Online Bingo Sites

Bingo began as a popular game featured in parlors, churches, and community centers. Today, it’s even more popular thanks to online bingo.

If you’re just getting started with internet bingo, you may have questions about the best sites, bonuses, deposits, and tips. This guide covers all of these topics and more.

Best Bingo Sites September 2023

How we determine the top bingo sites

We look at several important criteria to choose our favorites online bingo rooms. The following aspects help us determine which operators are the best of the best.

Clean look & easy website navigation

A bingo room should ensure that all relevant sections are easy to find. A user-friendly website allows you to quickly locate each section—whether it be the promotions or customer support.

Unfortunately, not all operators understand this concept. They crowd their homepage with promotional banners or don’t put important sections under clearly visible tabs.

We spend time navigating through the pages of each operator that we review. Our goal is to determine the user-friendliness of these websites.

Large game variety

75-ball and 90-ball games remain the most popular bingo variations. However, the online gaming world has evolved past just these traditional variants.

Today, you can look forward to many different games throughout the industry. The catch is that not all of these options are available in one place.

Online bingo sites differ in game variety. A larger game selection ensures a more entertaining experience.

We emphasize the number of variations a bingo site offers. Sites that provide a wide range of games earn high marks in this category.

Here are some of the games available throughout the industry:

  • 5-line
  • 52-ball
  • 75-ball
  • 80-ball
  • 90-ball
  • Bingo Roulette
  • Deal or No Deal


Bingo features some of the biggest jackpots available in online gaming. Some progressive prizes are worth six figures.

However, not all sites offer such massive payouts. If you’re interested in winning big, you need to choose bigger rooms that feature the largest progressive jackpots.

We don’t rate operators on jackpots alone, but we do give bonus points to bingo sites that provide chances to win serious money.

Quality bingo bonus

Most bingo operators offer a welcome bonus that’s available upon your first deposit. The quality of these offers differs from one site to the next.

We look at the following factors when judging the merits of a bingo bonus:

  • Match percentage – A 100% match on your first deposit, for example, is better than a 75% match.
  • Size – Larger bonuses provide an opportunity to get more from an offer.
  • Terms and conditions – Fair T&Cs offer a realistic chance of earning bonus funds.


One of two scenarios happen when you pursue a bingo bonus:

  1. You satisfy terms and conditions and officially receive the bonus funds.
  2. You fail to meet T&Cs and exhaust the offer as a result.

In either case, you’ll likely want more opportunities to earn extra money at online bingo rooms. This situation is only possible when an operator features more promotions.

Ideally, your chosen bingo site will provide more deposit bonuses and a VIP program. Additional bonuses and loyalty perks allow you to keep earning money on the side of your play.

Helpful customer service

Support is critical when you need a question answered or issue solved. You want to deal with knowledgeable and friendly customer support whenever a problem arises.

Thankfully, most operators take their support department seriously. They feature a well-trained staff that’s prepared to help you with any questions that arise.

However, some bingo rooms do a poor job with customer service. Their staff members aren’t helpful and don’t provide adequate answers to questions.

Banking options

When you’re in the mood for real-money bingo, you want the deposit process to be as simple and quick as possible. Likewise, you want to ensure that your payments are delivered promptly with no hassle.

Operators with several banking options make deposits and withdrawals easier to complete. Multiple banking methods allow you to choose options that work best for you.

Here are common deposit and cashout methods available in online bingo:

Website security

We won’t recommend any internet bingo room that doesn’t offer solid website security. Luckily, the majority of operators do feature secure websites.

Most sites use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt information that you exchange with them. SSL ensures that hackers can’t steal your banking or personal details.

You don’t even need us to verify an operator’s security. When using Chrome, for example, you can check for a padlock next to the URL to certify that the site is secure.

What to expect from bingo bonuses

Online bingo bonuses differ in various ways. Here are the main aspects that you should consider when reviewing a prospective offer.

Bonus types

A deposit bonus is the most common bingo deal. It offers a bonus that’s equivalent to a percentage of your deposit amount.

Here’s an example:

  • A bingo room offers a 50% match bonus worth up to $50.
  • You deposit $50.
  • 50 x 0.5 = $25 bonus

In other cases, a site features a universal bonus that’s available to anybody who places the minimum deposit. For example, an operator might advertise that you only need to deposit $10 to play with $40 (i.e., $30 bonus).

The amount that you deposit in these situations doesn’t matter—you receive the same deposit no matter regardless.

Some bingo operators also offer no-deposit bonuses. With a no-deposit bonus, you only need to register for an account to receive real-money funds.

For instance, you might collect $10 after completing registration. This $10 gives you an opportunity to win money without even depositing.

How to claim a bingo bonus

You must first register for an account to qualify for a bingo offer. The registration process involves filling out all required blanks, such as your name, address, email, and bonus code.

The latter is critical to claiming a bonus. Such codes designate the exact deal that you’re pursuing.

You can find bingo bonus codes on our website and even on the operators’ websites. You simply need to type in the code when prompted.

Meet terms and conditions

Bingo sites let you play with bonus funds upfront. However, you can’t cash out anything from these deals until you’ve satisfied terms and conditions.

T&Cs vary between operators. However, the following terms are universal among bingo bonuses:

  • Rollover – You wager a multiple of the bonus.
  • Claim – You visit your account and claim the offer before trying to meet rollover.
  • Maximum bet – Operators limit the amount you can wager with an active bonus.
  • Country restrictions – Some nations are excluded from deals due to a past history of bonus abuse.

Depositing at bingo sites

The first step to enjoying real-money bingo involves making a deposit. To do so, you need to visit the deposit/banking section and fund your account.

Bingo sites do a great job of ensuring that you can quickly find the banking area. From here, you must choose an available option and enter the amount you’d like to deposit.

What banking methods can you use?

Bingo operators differ in terms of the banking options they offer. Larger sites usually feature more deposit methods.

Available banking methods can also vary based on the region. For example, somebody from the UK will enjoy access to different options than a player from Nigeria.

Hopefully, you can use a common e-wallet or credit card so that you don’t need to worry about special deposit options. If you use a more obscure banking method, you should look for a site that accepts it.

Some deposit methods don’t qualify for bonuses

Many online bingo rooms don’t allow Neteller and Skrill deposits to qualify for bonus offers. They mention this policy in their terms and conditions.

Sites enact this rule to discourage bonus abuse—the act of using loopholes to earn bonuses faster. Many bonus abusers quickly cash out with Neteller and Skrill.

Not every bingo room excludes Neteller and Skrill deposits from offers. However, you should look at the T&Cs before depositing with either e-wallet.

Tips for online bingo

Bingo doesn’t involve a great deal of strategy. The following tips, though, can boost your chances of beating this game.

Look for high RTP

Return-to-player (RTP) refers to how much money a bingo game pays back over time. For example, 94% RTP pays back $94 for every $100 wagered.

You stand to win more money by playing games with higher payout percentages. That said, you should research prospective bingo games to learn their RTP.

The average online bingo variation offers between 91% and 95% payback. You definitely want the higher end of this range to make more money.

Be careful with progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots make bingo more exciting. They’re especially intriguing when they offer five- or six-figure payouts.

However, you shouldn’t choose a bingo variation based on its jackpot alone. After all, games with large progressive prizes are quite volatile.

The biggest bingo jackpots don’t pay out very often. If you fail to win the progressive jackpot, then you’re missing out on a large percentage of the RTP.

You may be perfectly comfortable with such scenarios if you’re mainly after big money. However, you should still be aware that your bankroll will likely disappear faster when chasing huge jackpots.

Stick to your budget

As with any gambling form, you never want to risk more money than you can afford to lose on bingo. The best way to avoid this scenario involves setting a budget and sticking to it.

You begin this process by determining how much free money you have for playing bingo. For example, you might go through your finances and find that you can risk up to $500 in total.

Nothing guarantees that you won’t be tempted to exceed $500—especially if you have a problem with chasing losses. However, a budget reduces the chances of risking too much money.

Map out a bankroll plan

You can take your budgeting efforts further by exploring bankroll management. A bankroll plan can help you manage your bingo funds.

The first step to smart bankroll management involves breaking your funds down into units. A unit offers an easy way to measure and track your bankroll.

Here’s an example of separating your funds into units:

  • You have a $500 bankroll.
  • You spend an average of $0.50 on each card.
  • $500 / $0.50 =1,000 units

From here, you want to set a stop-loss limit. A stop-loss limit encourages you to quit a bingo session after heavy losses so that you don’t get overly frustrated.

Here’s an example of setting a stop loss:

  • You vow to quit any online bingo session after losing 50 units.
  • 1000 / 50 = 20
  • Your bankroll guarantees that you’ll last for at least 20 sessions.

Online Bingo FAQ

How do I find the best bingo site?

You can view our list of the top bingo sites for reference. If you want to develop your own opinion, you can also use the same criteria that we do when reviewing operators.

Here’s a recap of the factors that we use to judge the quality of bingo sites:

Website navigation – You should be able to find relevant sections with ease.
Game variety – More games make for more entertainment.
Jackpots & win potential – Big jackpots give you the chance to win serious money.
Fair bonus deal – A large welcome bonus with fair terms will get you off to a good start.
Promotions – Promos provide opportunities to keep earning money after a welcome bonus.
Helpful support – Customer service should be knowledgeable and helpful.
Banking options – More options give you a stronger chance of making quick deposits and withdrawals.
Secure website – Secure bingo sites keep your information safe from hackers.

What bingo games can I play online?

The bingo variations that you can play depend on the given operator. Some sites offer more variety than others.

At the minimum, you’ll get to enjoy 75-ball, 80-ball, 90-ball, and chat games. Larger internet rooms feature unique variations, such as Cash Cubes, Deal or No Deal, and Quick Call.

You can also chase progressive jackpots through bingo. Some operators offer prizes that are worth $100,000 or more.

Is online bingo safe?

Most internet bingo rooms are safe. They feature secure websites, reliable banking, honest terms and conditions, and fair gaming.

You can especially trust sites that hold licensing with one or more prestigious jurisdictions, such as the UKGC or Danish Gambling Authority. Such operators have passed severe scrutiny to achieve this licensing.

Unfortunately, not every bingo site is completely safe nor trustworthy. Most suspect rooms operate out of weaker licensing jurisdictions, like Costa Rica and Belize.

Do I need a bingo app to play?

Some sites feature a bingo app, while others don’t. You can find out whether an app is necessary by visiting the relevant bingo site through your smartphone or tablet.

If an app is required, the operator will likely place an Android and or iOS emblem on their homepage. You select the respective emblem to learn the download instructions for your given operating system.

If you’re using an iPhone, for example, you’ll be instructed to visit the App Store, which should offer the bingo app that you need.

Why was my bingo credit card deposit rejected?

Credit cards are the fastest way to fund your online bingo account. However, they also carry the highest rejection rates.

Some banks that issue credit cards aren’t fond of internet gaming. As a result, they reject any gambling deposits that they notice.

You haven’t necessarily done anything wrong just because your transaction is canceled—the relevant bank simply enforces an anti-gaming policy.

Can I win big with online bingo?

Bingo is a negative expectation game. The average player is going to lose money over the long run.

But as with any game of chance, you could win money through bingo. Everything depends on a game’s RTP and your luck.

You stand better odds of winning when playing variations with high RTP. Even then, you’ll need good fortune to profit.

Is internet bingo fair?

Online bingo sites use random number generators (RNGs) to deliver completely random results. Most operators submit their RNGs to third-party testing labs.

After passing testing, they can display the relevant lab’s seal on their homepage. For example, you may find a seal for eCOGRA—one of the premier labs—at the bottom of a bingo site’s homepage.

In short, you can play without fear when choosing operators that have undergone and passed third-party testing.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly!

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