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EstablishedJuly 2021
Company NameRamtinar Techconsult Limited
Address9 Stasandrou str, 1st Floor
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AffRepublic Affiliate Program Review

Are you looking for some extra profits? Do you want to add a bit of cheese on top of your bread? If your answer is “yes”, you may have just stumbled upon the means to make this happen.

Casino affiliate programs are all the rage nowadays. The idea of being able to make money while sitting comfortably on your couch is no doubt a tempting one. With the AffRepublic affiliate program, this dream-like scenario can quickly turn into a reality. More on this below!

What is the affiliate program by AffRepublic?

So, what exactly is this so-called affiliate program by AffRepublic? As part of this program, your only goal is to find new customers for AffRepublic. And while this might sound like a pyramid scheme at first, it is far from it. The program simply pays you for channelling new traffic to their two brands, RollingSlots and Wild Tokyo. Despite the latter’s weird name, both of these casinos serve players all over the world, so it does not even matter too much just where you might find this traffic.

Why choose the AffRepublic Casino Affiliate Program?

Are you not convinced yet? Well, it is never forbidden to ask for more details. Below you will find a handful of reasons why joining the AffRepublic casino affiliate program could be beneficial:

  • 30% to 45% revenue share. As a cog in this merry old wheel, you can expect to be royally compensated for your work. Picture your customers bringing in 1,000 in revenue. This business model would see you earning 300 to 450 of it!
  • No negative carryover. AffRepublic allows you to begin each month with a clean sheet. Thus, even if your customers luck out, you will not have to pick up their tab next month.
  • 24/7 support. Did you wake up in a cold sweat wondering how things work? Do not despair! The AffRepublic support is open around the clock and will gladly answer even the silliest of your questions.
  • Detailed statistics. Real-time performance analysis is available for those who want to closely monitor new money that is coming in.

How to become a partner?

AffRepublic is not exactly hard to find. Once you click on our link, you will land on the sign-up page just like that. And trust us: everything will be smooth sailing from here on out!


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