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Many people love gambling and online casinos are becoming more and more popular around the globe. But something many online gamblers don’t realise is that the casinos don’t actually develop their own games. Online slots are a lot more intricate than land-based casino games and they require excellent graphics, sound and functionality.

This is what game suppliers like NetEnt or Microgaming specialise in.

Game suppliers online

Examples of game suppliers for casino games:

All real money games are developed by software providers that are experts in this market and there are a number of well-established and highly successful software companies in the online casino industry. 

It is important for players to know that there are different game developers and that they often specialise in producing different types of casino games.

If you know which online casino software company makes the games that you like, then you can easily identify what you enjoy and be on the look-out for more of their games.

At we have put together a comprehensive guide to all the best casino software providers so that you can easily find the games that you enjoy.

When you click on a software provider you will see which games they produce. 

Why casino software companies matter

The software providers are an integral part of the online casino industry as without them there would be no games.

These companies design and create all the casino games that you enjoy, making sure that they are user-friendly and function the way they are intended to, without glitches and lag. You can follow your favourite software providers to see what they are bringing out next and where to find it.

There are a number of really big software companies in the casino industry, including Microgaming, NetEnt, Play ‘n Go, IGT and Playtech. These are the big hitters in the industry and their games are in high demand and can be found on most casino sites.

There are also a number of medium and smaller software providers, like Quickspin, Big Time Gaming, and Push Gaming, that produce outstanding titles.

Some of the smaller software providers specialise in niche markets, like internet cafe casino software or mobile casino software.

While some online gamblers may not be aware of who is making their preferred slots, many players do know and at Online.Casino we can help you find the titles designed by your favourite software providers.

Discover casino software suppliers by exploring reviews

Everyone likes different things but there are certain features of online casino games that are important to everyone.

At we rate and review hundreds of online casino games produced by all the best software providers and you can use our comprehensive guide to find games that you enjoy and that are designed by your favourite online gaming software providers. 

When we review a software provider, we take into consideration:

  • Game design – We take a close look at the overall design and originality of the games produced by the software providers. We also consider how many online casinos are hosting a particular software provider’s titles.
  • Software – When we do a casino software review, we look at things like the software used to produce smooth gameplay. 
  • Game Play – we pay close attention to the various features of the game, including the user interface, the devices that game can be played on and the overall technical standard. 
  • Bonus Features – these are the in-game rewards and bonus features like free spins, bonus rounds, pick to win, and wilds. 
  • Graphics and audio – game audio and graphics are an integral part of the online gambling experience and they can make or break a game. 
  • Game mathematics – we look at the RTP of the game as well as volatility.

What makes a good casino game?

Game providers collaborate and work closely with gambling sites to offer players a wide selection of fun and entertaining games. But what makes a casino game great?

Creating a new game is not a quick process and a lot of time and effort goes into producing top-rated slots. The games need to have great functionality, audio, design and graphics, but they also need to user-friendly, engaging and fun to play.

The titles need to appeal to a wide variety of online gamblers, but they also need to be unique and offer players a great gambling experience.

Because these products are complex to design and produce, many software providers specialise in certain segments of the market, focusing either on slots, live casino streaming or table games.

What makes a good game

Here at you can identify what you like in a game and find the casino software companies that make your favourite ones.

Theme and Design

The game design in the look and feel of the game, and for most players this is what makes a game great or causes it to flop. The titles need to be all about fun and excitement and a lot of thought goes into the design and theme.  This means that casino operators work closely with casino software companies to produce games that are suitable for different types of sites. 

Software providers do extensive research to establish what appeals to players, and then they build their products around these findings to give their customers the best user experience.

The design and themes are based on thorough market research and new games are developed to look good and be user-friendly.

Outdated designs with bad graphics are not acceptable in a highly competitive market. Games need to be visually engaging and the graphics need to be of a very high standard. 

Software providers are all fighting hard for their share of the market and this means that they invest a lot of time and money in creating the best online gambling games that offer a superior customer experience.

In the highly competitive world of online gambling, a good selection of top-flight games is essential for any software provider that wants to succeed. 

  1. Graphics is so bad you probably don’t want to play the games.
  2. Subpar design with several visual issues.
  3. Acceptable design, neither good or bad.
  4. The games have an overall good design.
  5. The games look great aesthetically and are super engaging.

High-quality game audio

Software providers have come a long way in the last few years and improvements in technology have allowed game designers to make games far more exciting and fun to play. It is no longer good enough for a casino game to be fun, it also has to look and sound good. Graphics and site design are essential elements of online gambling and are used to enhance the player experience, but high-quality audio and sound engineering is just as important. 

Sound is an integral part of the online gambling experience and online casino software companies need to design and produce games with excellent sound quality but it is not just the music that is important, the sound effects need to be top-notch and complement the game rather than distract from it or sound like an afterthought. While great audio adds to the overall experience and can elevate a game to a whole new level, bad audio can be extremely annoying and can even drive players away from a game. The top online casino game software providers always ensure that their games have high-quality audio.

  1. Either very poor or non-existent audio and sound effects.
  2. Game audio is primitive and not good enough.
  3. Games have okay music and sound effects.
  4. Music is well composed and goes well with the games.
  5. Outstanding sound effects and music that goes hand in hand with the game themes.

Great on mobile devices

Gambling on the go is the future of online casinos and over 70% of online gamblers play on their mobile devices. This means that software providers need to produce mobile casino games that are as good, or even better, than the desktop version.

With the focus of online casinos shifting towards mobile casinos and an increased demand for mobile casino apps, all the best casino software companies, like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming, are developing titles for this segment of the market.

This includes VR, live dealer games, video slots and a whole lot more. 

Mobile gambling is the fastest-growing segment of the gambling industry and the best casino software providers have fully embraced it and are using the latest technology to enhance the mobile gambling experience. Software providers are now designing unique mobile slot and table game apps that you can access directly from your smartphone or tablet. Most mobile casinos have both instant play and downloadable casino software, making it quick and easy to play anywhere, anytime. iPhone sites generally have great graphics and audio, but Android is the best source of mobile casino apps and games. 

  1. The games from this game provider do not have mobile support.
  2. The gameplay on mobile is very basic with multiple attributes missing from the desktop game.
  3. Mobile games have several imperfections.
  4. Good mobile games, but very few available on mobile compared to desktop.
  5. Brilliant mobile gaming with a large choice of titles available on all mobile devices.
Game suppliers mobile

Smooth gameplay

For many players, online gambling is an immersive experience and they expect an authentic experience that is as close to traditional gambling as possible. Smooth gameplay is an essential component of online gambling and there is a big difference between a well designed and built game that is smooth and one that is not. Online gaming software providers need to ensure that the games they produce are both fun to play and well built.

The quality of the graphics and the gameplay is essential if players are going to enjoy the games. As technology has improved and online gambling has become more popular, players have also become more discerning and are no longer willing to put up with casino games that are badly built and have lag.

They want their games to be fast and smooth and any gambling software company that wants to stay in businesses needs to meet the demands of the casino operators, but they also have to ensure that they meet the high expectations of the players. Players now expect games that are polished and responsive, every element of the game needs to run smoothly, and they are not willing to put up with a game that is mediocre and has glitches or lag.

  1. Poor gameplay and user experience resulting in a bad experience.
  2. Subpar gaming experience not good enough.
  3. A good enough game interface but not something that stands out.
  4. Gameplay and usability are above average. This results in a smooth gambling experience.
  5. Exceptional game interface with perfect user experience. 

Game mathematics

The math and set-up of an online casino game play a significant role in how popular a game will be. For example, Starburst, where you can win from both sides, is a game with good math. The mathematics of a game is determined by the software provider. 

When looking for games with good mathematics, it is important to pay close attention to the return to player (otherwise referred to as the RTP) or rate that the casino pays out to players. The RTP is not based on your bets but rather on all bets placed at the gambling site.

Slot machines commonly have the best casino payouts and while the RTP may vary from site to site, it is usually between 95% and 98%. Blood Suckers from NetEnt has one of the best all-time online casino pay-outs and on this game the average return to player ranges around 98.6% – meaning that over £98is paid out to players for every bet of £100.

This doesn’t mean that all players will get a 98% return for every £100 bet. Slot machine games can be very volatile with the percentage payout being calculated using millions of spins.

Volatility in slots refers to the amount of risk inherent to a specific slot game. It describes how often and how much you can expect to win during a playing session.

Low volatility games will pay-out frequently, but the pay-outs will usually be small.

High volatility games will have long periods with no pay-outs interspersed with the occasional big win.

Awesome bonus features

Online gamblers all have their own preferences and enjoy online casino games for different reasons, but most players love the bonus rounds, or in-game rewards, of their favourite games. Whether they are into slots, table games or live casinos, they are always on the look-out for awesome bonus features. The better the bonus features, the more popular the game will be, and it is often the bonus features that attract new players to a game. These extra features can alter the outcome of a game and make winning easier. 

There are a huge number of different types of bonus games that can be triggered by players, including free spins bonus games, pick to win, pick and match and spin the wheel bonus games and casino game software companies need to ensure that the bonus features in their games are good quality and appealing to players. To stay ahead of the pack, the best online casino software providers have to design games that are safe and secure, but they also need to constantly introduce new and innovative bonus features. Players generally like varied, original bonus features that are clear and easy to understand.

If a casino game does not have great bonus features, players will soon get bored and move onto other games. Casino operators are not interested in games that do not appeal to players, so it is very important for online casino software companies to ensure that their games have mass appeal and awesome bonus features.

  1. This game studio does not have bonus features.
  2. Just a few titles have bonus features. However, they do not add anything to the game.
  3. Games have bonus features but they are basic and not unique.
  4. Well designed and entertaining bonus rounds that are above average.
  5. Bonus features from this provider are unique and bring value and excitement.
Game suppliers bonus features


Everybody is looking for something unique and different and online gamblers are no different.

Players don’t want to be stuck playing the same old games over and over again or get the feeling that all the titles are just some variation of one another. They are looking for something that stands out from the crowd. 

Casino game producers work hard to ensure that their games are unique, and the games are based on proprietary casino software that belongs to their company. But that does not stop other online casino software companies from trying to imitate successful and popular games.

For example, the book of Ra is the most popular casino game worldwide and many imitations of the game have been made including Book of Dead and Book of Souls.

Smaller casino game and slot providers may also offer their online casino software for sale to larger casino software providers who have a bigger share of the market and get their games into all the top online casinos.

New online casinos are often a great place to look for unique game titles because they are fighting hard to gain a foothold in the highly competitive online casino market and often collaborate with casino software providers to design and produce games that are fun and unique. 

Uniqueness will always be a drawcard for games and software providers are constantly looking for ways to make their products unique and different.

At you can use our comprehensive guide of casino software companies to find games that are new and unique and bring a different element to your online gambling journey.

  1. Titles neither have original design or features. 
  2. Not unique, instead re-creates products based on popular titles from other providers.
  3. The games include quite good features, but most of them have the same feel.
  4. From time to time this game studio creates original features that are great.
  5. This game creator creates new unique games on a regular basis, leading the way forward.

Use our guide to find the best game suppliers today

There are literally thousands of casino games and slots available today, and finding the one you truly love to play is not easy.

This is where we come in.

Our comprehensive guide aims to help you find top-rated game suppliers with games that suit your style of play. You can filter the game lobby in lots of different ways, making it easy to find new titles you enjoy.

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