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247Partners Affiliate Program Review

There are two ways to make money: actively and passively. When you are working an actual job, you are usually being compensated for the number of hours or amount of time you put in. However, most of the world’s richest people are earning money in different ways, just sitting around, enjoying golf, and playing the waiting game. This is the kind of stuff you can do when you join the 247Partners Casino Affiliate Program.

There is a saying that there is no way of getting rich unless you learn to make money when you are sleeping. Releasing books, movies, and video games can obviously help with this, but not all of us have the talent or resources to do that. Fortunately, becoming an affiliate requires no such thing—just the ability to gather some people to click on links and becoming online casino customers. With 247Partners, taking part in such operations can be majestically rewarding.

What is the affiliate program by 247Partners?

As part of the 247Partners affiliate program, your goal is to channel new customers to four highly popular gaming brands. These brands are called 7Signs Casino, Sportaza, 5Gringos, and Amun Ra. This is a highly diverse bunch as well, considering that Sportaza centres around sports betting and Amun Ra has been granted with European license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

All in all, it should not be too hard for aspiring affiliates to find gamblers who would be interested in joining one of these fine brands!

Why choose the 247Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

There is no shortage of affiliate programs out there, which is why we have included a list of benefits to joining the 247Partners Affiliate Program below:

  • Great brands. Channelling people to brands that you can get behind is of the most important things to many affiliates. Whether it is European traffic or sports bettors, that you are looking to find, 247Partners seemingly has it all.
  • No negative carryover. Negative carryover is the dirtiest curse word in online casino affiliation. Without it, affiliates start each month with a clean slate—not owing any of previous months’ losses back to the program.
  • Customisable commission. Whether you want a pure revenue share deal, CPAs, or a little bit of both, all of these options are available with 247Partners.
  • Prompt and reliable payments. No one wants to wait for their due money. 247Partners promises to pay promptly.

How to become a partner?

It is not like affiliate programs are trying to make themselves hard to find! If you want to join the 247Partners Casino Affiliate Program, all you need to do is click on our link and go straight to the source. There you have all the information that you need to start earning some extra cash!


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