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EstablishedDecember 2012
Company NameMediacle Ltd
AddressSuite 16, Upper Woburn Place
London, WC1H 0BS, United Kingdom
VAT numberGB 178524870
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Why choose Excel Affiliates?

Partnering with Excel Affiliates helps you build long-term relationships ensuring complete transparency and conversion. We are a team of experts who are highly skilled in providing an exceptional platform with continuous marketing support in the form of innovative banners, HTML emails, landing pages, game reviews, live jackpot feeds, be-spoke banners, promotion codes, videos and much more.

Excel Affiliates is a fast-growing network that aims at offering best-in-class services promising quality, authenticity and reliability in all respects. 

We firmly believe that the basis of an effective affiliate program undoubtedly lies in its commission plans. Excel Affiliates offers hefty commission plans and these competitive plans cater to a much wide audience. They are designed keeping in mind the revenue share, CPA/CPL models and hybrid commission structures.  

How do I become a partner?

If you own a casino brand or want to optimize your web traffic, Excel Affiliates has it all covered for you! To register, you may simply visit the website and enter all your relevant details. Once you have successfully completed with your registration, one of our affiliate managers will get back to you thus helping you ascertain which of the deals suit your business best. 

We pride ourselves in offering the best commission plans that add value to the business at large. So, what are still pondering upon? Register now, gear up your site performance, and enhance your business with us! 

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