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EstablishedOctober 2012
Company NameCasumo Media Limited
AddressSuite 5B, Watergardens
Block 1 GX11 1AA, Gibraltar
Company numberGI107628
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Written by Casumo Affiliates

As you may know, since Casumo was founded in 2012 we have focused on innovation and creativity in our casino products. Aiming to design, invent and shape the future of online gambling by creating a unique gaming experience. To achieve this goal we need talent, and at our offices in Malta, Gibraltar and Spain we have it in buckets.

Our amazing employees come from all over the globe including all the markets we operate in, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, India, New Zealand and Canada.

And whatever their role they share the same belief that “play is for everyone” and it is enjoyed more when it is made up of moments of anticipation and delight. Together with you, we want to win the hearts of all our players.

And like everything we do at Casumo Affiliates, we want to stay true to our three core values:

  • Trustworthy
  • Unconventional
  • Welcoming

Who are Casumo Affiliates?

We are Casumo Affiliates. And we want you to be too. In an industry full of sharks we want to be a dolphin, the good guys. we want to keep thinking and approaching things differently. We want to be approachable and accommodating to every player.

Casumo wants to be seen as the friendliest place to play casinos, and we aim to continue making things “player-friendly”, this goes for everything from the product through to all the ways we speak to our players.

We look forward to you joining us as we strive to provide the best casino experience and become the Casumoest Casumo ever. You are the specialist, the pro, the samurai, the Neptune in the affiliate ocean (too far?), which is why we are really happy to be working with you. We want you to continue doing what you do.

Of course, our own super talented affiliation team is always on hand, to support you and collaborate with you on great ideas and exciting promotions. They are a responsive bunch and are happy to solve any issues or queries you have – like anything that may have slipped this writer’s mind.

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