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Gipsies, or the Romani people, are a people who originate from somewhere between the 5th and the 12th century from near Northern India. Nowadays, gipsies are of course part of almost every culture and reside in just about every country in the world. Having said that, there still remains some excitement and mystique about their ways. So much so, in fact, that the Gypsy Affiliates program has been named just that!

The reason why gipsies have found their way in this affiliate program’s name is probably that the people themselves have always had to find ways to survive. Gipsies have basically become known as resourceful travelling merchants, and as a casino affiliate, you are not that far from it. After all, your goal will be to market your brands to players who love online gambling and would be willing to give new brands a go.

What is the affiliate program by Gypsy Aff?

The Gypsy Aff casino affiliate program is a respected affiliate program that has even been on the receiving end of some highly regarded EGR Awards in the past. As part of this program, you will be representing a handful of popular brands. Here is a list of all the online casinos belonging to this very program:

Apart from Goodman Casino, all of these casinos are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which should make it easy for you to approach European gamblers as well. What is more, most brands here are being run by N1 Interactive—a wildly popular and reputable company among players.

Why choose the Gypsy Affiliate Program?

Besides having quite a few nice brands up its sleeve, the Gypsy Affiliate program does have some other cool bonuses as well:

  • Choose your own deal. Do you want to be rewarded for bringing in customers or do you want to be compensated for every penny they might spend? The way you want to make money off of this program is up to you. Revenue share, CPA, and hybrid deals are all available.
  • 24/7 service. Sometimes you might have some questions that are bothering you. If so, you can flat out ask them around the clock. These people are working tirelessly for you!
  • No negative carryover. You get to start fresh each month with no previous month’s losses weighing you down. This is huge when it comes to online gambling affiliate deals.
  • Ready-made marketing material. Do you think your customers would appreciate a few high-quality videos or some slick images? These people are ready to facilitate your every request in order for you to be able to make money together.

How to become a partner?

Do you want to start right now? Well, there’s no better time than now! Just click on our link and you will land exactly where you want to be with a big red JOIN NOW button there to welcome you! The Gypsy Affiliate program will take things from there!

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