Top 5 VPNs for Online Casinos in Australia

Author Thomas Wolf
October 6, 2020 5 min read

Some gamblers may live in a country where they can wager away on their favourite site without problems. However, using a VPN may become necessary on other occasions.

Perhaps you’re going on holiday or working abroad, and you don’t want to miss betting on an important match. You need software you can trust to grant you access to your sportsbook from where you are. Join us as we take a closer look at the necessary features of these fantastic applications, and how they can help you, wherever you are.

For more general information about using a Virtual Private Network to play casino visit our VPN gambling guide.

Features to Look for in a VPN

You may be a whizz at classic Australian pokies, slots and blackjack without knowing much about VPNs. To help you out, we’ve brought together a list of features that you’ll want when trying to find a VPN. We’ll discuss some of the essential features and, later on, we’ll make our recommendation of the top five VPNs for online casinos in Australia.


Pricing is probably the most conspicuous feature of them all, but it’s also one of the most essential. You don’t want to pay an excessive amount for software that doesn’t have all the features you need. On the other hand, you also don’t want to use a free VPN if it has none of the tools you need.

Ensure that you compare the prices for the software with the best features, and choose accordingly.


Servers are, without a doubt, an essential feature of a VPN. Without the servers, your software is virtually useless.

Amount of Servers

If a VPN has a lot of users, and insufficient servers, the connection speeds can be very slow. This can cause online casino games to lag quite a bit. Ideally, any software you consider should have 5 to 10 servers for any single location.

Locations of Servers

Furthermore, you should pay special attention to the area that you’re trying to access.

For example, if you’re trying to get an edge while playing poker at a land-based casino in Malta, you’ll want enough servers in that area. It won’t be of much use to you if the closest available server is in Ghana or Peru.


Data is the foundation of the VPN business. VPNs take your information and send it via servers in another location so that it seems like you’re playing in that location. However, you should be aware of a few things.

Stream Caps

Many VPNs, especially the free variety, offer only a limited amount of bandwidth use per day, week or month. Since gambling is quite a data-intensive endeavour, you’ll be going through quite a large amount of it in a short period. If you intend to use your VPN daily, we suggest looking for a VPN that offers at least 100 to 500 Gigabytes a week.

Use of Logs and Personal Information

Privacy and security are essential when you’re using an application to mask your location. Before choosing which software you’d like to use, read the privacy policy and terms of use carefully.

You need to ensure that the company works in such a way that they won’t share your logs and personal information with any third parties.


Whether you’re gambling from your mobile, laptop or desktop computer, you need your VPN to cover it all. Finding software that suits all your applications can be quite challenging.

Number of devices

Most VPN software providers limit the number of devices on which you can install the application. Depending on how many places you intend to play from, you may need coverage for anything from two to eight devices.

Therefore, you should choose software that’ll provide all the coverage you need.

Device support

Some service providers only offer support for the first device on which you install the software. That’s precisely why you should avoid VPNs that cover 20 devices but only provide support for one.

Mobile Use

Mobile online casinos are growing in popularity every day. If you intend to gamble from your phone, you should seek a VPN with a mobile app.

Our Recommendations

We’ve combed through the different VPNs on the market and listed five of the apps that we consider the best.

Private Internet Access

This company ticks all our boxes regarding finding a virtual private network for gambling. Private Internet Access offers over 12,000 different servers in 74 countries.

Additionally, the company has no limits on how much bandwidth you can use and doesn’t keep records of your browsing activity.

You can run up to ten different devices with this provider, and use the application on any browser: desktop or mobile.


One of the most popularly referenced software providers in its field, Nord offers many useful features.

This company offers over 5,400 different servers in 59 countries, which you can use on up to nine devices at any given time. You can use the application on any mobile or desktop browser, and the bandwidth is unlimited.

NordVPN doesn’t keep any logs of your browsing activity, and your privacy is 100% guaranteed. NordVPN is a popular VPN for playing casino at, which you can reach from Australia.


Surfshark is one of the cheapest paid providers on our top five list. It offers unlimited devices and over 1,700 servers in 63 countries.

The bandwidths are unlimited, and you can use the app on mobile or desktop. Surfshark doesn’t store any of your search activities.


CyberGhost boasts 6,662 servers in over 90 countries, which you can use on up to seven devices simultaneously. Like most paid VPNs, there’s no bandwidth limit, and it ensures your activity remains private.


With UltraVPN, you can protect up to six devices using more than 1,000 servers in 100 countries. You’ll also enjoy unlimited bandwidth on both mobile and desktop without any activity logs.


You don’t have to succumb to the frustration of being unable to play at your favourite casino.

Wherever you are, you can still enjoy your preferred operator. Follow our guide, and you’ll find a fantastic VPN before you know it. Happy gaming.

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Top 5 VPN's for online casinos in Australia