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JimPartners Casino Affiliate Program Review

The JimPartners casino affiliate program is a popular program that offers its customers up to 50% revenue share deals. With no admins fees and an in-house tracking system, this truly is one atypical affiliate program!

What is the affiliate program by JimPartners?

Going to the gym is a great way to keep yourself fit—especially if you have a gym partner there to spot for you with your weight training… This JimPartners casino affiliate program review is not about that, though, as this is a different kind of “gym/jim partner” that we are talking about here!

If you are hoping to join the JimPartners program, your goal will be to get new customers to join several online brands. One of these brands is called Slottyway Casino. Much like with the name JimPartners, pronouncing Slottyway can sound a certain way and raise some weird connotations in the process.

All the puns aside, the JimPartners casino affiliate program can become a considerable source of extra revenue if you happen to have a nice base of customers that you can bring in.

JimPartners Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

JimPartners uses an in-house tracking program, which could be a cause for concern for some. With such programs, there is sadly inherently more risk of getting scammed by erroneously reported statistics.

JimPartners Admin Fees

JimPartners is generous with its lack of admin fees.

Unlike the JimPartners casino affiliate program, most of the programs out there look to charge you admin fees before your share is even actually calculated. Generally, this means that some of the pie has already been eaten before you eventually get your percentage. Not here, though!

Why choose the JimPartners Casino Affiliate Program?

So, with all the many casino affiliate programs out there, what are some of the top reasons to pick this one? We generally advise you to build a whole portfolio of brands, but here are some of the main advantages of JimPartners:

Several brands. In addition to Slottyway, you can also find new customers for brands called Spinamba, AllRight, LuckyBird, SuperCat, and Slottica. With more brands, there is also more money to be made.
Up to 50% revenue share. With no admin fees, JimPartners is willing to do an honest 50/50 split with its partners. Sounds pretty fair with them doing all the heavy lifting, does it not?
Ready-made promotional content. Whether you are a person with tons of social media followers, or a blogger or a Youtuber with great reach, these people will be there to help you with all the promos that you need.

How to become a partner?

JimPartners has made sure that getting in contact with them is not too difficult. Just follow our link and go click on the “Signup” text at the top of your screen. You are welcome!


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