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EstablishedDecember 2018
Company NameSG International LP
AddressSuite 1, 4 Queen St
Edinburgh EH2 1JE, UK
Company numberSL023302
Affiliate platformegass

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Have you thought about reaching the stars?

Undoubtedly, everyone has looked up at the night’s sky and thought – what it might be like up there, between the stars? Well, Casoo Affiliates is a team of pragmatic and realistic minds and will not promise to take you up there physically, but it will be as close as one can get. We are a long-standing and trustworthy partner with years of experience in the industry.

Our well-founded brand Casoo immerses players into a ceaseless voyage through the galaxy. A galaxy that we have designed to be tailored per the most pressing needs of all casino enthusiasts. Our developer team has created a coherent set of features such as a sophisticated progression system, a steady stream of promotions, and a relaxed design.

With our cutting-edge casino fronting our success, as a Casoo Affiliate, you will have little worries on your mind. Casoo has a stable player base continually being provided for by our marketing and VIP management teams.

What should I expect as a Casoo Affiliate?

Our current standing partners are more than satisfied with the service they receive. As a Casoo partner, if you bump into any issues whatsoever, our affiliate team will be there for you at the snap of the fingers. Moreover, our affiliate team ensures that communication is smooth and all payments are received on time.

The commission plans at Casoo can be well-adapted to your needs, depending on what you look for. Within our range of offers, you will find a revenue share of up to 60% from NGR, CPA offers up to €200 with €20 base line, and a hybrid option that combines the best of both worlds. Finally, and best of all, none of the plans come with a negative carryover.

Becoming a partner can happen just in a matter of a few clicks. Visit our site and find out just how easy it is. We are waiting for you here between the stars!

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