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Boomerang Partners Affiliate Program Review

The world of business has shifted tremendously over the past two decades or so. With the rise of the Internet as well as social media, more and more people are turning to new means of making money. One of the more popular ones is becoming an affiliate and joining affiliate programs. By doing this, you can start earning cold hard cash on the side without having to work too hard. Or let us rephrase that: you do have to work, but it is way more like preparation than it is manual labour.

The goal of those joining affiliate programs is to direct traffic to websites and services. In this case, we will be talking about the Boomerang Partners affiliate program and getting people to join a certain set of casinos!

What is the affiliate program by Boomerang Partners?

Thus far, the Boomerang Partners casino affiliate program features two brands where you can take your traffic. The first one of these is Boomerang Casino itself. This casino operates under the Curacao license and is owned by a company called Rabidi N.V. On the other hand, those focusing on European traffic might get even more bang for their buck by spreading around the link to the second brand in the program, BokaCasino, which operates under the Malta Gaming Authority license and is owned by Romix Limited.

At the time of writing, there were at least one sports betting brand joining the program soon as well, making the potential customer base for this program and its brands even more diverse. The better the brands, the more your traffic will boomerang back to them. (See what we did there?)

Why choose the Boomerang Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

The Boomerang Partners casino affiliate program homepage is a rather elaborate one with tons of information and benefits listed. Here are a few examples of this program’s best bits and advantages:

  • 50% revenue share. Splitting the money right down the middle from the traffic you brought sounds pretty great, does it not? Especially since it is still the casino company itself that has to carry all the financial risks involved. CPA (Cost-per-action) deals and hybrids are also available.
  • Detailed statistics. It is always fun to monitor the fruits of your labour up close. Detailed statistics also allow for better decision making and strategy.
  • Each month is a new start. Even if the customers you brought managed to suck the casino dry one month, you will still start the next month from zero. Affiliate programs with so-called negative carryover would not let you do this!
  • 24/7 support. Did the cat catch your tongue? Whatever problems you might run into, the Boomerang Partners support will be right there with you.

How to become a partner?

Liked everything you have seen so far? If so, perhaps consider clicking on our associated link and consider getting this thing on the road! The Boomerang Partners website has a large “Join us” button waiting there for you!

Boomerang Partners

Boomerang Partners Program Reviews

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