

No wagering casino bonuses are free of those restrictions, so you can play your game(s) of choice at your leisure and withdraw your funds whenever you want to.

Check Bonus Terms & Conditions

Wagering (playthrough) requirements vary widely by gambling site and individual bonus offer.

Be sure to check the Terms & Conditions for any bonus offer you’re considering to determine if the requirements are doable for you and to ensure you don’t forfeit the bonus offer by violating the terms.

low wager terms

What Is A Low-Wagering Casino Bonus?

Low-wagering casino bonuses carry wagering requirements; however, the playthrough requirements on these offers are relatively low, making it easier for players to cash in on the bonuses.

You can learn more about wagering requirements and how to find low-wagering casino bonuses on our low-wagering casino bonus page.

What Is A No-Deposit Bonus?

No-wagering and no-deposit bonuses are different types of bonuses with different exclusions.

  • There are no wagering requirements for no-wagering casino bonuses. There may be minimum deposit requirements, however.
  • There are no deposit requirements for no-deposit bonuses. There are usually minimum wagering requirements on those bonuses, however.

No-Wagering Vs. Wagering Casino Bonus Comparison

No Wagering Bonuses


Wagering Bonuses

Freedom to play and withdraw your funds at any time.
Comparably large bonus values.
No wagering/playthrough requirements.
Wide variety of available bonus offers.
No expiration date attached to wagering requirements.
More common than no-wagering casino bonuses.
Play any game you want without having to consider playthrough contribution percentages.
Better and easier to find big bonuses with low wagering requirements. Instead of no wager requirements with almost every time a small bonus amount.
Relatively small bonus values.
Wagering requirements may be difficult to fulfill.
Comparatively small selection of available bonus offers.
Bankrolls and/or winnings can be lost while trying to fulfill the wagering requirements.
More rare than wager-based bonuses.
Bonus money and any associated winnings can’t be withdrawn before fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements.
Wagering requirements must be fulfilled before the bonus offer expiration date.
Limits on how much playthrough credit is applied to wagering requirements.

Where Can I Find No-Wagering Casino Bonuses?

Wager-free bonuses can be found:

  • At the top of this page in our lists.
  • At no-wagering casinos.
  • Periodically at select standard online casinos that run special promotions.
no wagering casino bonuses

Some online gambling sites are actually no wagering casinos that don’t impose wagering requirements on any of the bonuses or promotions they offer. No-wagering casinos usually heavily advertise if there are no wagering requirements on the site.

Standard online casinos that usually impose wagering requirements on bonuses can also offer no-wagering casino bonus options. No wagering casino bonuses are usually clearly advertised as “no wagering,” “wager-free,” or “zero wagering” bonus cash or free spins.

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