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Affilistars Affiliate Program Review

The world can sometimes be a cruel place. You never know when sickness or some other sudden problem could arise and have a huge impact on both your well-being and financials. Paying for your medical bills or your car’s dented hood and broken windshield can be costly, which is why it is utterly important to keep your balances in check. You do not want to just have money to cover your daily routine—you want security for when things go horribly wrong.

Becoming a casino affiliate is one way to expand your cash flow. As part of the Affilistar affiliate program, for example, you are tasked with diverting more paying customers to certain casino brands. As these customers enjoy their entertainment and perhaps lose, your gained value goes up even further. What a nice way to rake in some extra dough, don’t you think?

What is the affiliate program by Affilistars?

Affilistars calls itself “your five-star affiliate program,” and, fortunately, it is not just all talk either. As part of this very affiliate program, you have a total of 7 brands where you could be channelling your traffic. These brands include the following:

While not all of these might have the same name value as, say, PlayJango and LuckLand, these are still all decent brands with tons of customers. Even more impressive is the fact that many of these brands have either the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission license. These licenses are great implications of the brands being up and honest and treating your traffic with the respect that they deserve.

Why choose the Affilistars Casino Affiliate Program?

Trust us, we know that there are numerous casino affiliate programs out there. Thus, we have compiled a list of some of the added benefits of becoming a member of the Affilistar casino affiliate program.

  • Trustworthy brands. Again, it is highly important for you to be able to be confident about the brands you will be promoting. After all, you do not want to bear the brunt of your followers’ disappointment if things go sour.
  • Real-time earning reports. Affilistars makes it easy for you to track your progress.
  • Prompt payments. Don’t you just hate it when your boss pays you late? When dealing with affiliates, you also want your compensation to come on time. With Affilistars, it does!
  • Up to 50% revenue share. The real meat and potatoes of this program. Being able to get up to 50% of the money that your traffic brings in is a fantastic deal in today’s world!

How to become a partner?

If you feel like the stars are aligned with you becoming a part of the Affilistars affiliate program, you might as well click on our link and head out to sign up! There is nothing to lose here and a whole lot to gain!


Affilistars Program Reviews

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