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Welcome again to yet another exciting online casino game provider review. Here the star of the show is Expanse Studios. Speaking of stars, Expanse Studio’s slogan is ”Universe is the Limit,” which should spell great things for gamers who are paying attention everywhere in the world.

On this page, we will be listing some of the best Expanse Studios online casinos as well as giving you a list of the current best Expanse Studios slots! On top of this, we will give you plenty of information on this relatively new game studio, adding new details as time passes.

Expanse Studios calls itself a multinational online casino games developer, but it was originally founded in Malta in 2017. At the time of writing, this game studio had been creating games for good five to six years and worked in collaboration with numerous gaming companies in the industry. The Balkans and South America have been but a few key markets for Expanse Studios in the past.

For many, Expanse Studios is still a bit of an anomaly. Most international online casinos have yet to list any of its games, but the studio has still been rising through the ranks steadily. Just like with the expansion of the universe, it is easy to see Expanse Studios games gaining a lot more ground in the future.

Expanse Studios Games

The online casino industry has room for an infinite amount of games from various genres and themes. There are no limits as to how many games online casinos can fit in the virtual realm, which is why brands are always open to add as many games as they can.

Since Expanse Studios has only been around for a proverbial cup of coffee, there is a certain guarantee of quality with its games. All Expanse Studios games come with 100% mobile compatibility, and many of them have what could be considered modern design, crisp graphics and fluid animations. In addition to this, all games also have music and sound effects. As always, though, you can easily see the difference between older and new Expanse Studios slots. The studio definitely seems to have gone through its fair share of growing pains in its quest of trying to create that perfect slot machine formula.

If we were to summarize Expanse Studios games in a few words, we would call them a somewhat balanced cocktail of the simplicity of brick-and-mortar games as well as the depth of online casino games.

Slot machines are not even all that Expanse Studios is known for. Perhaps one of the most premium games that it has ever created is called Titan Roulette, which we will go over in the below section for noteworthy products. Other products include casual games like Clown Fever (also detailed below) and video poker.

All in all, Expanse Studios has 40+ games in its portfolio with around 1 new game being released every single month.

Noteworthy Products

Titan Roulette — Released in September 2021, Titan Roulette is a classic roulette table game. As far as roulette games go, this one could very well be one of the more authentic ones outside of those at live casinos. The ease of placing your chips on the table is nice, and so is the high 97.3% RTP of the game in question.

Titan Roulette features all your basic roulette betting options with 1 zero option, excluding the usual American Roulette double zero. Perhaps the handiest feature here, though, is the fact that you can easily skip the roulette wheel sequence and move straight onto the neat payout animation.

Clown Fever — Released in October 2021, Clown Fever (also known as Circus Fever) is another rather obscure Expanse Studios slot. Reminiscent of Japanese pachinko games, Clown Fever sees you betting money on where the ping pong ball will eventually land. Different pockets on the board have different multipliers and hit chances, giving you a whole slew of interesting betting options.

With an RTP of 95.24%, Clown Fever brings both decent value as well as rather unique gameplay. To make things even more interesting, during each round, one of the pockets will receive a random multiplier for players who have bet money on the ball landing there.

Zombie Apocalypse — 5×3 reels, 20 paylines. Released in January 2023, Zombie Apocalypse is one of Expanse Studios’ more recent online casino slotsE. This shows in the better-than-usual animations as well as the overall intensive atmosphere of the game. Zombies and crazy zombie hounds are all over this scary game with multiplier wilds and toxic waste scatters.

Zombie Apocalypse comes with a very nice 96.53% RTP and several modern slot features such as bonus buy optionality and the possibility to gamble (double up) your winnings. This could very well be the most complete Expanse Studios gaming experience to this day and serve to become one of the company’s landmark products.

Expanse Studios History

Again, the history of Expanse Studios only dates back to 2017, which is when a bunch of industry veterans united with the common goal of striving to create the best games they ever could. According to the website, this was to be done by ”combining cutting-edge gaming design and aesthetics with great music and top-tier animations.”

Fast forward only around 6 years and Expanse Studios games are already available in 20 languages and several of the biggest and most important markets in the world.

With most online casino companies, it can take a few years for them to mature. This has also been the case for Ecpanse Studios, whose games have constantly become leaner and meaner. If it can continue upping the ante like this (and keep its RTPs high enough), we can definitely see Expanse becoming one of the household names in the industry in the not-so-distant future.

Expanse Studios

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