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EstablishedMay 2021
Company NameTraflow Media N.V.
AddressAbraham de Veerstraat 9, Willemstad
Company number156583
Payment referenceDama N.V.
Affiliate platformAffilka

CatAffs Affiliate Program Review

The CatAffs casino affiliate program is a new program dedicated to the recently minted CatCasino. With this program, you can start earning money with up to 50% rev share and up to 250 euro CPAs. All of your progress is being tracked with Affilka affiliate software from SoftSwiss.

What is the affiliate program by CatAffs?

Cats are just adorable. This much almost everyone can admit. In the era of internet cat videos, it might not be a bad idea to name even your affiliate program based on our furry feline friends. And that is exactly what the Cat Affs casino affiliate program has done.

Cat Affs, just any other affiliate program, is all about people creating new revenue streams. If you know your way around with marketing and think you can get a few people to join a high-quality online casino, joining up a program such as CatAffs could be a worthwhile thing to sink a few hours into.

As part of the CatAffs affiliate program, your job is to find new customers for CatCasino—an online casino brand operated by a company called Traflow Media N.V.

Cat Affs Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

CatAffs used the popular Affilka tracking software that allows you to manage, track and analyse your financial developments. Numerous huge affiliate programs in the business use this very software, including Kingbilly Partners, N1 Partners, Hero Affiliates, and more.

Cat Affs Admin Fees

Before your revenue is eventually calculated, most casino affiliate programs will minus the admin fees from the equation. With the Cat Affs program, your fees are 25%. In other words, let us say your customers bring 1,000 euro to CatCasino and you have a 40% rev share deal. With 25% admin fees, 250 euros will be taken away from 1,000 euros before you get your hands on the pot.

Why choose the Cat Affs Casino Affiliate Program?

Cat Affs has a long list of benefits for those interested in striking a deal with the program. Here are a few of the perks that you can look forward to:

  • Plenty of top GEOs. CatCasino is available in many gambling-friendly parts of the world, including Scandinavia, Canada, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe. As a result, there is a lot of traffic out there for you to go after.
  • New casino. CatCasino has only been around for a cup of coffee, which means that promoting the casino to new potential players should not be too much of a hassle. Compare this with online casino brands that have been around for ages and you will understand what we mean!
  • High revenue share and high CPA deals. With Cat Affs, you could reach up to 50% revenue share and up to 250 euro CPA. If that does not sound lucrative to you, we do not know what will!
  • Experienced team. It never hurts to have all the help you can get available at any affiliate program.

How to become a partner?

Joining the CatAffs casino affiliate program is as easy as getting a cat to purr. All you need to do is follow our link to the affiliate site and sign up as a new partner. Ka-ching!


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