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The online casino industry is booming. Brand new online casino sites are being released every month, and you have just landed on the page where you will find all the newest and best international online casinos.

Every time a new casino is released, our team of online casino experts will be the first ones to know. This way, we can keep our enormous database updated to include all the latest and hottest brands out there today. With us, you will never be left in the dark when another amazing brand pops up with its massive, potentially limited-time welcome offers.

new online casino sites

In addition to adding all the new casino sites on this page, our team has also included a ton of interesting content for those of you that are just dying to know more. Together, we will cover all that there is to know about new casinos and all their many nuances.

Newest Online Casinos 2023

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Monthly New Casinos Roundup

monthly new casinos

Introducing a cool new feature to our website! Monthly New Casino Roundups are the best way for our readers to find something new to play.

Instead of just adding new online casinos on this page and letting you do all the work, we have taken the initiative to go over every brand and compare them with each other. In these articles, our most long-tenured online casino experts take a look at a list of all the new casinos that have been added each month. Then, after conducting their review on all the brands in question, they will give you their assessment of which brands deserve a second look.

While the quality of every online casino is somewhat a matter of preference, our experts know the field like the back of their hands. With their help, you can easily cut through the chaff and find the top quality that everyone is looking for.

Below, you can find some of our latest new casino roundups:

Playing at Latest Online Casinos (check this first)

Assessing the quality of an online casino can be a tall task for a person who is just starting their casino journey. To be honest, this actually applies to any form of entertainment. If you have only seen one movie, how are you supposed to know how good it is when compared to others? This is why we have critics out there who have dedicated a portion of their lives to getting to the bottom of things.

Next up, we will tell you about 5 things that are essential at every online casino. Unless all of these items are in order, there is a good chance that you could do better in terms of your casino choice.

Note: To save you some time, every individual casino expert review on our website also tackles these things. By reading our reviews, you will always get an honest and thorough look into how well each casino has been constructed.

new casinos game selection

Game Selection

Top online casino games are the lifeblood of every online casino.

Even if all the other facets of a casino brand might be in check, if you don’t have the games, you don’t have anything at all.

The interesting thing about online casino game selections is that less experienced players are usually not too picky with them. Only after you have gained some experience will you start to pay attention to which games are actually available.

As a general rule, it is best to play games at a casino that hosts as many of the top game providers as possible. If you can find studios such as NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Play’n GO, Microgaming, Quickspin, Red Tiger, Nolimit City and Push Gaming, you are probably dealing with a well-versed casino site. What is more, it never hurts if a new casino also has plenty of progressive jackpots, live casino games and video poker on top of its slot machine offering!

new casino bonus offers

Bonus Offers

Above, we noted that online casino games could be considered the most important thing about a new online casino. In the same vein, we could say that the quality of the available online casino bonuses can also make or break a casino brand.

Although most casinos will have pretty much all the games that you need, bonus offers and rewards are not at all up to snuff. Because of this, many of us will pick our online casinos specifically based on the quality of the bonus advantage that is up for grabs.

Finding the best bonuses without the help of our experts can be extremely tricky. The world of bonus terms and conditions is a scary one and not one that can easily be navigated by inexperienced players. In fact, if you try to go at it purely by yourself, chances are that you will make at least a couple of costly mistakes along the way.

The best bonus offers at new online casino sites can boost your odds of winning tremendously. Worse ones, on the other hand, can even end up dragging you down unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Again, we firmly recommend that you read our expert reviews for the best possible bonus experience and always do your so-called due diligence on the bonus terms at hand!

payment methods on brand new casinos

Payment Methods

Payment methods are yet another crucial part of every new online casino experience. To play real money games, you will obviously need to fund your gambling account with some real money. Your physical coins and notes will not just magically turn into virtual casino currency.

Thankfully, online casinos are in the business of making money and are therefore ready to work hard to cater to most of our payment needs. Even the newest Canadian online casinos out there will routinely accept payments from multiple sources. Credit cards, e-wallets, fast banking services—even cryptocurrencies are available at many of our listed casino brands.

In addition to making sure that your casino features your preferred payment method, you might also be interested in how long the withdrawal process will take. This information, too, can be found in our expert reviews.

casino customer support

Customer Support

When you arrive at a new online casino, it is not a bad idea to check whether its customer support is any good. With most new online casinos, customer service should be open around 18 to 24 hours per day. The faster you will get a response, the better!

Some may think of customer support at online casinos as somewhat of a supplementary service. However, this could not be further away from the truth. When you think about it, given that online casinos operate over the internet, customer support is actually your only viable link to the casino staff. Unless this link is being nurtured as it should, it can be a huge blow to your feeling of safety and security.

Without fail, our experts test our newly listed casinos’ customer support facilities for quality and availability. The results of said tests can be found in every single one of your reviews!

casino licenses and security

Licenses & Security

Perhaps the topmost concern for online casino players around the world is whether casinos can be trusted with your money. As you may know, the internet is full of all kinds of scams where honest folks are figuratively being skinned alive for every penny. Thus, it is only natural that some people have doubts about online casinos as well.

Fortunately, online casinos do not exactly need to scam their users to make money. Gambling, in and of itself, is an activity where most will lose so that others can win. In a sense, online casino gambling is no different from any other form of entertainment—except that here you have a fighting chance to win some extra cash as well.

Granted, not all online casinos are nearly as trustworthy as others. It is probably no wonder that a lucrative industry such as this also attracts plenty of seedy people with dishonest motives. This is why it is extremely important that we also have a bunch of regulations in place to guarantee a safe gambling environment.

The best way for online casinos to prove to their customers that they can be trusted is to invest in a proper gambling licence. For instance, European online casinos operating under European licences such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licence or the Estonian licence are guaranteed to be 100% safe. However, those using weaker Curacao licences might not be as safe.

Yet again, our expert reviews are the best place to find out which brands are safe. In addition to knowing each licence, our online casino professionals also know a thing or two about the vast majority of the casino companies currently in operation. This knowledge will give them ample information to work with when gauging the safety of individual brands.

new casinos

Two Types of Brand New Online Casinos

Newness, or the definition of being new, can be thought of in two different ways.

What is new to you, might not be new to someone else. For instance, you may tell your friend that you just saw a new movie in the movie theatre. However, after you reveal the movie’s name, your friend may scoff at you and say that she already saw it 2 months ago.

At, we divide our new online casinos into two categories.

  1. Brand new established casinos
  2. Brand new casinos added to the database

Under the next two subheadings, we will go into more detail about both of these categories and list the casinos that fall under both of them.

Brand New Established Casinos

Newly established online casinos are the true cream of the crop. These casinos are straight out of the oven just like grandma’s tasty buns are!

If you join one of the casinos listed here, you might very well end up being one of their very first customers. That is not to say that there are any special rewards for you if you are, but what a cool thing to think about, right?

Thanks to our intelligent database system, you will only be shown the newest casino sites that are available in your area of the world here. If you are looking for a British online casino, you won’t be seeing Australian online casinos or NZ online casinos, and vice versa.

Brand New Casinos Added To The Database

If you have been using our website for a long time already, you are bound to love the list that we have for you here.

The casinos listed here are new to our database although they may have already been in operation for a few months or years. As you can see, we are constantly growing our already impressive website and are hoping to one day include every casino brand out there.

If you’ve been gone for a while, please take a look at these casinos that we have listed lately. Just like all the newly established casinos above, all of these brands have been highlighted and compared to one another in our recent monthly casino roundups!

New Casinos vs. Established Online Casinos

So, here comes the question that must be on everyone’s mind…

Are new online casinos better than older and more established online casinos?

As you might predict, answering this question is not exactly simple. The problem is that every new and old online casino is different. Just like is the case with video games, music, and movies, being new does not automatically mean better. Having said that, new online casinos do definitely have a slight edge when it comes to certain things…

Below, you will find a thorough visual comparison:

New Casinos


Established Casinos

Visuals and user experience that are up to modern standards
Proven quality and track record
Mobile-first design
Easy access to the owner’s history and records
More campaigns and a bigger hunger to please
The feeling of dealing with a long-time trusted company
Possible new features and gamification
Perhaps more partnerships with different game providers
The feeling of experiencing something new and exciting
May cling to outdated design
Perhaps more payment methods such as crypto
Could start coasting on good reputation
Not as many customer reviews online (important if the casino has only a weak licence)

The online casino industry is worth billions and billions of euros worldwide. Even so, the market is constantly growing with brand new casinos, entrepreneurs, companies, and players that are flooding in each and every year.

The more the popularity of this industry grows, the more it will incentivise new eyeballs to take notice. It is a cycle that feeds itself with more and more innovation and new features popping up all the time.

In this section, we will take a look at some of the biggest trends that the online casino scene has seen (no pun intended) over the years. This will also serve as a sort of glossary for those with less experience in this unique niche of entertainment.

  • Online Poker: There is a bit of conflicting information online about how it all started for internet gambling. Apparently, online poker was one of the first forms of gambling that started to boom somewhere near the beginning of the second millennium. In fact, many of those currently in the iGaming bubble first started as poker players who used to make money by outsmarting the masses with their skills. Nowadays, the poker scene has pretty much died down, though, with automated poker software raising its ugly head.
  • Online Casinos: Almost at the same time when poker became popular, online casino slots were also introduced to the poker platforms. At first, customers were actually required to download heavy casino files on their computers in order to play. Suffice it to say, there weren’t even all that many casino games available back then, but this wasn’t a major hindrance back then.
  • Mobile Casinos: Mobile casinos would de facto revolutionise the whole iGaming industry. LeoVegas was first on the ball promoting itself as a mobile casino. Initially, mobile casinos only worked via separate mobile apps, but this would all soon change once better and more robust technology became available. Nowadays, more people play on their mobile phones than they do on their laptops!
  • Live Casinos: With incredible new streaming technology, live casinos would see the light of day. These games let their players enjoy brick-and-mortar table game classics from the comfort of their own houses. Evolution Gaming was one of the first companies to offer its live casino services to online casinos, and they are still standing as the top name in the game. Nowadays, though, live casino games are not just limited to blackjack and roulette, there are also numerous fun game show-type of games out there that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
  • Gamification: In 2014, Casino Heroes arrived and changed the game for online casinos. While other casinos were out trying to get customers by coming up with new deposit bonuses and free spins offers, Casino Heroes had a different idea. They brought in gamification elements, which saw players moving on a board-game type of board, gathering new bonuses as they go. To this day, there aren’t that many brands that have followed in Casino Heroes’ footsteps, yet all kinds of progress bars are now commonplace.
  • Fast payments: Ninja Casino was launched in 2016. Much like its Japanese namesake, Ninja Casino would soon become known for its phenomenal speed. In other words, this casino invented the nowadays popular pay-n-play casinos, which essentially allow players to sign up just by depositing via their online bank account. Casinos such as these are especially popular in countries like Finland, Sweden, and Germany.
  • Virtual Reality: Only a couple of years ago, VR technology seemed to be on everyone’s mind. Even a few online casino game studios have released VR versions of some of their most popular games with Gonzo’s Quest VR and live casino VR versions coming to mind. Right now, though, the buzz around VR seems to have died down—or at least gone to sleep for a little while.
  • Crypto Casinos: Cryptocurrencies have become ultra-popular in the past few years or so. At the same time, more and more best online crypto casinos have emerged. This is a great thing for many online casino enthusiasts who are now turning to crypto casinos to continue playing with great bonuses. As you may know, new and more strict regulation is rampant in many countries, and decentralised cryptocurrencies can solve this problem.

New Casinos Established by Year

Do you want to take a trip down memory lane? Perhaps you want to see how your old favourites are holding up? Whatever your reasoning might be, our comprehensive database now lets you filter casinos based on the year of their arrival!

Here is what you can look for:

New Casinos 2023

new casinos 2023

This is the newest online casino list you will ever find anywhere! Once 2024 rolls around, though, you can be sure that we will include that as a category as well!

New Casinos 2022

new brands 2022

Ah, 2022… The year when certain restrictions finally started to ease up. This year also saw the release of a beautiful line-up of excellent casinos. Of course, you will find each one of them listed here!

New Casinos 2021

brand new casinos 2021

Just like many other years in recent history, 2021 was a rough period for many of us. Still, even this year produced a bunch of cool brands that can be found listed below.

New Casinos 2020

2020 casino brands

Oldies but goodies, right? In 2020, most of us around the world were locked inside our houses for the majority of the time. Obviously, this made new casinos in 2020 thrive and prosper as people were desperate for a release. Here’s the list of casinos that were launched way back then.

New Casinos 2019

In the toplist below you find online casinos that were launched in 2019. Look at the score to find the best casinos from 2019 and press “view more” to see all the casinos that were released this year. If you are looking for a specific casino we recommend that you use our website search bar.

Step by Step: How to sign up for a new casino

So, you have now read all that we have written and are considering registering an account at a new casino. Congrats!

Here is a brief list of steps you need to take to sign up:


Find a new online casino

In this article, we have given you plenty of tools and lists to make your life as easy as it can be. Now it is up to you to take it all in and see if a certain casino catches your eye. Once you have done that, please be sure to read our expert review to make sure you’re dealing with a casino that is suitable to your specific needs.


Click our casino play links

This will take you to your destination as safely as possible.


Hit the sign-up button

New casinos tend to make it easy for customers to sign up. Otherwise, they would be losing money for nothing. The sign-up button can usually be found in the top-right corner of your screen.


Enter your information

Online casinos will need to know who you are to be able to serve you. Your address, email, phone number, and desired username and password will be needed here.


Make your deposit

Every online casino has its own set of payment methods. Here you will choose one to make your deposit and perhaps redeem a welcome offer while you’re at it.

That’s it!

Your casino account should now be up and running. Time to start hammering away at those slots! Good luck!

New Casino FAQs

Are new online casinos safe and secure?

The so-called newness of a casino cannot be used to determine if the casino is safe or not. This is more dependent on the quality of the casino licence. Our reviews will tell you all you need to know about this.

How many new casinos are released per year?

Some estimations show that around 100 to 200 casinos are released in most years. However, there are no exact numbers available. Some casinos might also close their doors in a year or two if they fail to get enough customers.

Are bonuses at new casinos better?

This varies a lot. Some casinos will start their journey with low wagering bonuses, whereas others will be much less generous. The quality of welcome bonuses may also depend on the company’s experience and success in the business.

Can I try new casinos for free?

Yes. Most casinos will let you try their slots for free. This is so that they can give you a taste of what’s in store. The expected winning rates are also the same between demo and real money versions. If you want to test best new casino, have at it!

Do new casinos give out no deposit bonuses?

These kinds of bonuses used to be very popular back in the day. However, no deposit free spins and other no deposit bonuses have since become extremely rare. If there are ever some available, you will definitely find them here at!


New casino sites can be a bundle of fun. Yet, not all of them are equally as good or worthy of your time and our recommendation. This is why we encourage you to always visit our online casino comparison site for your best chance at experiencing greatness!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!

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