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You have just arrived at the Crazy Tooth Studio review page of our website. Here we will go over this wacky game studio and all its nuances. On top of this, we have a list of the best Crazy Tooth Studio online casinos as well as some of the best Crazy Tooth Studio slots!

Hailing from Reno, Nevada in the US, Crazy Tooth Studio is an experienced online casino game provider founded in 2011. With a motto of ”Quality Always Wins,” these people have been creating high-quality online casino slots for well over a decade already.

As is the case with many of its peers, Crazy Tooth Studio has not necessarily been able to find its way to the mainstream of gaming quite yet. Then again, this is always up for debate and has to do with which market you are a part of and what games you like to play. For example, those living across the pond will likely be more familiar with this US game studio than people inhabiting the so-called Old Continent.

Crazy Tooth Studio Games

There are multiple kinds of online casino game studios out there. Typically, it is rather easy to discern what types of games a studio makes just by looking at their game logos. If the logos look straightforwards and unembellished, you are probably dealing with simplistic games reminiscent of brick-and-mortar casino slots. On the other hand, if the logos look more like Da Vinci paintings than children’s drawings, chances are that you are in for more of a deep experience.

Ultimately, whatever types of games you like, it all comes down to preference. With the best Crazy Tooth Studio casino games, though, you are in for a rollercoaster of emotions as these games are usually quite varied and pleasurably complex. In short, Crazy Tooth Studios games can offer you a nice bang for your buck in terms of both features as well as the story behind them.

Overall, there are over 30 Crazy Tooth Studios games to choose from. And, instead of all of them being similar to one another, each of these slots comes with its very own volatility and maximum payouts. There truly is a wide range of fun slots available here, which means that everyone should find at least something that is to their liking.

Noteworthy Products

Arctic Valor — 6×4 reels, 4096 ways to win. Launched in February 2019, Arctic Valor is arguably the best or at least one of the best Crazy Tooth Studio casino games ever created. Simply put, this virtual slot machine is a bonafide banger in terms of both audiovisual flair and cool bonus features.

As an online casino gamer, you rarely come across games with music that you actually want to listen to. While the main tune of Arctic Valor does not have any lyrics to it, the grandiose and epic theme is awesome in and of itself. And, when combined with the icicles that can fall on your screen with extra wilds or additional cash prizes, Artic Valor really does not disappoint with its 96.7% RTP.

3 Devils Pinball — 6×4 reels, 25 paylines. Released in February 2021, 3 Devils Pinball is sure to arouse any slot player’s interest with its weird name. Could a slot machine really have some pinball-like features to it?

Perhaps trying to capitalise on the success of a similarly themed video game Cuphead, 3 Devils Pinball most certainly is a one-of-a-kind slot. The game does indeed feature some very interesting pinball gameplay. From time to time, you will see a ball on your screen, bouncing around, hitting bumpers, and leaving a trail of wilds behind. If this is not proof enough of what the best Crazy Tooth Studio slots can do, we do not know what is!

The Incredible Balloon Machine — No reels, no paylines. Released in January 2020, we challenge you to find any online casino slot that is as unique as The Incredible Balloon Machine. Granted, crypto games such as The Aviator do have somewhat of a similar idea, but even so, this game truly is as incredible as it says on the tin.

The Incredible Balloon Machine basically sees you filling up balloons with helium. While some balloons will pop straight away, others will continue filling up, which, in turn, will take your potential win higher and higher. What makes this game so exhilarating is the fact that, at any point, you can stop filling your balloon and cash out on your winnings. Keep filling the balloon up for too long, however, and it might eventually pop, leaving you with nothing but broken dreams. In The Incredible Balloon Machine, it is you who is, in large part, in charge of the risk and reward mechanics at play.

Crazy Tooth Studio History

Hailing from everyone’s favourite gambling state, Nevada—which is also home to Las Vegas, by the way—Crazy Tooth Studio has been around since 2011.

As it turns out, the strange name of Crazy Tooth Studio has actually been derived from the company CEO Ben Hoffman’s pet. Apparently, Hoffman’s dog, who is named Choco Choco (because why not), used to have a tooth that looked completely insane.

Crazy Tooth Studio started as a sort of a friends’ project and has since evolved to be one of the most innovative and intriguing online casino gaming companies in the world. Suffice it to say that we predict good things for CTS going forward!

For all the best Crazy Tooth Studio online casinos—and the best Crazy Tooth Studio casino games—be sure to take a look at our associated list!

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