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Are new online casino games your thing? If they are, you may have just come to the right place as this page is all about Gamebeat online casinos. On this page, you will find links to all the best online casinos offering Gamebeat games right now. In addition to this, there is also plenty of information about this studio’s origins and its best game to date.

New game providers are constantly popping up like mushrooms in the rain. Gamebeat Studio remains one of the newest ones. Hailing from the small and sunny island of Cyprus, this game company has been around since 2020 and is trying its best to become one of the true mainstays in the industry.

Obviously, it will be a long and arduous road to get to the top of the online casino industry, but Gamebeat seems determined to make this happen.

Gamebeat Games

Despite its very brief history, Gamebeat has already taken the bull by the horns. In the span of just around 2 years, the provider has been able to put out over 20 high-quality online slots into the stratosphere.

Whenever there’s a new slot developer out there, casino journalists like us might be somewhat skeptical. Not all online casino game studios can hit the ground running and will instead require a few years to get their engine going. Surprisingly, Gamebeat is not one of these studios as pretty much all of its games are already exceptionally high in quality.

Instead of going for a purely land-based vibe, Gamebeat slot sites are filled with impressive online casino slots with beautiful crisp graphics and epic extra features. Even the sound effects and music in most of the games are top-notch and artistic instead of the usual blim and blom.

During its short but sweet tenure, Gamebeat has created slots on multiple themes and categories. Witches, kings, animals, fruit slots and famous book-of games have all been covered—and with additional in-game jackpots, no less! And, to make things even more interesting, the RTPs for all of these slots always tend to be nicely high and somewhere around 96% and over.

For now, Gamebeat is all about online casino slots. No video poker, table games or live casino games have been released. It remains to be seen whether such products will even find their way into the ever-growing portfolio.

Noteworthy Products

Lord of the Seas — 5×3 reels, 50 pay lines. Released in December 2021, Lord of the Seas is a classic Poseidon-themed slot where players take a deep dive underwater into the perilous sea kingdom.

In this game, the players will get to listen to the soothing sounds of the sea as well as absolutely beautiful movie-like music. There are also two great bonus features with both free spins and entertaining symbol-collecting goodness. Do note, however, that the RTP of 95.38% is seemingly the lowest value found in any of the best Gamebeat slots.

Dangerous Monster  — 5×3 reels, 25 pay lines. Released in March 2021, Dangerous Monster may be one of the most popular Gamebeat slots out there. This game is home to all kinds of ghouls, vampires, werewolves, and other intimidating creatures.

Dangerous Monster has similar features as Lord of the Seas. Even here you have your symbol collecting feature with resetting repins as well as a fun free spins mode with growing wild symbols. The RTP this time is 95.98%, which is already great value for a modern online slot.

Fortune Three — 3×3 reels, 5 pay lines. Launched in March 2021, Fortune Three is one of Gamebeat’s more traditional slots. This is basically their take on the popular old-fashioned fruit-filled game with only 5 classic pay lines. Even here, though, you will quickly find out that Gamebeat has put a lot of effort into making things modern.

Fortune Three has a nice background ambience in it that makes you feel like you’re in an actual slot room. Also, when you score a nice win, it will be accompanied by some very nice and sweet sounds. Although there aren’t any real special features in this game, its simplicity and 96.58% RTP should be enough to bring in classic slot fans.

Gamebeat History

As mentioned before, Gamebeat has been around since 2020 when it was first established in Cyprus. According to its website, the studio is ”on a journey to create outstanding games,” and for now, this mindset most certainly seems to have paid dividends for them.

Gamebeat also says the following: ”Without limiting ourselves, we create games with atmospheric stories, eye-catching graphics, and immersive sound design.” From what we have seen from them, this isn’t just some marketing speech but actual factual information.

Gamebeat’s star is on the rise. More and more Gamebeat slot sites are opening up all the time, and older casinos are also starting to feature the best Gamebeat casino slots more prominently. The more great games they release, the more casinos will want to get themselves a piece of the pie.

We foresee amazing things in Gamebeat’s future. The company’s knack for high-quality offerings will undoubtedly take them very far!


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