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Betmen Affiliates – Program Review

The Betmen Affiliates program offers you a way to make money by finding new customers for Octocasino. CPA, hybrid and revenue share deals of up to 50% are all up for grabs in this fresh new program.

What is the affiliate program by Betmen Affiliates?

Casino affiliate program branding is rarely all that interesting or inspiring. However, Betmen Affiliates breaks this mold in the most stylish of ways. In fact, the Betmen homepage looks a lot like a comic book with actual superhero characters littered about. You can definitely see that these characters are a nod to some of the more popular Marvel ones. In addition to this, you can try to pronounce the name “Betmen” and see whether you can figure out another possible superhero reference…

As part of the Betmen Affiliates casino affiliate program, your goal is to find new customers for online casinos belonging to this program. At the time of writing, the only brand listed under the “Brands” heading was Octocasino—a phenomenal new N1 Interactive brand with a ton of potential.

Betmen Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

Betmen Affiliates uses Affilika to track your affiliate progress as efficiently as possible. Thanks to this tracking program, you can be sure that your data will always be accurate and up-to-date.

Betmen Affiliates Admin Fees

Everyone who is looking to become a casino affiliate is obviously also looking to make some extra money—and preferably lots of it. One of the things that you should really consider here is what kinds of deals do different casino affiliate programs offer—and what their fees are.

With the Betmen Affiliates casino affiliate program, there are three types of deals available: revenue share (up to 50%), CPA, and a combination of both (hybrid). What you want to choose is negotiable and totally up to you as well as your personal preferences.

Whatever you choose, you should note that Betmen Affiliates has set the admin fees at 20%. This means that before you eventually get your cut, one-fifth will have already been deducted from the grand total. In other words, you will get your cut from the remaining 80% and not the whole 100%.

Why choose the Betmen Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program?

Choosing a casino affiliate program can be hard work, which is why we usually recommend going with many different ones. Having said that, below are some of the top advantages of the Betmen Affiliates casino affiliate program.

  • No negative carryover. Enough said. Betmen is not holding onto any negative balances, which means that every month will be its own entity and a chance to make new money.
  • Great brand. Octocasino is part of the N1 Interactive portfolio. N1 brands are popular among players, which should make your life as an affiliate marketer that much easier.
  • Proactive affiliate managers. You want to work with people who are there for you and want to see you succeed. Betmen promises a proactive approach with affiliate managers that are available 24/7.
  • Customisable deals. Not everyone likes revenue share deals, and not everyone likes CPA. With Betmen, you are welcome to bring your own thoughts to the table.

How to become a partner?

The Betmen casino affiliate program is constantly looking for new people to partner with. They are not hard to find. All you need to do is click our link and you will end up on the Betmen site straight away. Then, after taking in all the amazing superhero art, you are welcome to click on the massive “Sign Up” button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Betmen Affiliates

Betmen Affiliates Program Reviews

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