Low Wagering Casino Bonuses 2023

Low wagering casino bonuses are great for many reasons. Online gambling sites feature a wide range of bonus offers, from modest amounts to big, flashy prizes.

Not all online casino bonuses are created equal, however, and often there are more to these bonus offers than meets the eye.

low wagering bonuses

Big casino bonus offers may seem exciting on the surface, but the real question is:

Can you realistically cash in on these bonuses?

The answer to that question comes down to wagering requirements, which are also known as playthrough requirements.

In this article, we’ll show you what a low wagering casino bonus is and how to assess if a casino bonus has a low enough wagering requirement for you.

But first, have a look at our low wagering casino bonus top list below!

Casino Bonuses – Low Wagering Requirements June 2023

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Most reputable online casinos impose wagering requirements on bonus offers, which require that you gamble a minimum amount before you can withdraw your bonus money and any associated winnings.

Wagering requirements are typically calculated using a multiplier that is applied to your deposit amount (e.g. 20x your deposit) or your deposit plus bonus amount (e.g. 10x your deposit + bonus).

What Is A Low Wagering Casino Bonus?

Low wagering bonuses have relatively low playthrough requirements compared to other bonus offers. For example, a 20x wagering requirement would be low compared to a 40x wagering requirement.

Why Are Low Wagering Casino Bonuses Better?

Higher wagering requirements mean you need to wager more and/or play longer to score a bonus, which increases your chances of losing your bankroll or any winnings you may have racked up in the process.

When you sign up for a bonus offer with a low wagering requirement, you are more in control of your gameplay and you can choose when to stop playing and cash out. That is also why casinos with low wagering requirements tend to get a lot more players attracted to them nowadays.

Why Are There Wagering Requirements on bonuses?

Online gambling sites have imposed wagering requirements in recent years to protect against paying out too much in bonuses to players who don’t continue to play at their sites. Casinos are also protecting themselves with a calculated gamble that players may lose their deposit money and/or winnings when they continue playing for bonus money.

High Wagering Requirements Vs. Low Wagering Requirements

Although some casino restrictions on bonus offers are understandable to maintain business operations, there are some online casinos that have imposed such high wagering requirements that players may not be able to reasonably fulfill those playthrough requirements.

In such cases, it may be better for players to avoid bonus offer temptations, and instead, play with their own funds without any playing restrictions. On the other hand, low wagering casino bonuses are more easily attainable for players, which can make for a more fair and fun playing environment.

A big bonus offer with high wagering requirements that you don’t have any hope of fulfilling isn’t a very appealing offer for you, whereas a smaller bonus offer with lower, more achievable, wagering requirements could pay off better in the end.

low wagering requierments

High Vs. Low Wagering Requirements – EXAMPLE:

High wagering requirement – Casino 1


Low wagering requirement – Casino 2

Casino match bonus: 100% deposit match
Casino match bonus: 100% deposit match
Maximum bonus: $100
Maximum bonus: $100
Wagering requirement: 40x
Wagering requirement: 10x
Total bet required = $4,000 ($100 x 40)
Total bet required = $1,000 ($100 x 10)

In this above example, the wagering requirement makes a big difference. Although the two bonus offers may look the same in the bonus ad, featuring a 100% deposit matching bonus up to $100, you would need to wager significantly more money to score the bonus that carries the higher wagering requirement.

Fulfilling Casino Bonuses with Low Wagering Requirements

In addition to wagering requirements, online gambling sites also provide guidelines for gameplay and the allowable timeline for cashing in on the bonus.

Playthrough Credit For Games

Just as all bonuses are not created equal, all games aren’t created equal when it comes to bonus offers. When you look at the bonus Terms & Conditions, be sure to check how each game will be applied to the playthrough requirements for the bonus.

Play Slots

Slots typically give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to fulfilling wagering requirements. Online slot games usually count 100 percent toward bonus playthrough requirements.

Some casinos may restrict bonus eligibility for select, branded slots titles, however. As little as 20 percent of your gameplay on select slots titles may be applied to fulfilling your bonus playthrough requirements. In those cases, gambling sites provide a list of slots title exceptions in the Terms & Conditions.

low wager slots

Table Game Restrictions

Table games and video poker games typically do not count 100 percent toward bonus playthrough requirements, and you may receive as little as 25 percent credit toward bonuses when you play those games.

In other words, if you bet $100 playing most slots games, all $100 of your bet would count toward fulfilling your bonus wagering requirements, compared to only $25 of a $100 bet on roulette.

These percentages vary by online gambling site and individual bonus offers. Always be sure to check bonus offer Terms & Conditions to avoid any unpleasant surprises and to ensure you are maximizing your gameplay to score low wagering bonuses as efficiently as possible.

Bonus Offer Timelines And Expiration Dates

Bonus offers usually adhere to a timeline (found in the Terms & Conditions) during which the wagering requirements must be met in order to cash in on a bonus before it expires. If a bonus expires, you may forfeit the bonus money and any associated winnings.

Low wagering casino bonuses are typically easier to score before a bonus offer expires because you can fulfill the bonus requirements faster than is possible with high wagering bonuses.

Always Read The Bonus Terms & Conditions

Every bonus offered by online gambling sites is defined by Terms and Conditions for that specific bonus offer. Reputable casinos should provide a link or tab for each bonus offer detailing the exact Terms & Conditions for that offer.

It is every player’s responsibility to look at the Terms & Conditions to understand the eligibility and playing requirements to successfully claim a bonus.

Tips For Low Wagering Casino Bonuses

  • Compare: Shop around and compare bonus offers to find the best deal for you.
  • Go Low: Choose low wagering casino bonuses whenever possible to increase your chances of being able to cash in on the bonus offer.
  • Play Slots: Play slot games to score the bonus faster, with 100 percent of your slots play (in most cases) counting toward fulfilling the bonus requirements.
  • T&C: Always read the Terms & Conditions for every bonus offer before claiming the bonus.
  • Follow The Rules: Don’t do anything to violate the Terms & Conditions, like withdrawing funds before you fulfill the bonus requirements. In other words, don’t do anything that might risk losing the bonus that you’ve worked to earn.
  • Know Your Timeline: Make sure to complete the playthrough requirements for the bonus before the bonus offer expires.
low wagering casino bonuses

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