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79Affiliates Program Review

If you want to get by in this world, you always want to make sure that you have a steady cash flow coming in. Here is where 79Affiliates can help!

While it is great to have a job to pay your bills, figuring out new ways to earn some extra dough can provide you with even more security. You never know when another global pandemic or some other force majeure reasons could force you to quit your day job.

For many people today, becoming an online casino affiliate can be a key to success. Everyone in the business starts small, of course, but once you have done it for a while, you can really see the benefits piling on. In the end, you might just find out that being a full-time affiliate is what you do now!

In this review, we will take a look at 79Affiliates—an online casino affiliate program with great potential for high monetary gain!

What is the affiliate program by 79Affiliates?

We do not exactly know where the name 79Affiliates comes from, but there is a total of 4 different casino brands that belong to this very program.

When being a part of 79Affiliates, your goal is to get players to join one of the following casinos: Refuel Casino, Mount Gold Casino, Raptor Casino, and Amok Casino. The two aforementioned casinos hold Malta Gaming Authority licenses whereas Amok and Raptor both operate under the Curacao license.

Why choose 79Affiliates?

Online casino affiliate programs today can come with many different terms and conditions. With 79Affiliates, however, you always know that your partner is playing by rules that are fair and beneficial to both parties. In other words, it is all about 30% revenue share where you can get a nice piece of the pie just sitting at home and admiring your work.

Here are some of the details about the 79Affiliates affiliate program:

  • No negative carryover. Even if your earnings go below zero for the month, you still get to begin the following month with a clean slate.
  • Professional affiliate managers. Need help getting started? 79Affiliates will pair you up with someone who can aid you on your budding journey as an affiliate.
  • Great brands. Getting people to sign up to excellent casinos is never too hard. Compare this with trying to sell a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t even work!
  • Transparency. 79Affiliates is a true and tried affiliate program.

How to become a partner?

If you want to partner up with 79Affiliates, all you need to do is send them an email and start your negotiations. It doesn’t hurt to at least talk about things, now does it?

79 Affiliates

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