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EstablishedFebruary 2020
Affiliate platformNetRefer

MegaRush Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Review

The MegaRush Affiliates casino affiliate program is a way for you to make money by bringing customers to the popular MegaRush Casino brand. Powered by NetRefer, this affiliate program features 30% admin fees and revenue share deals of up to 50%.

What is the affiliate program by MegaRush Affiliates?

With every year that passes, new opportunities to make money emerge. Just around 25 years ago, the internet was still in its infancy and not many of today’s business models were in place. There was no social media, no online ad marketing, no social media influencers, no YouTube, and no online casino affiliates. Nowadays things are very different, however, and it is always a smart move to give some consideration to all the potential revenue streams out there.

By joining the MegaRush Affiliates casino affiliate program, you essentially become a partner of the online casino brand with the same name. MegaRush Casino, formerly known as Megalotto, was established in 2020 and has quickly become a brand to be reckoned with. Operating in multiple countries, MegaRush is, above all, known for its safety, huge games selection, and daily 10% cashback. If you ask us, finding new customers for this juggernaut of a casino should not be too tall of a task.

MegaRush Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

Every casino affiliate program needs to use at least some sort of a tracking program to allow for customer statistics to be, well, tracked. With the MegaRush casino affiliate program, you will become familiar with NetRefer, which is an understandably popular choice nowadays. NetRefer offers you accurate data, helping you stay on track regarding your performance.

MegaRush Affiliates Admin Fees

Are you not familiar with what the so-called admin fees mean in the casino affiliate context?

When you are operating on a revenue share-based deal, you are being promised a certain percentage of the money that your customers bring to the casino. Now, admin fees are pesky little fees that will need to be deducted first before the actual sharing part will commence. The admin fees with this particular online casino affiliate program are somewhat high at 30%.

Even with the MegaRush Affiliates program’s highest tier of 50% rev share, you will essentially only be getting 50% of the 70%, which is really 35% of the whole pot.

Why choose the MegaRush Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program?

Although the admin fees are quite high here, there are still several other perks and advantages when it comes to the MegaRush Affiliates casino affiliate program. Just take a look at the list below!

  • No negative carryover. Even if your earning go negative for a month or two, you need not worry about it in the following months. A new month is always a new beginning here!
  • Up to 50% revenue share. The more your customers spend playing some of the best games in the industry, the higher your rev share percentage becomes. You will start at 25% and can move up the ladder all the way to 50%. Just remember the impact of the admin fees, though!
  • Phenomenal brand. Do you know those poor souls who go from door to door selling those pathetic vacuum cleaners? As part of this program, you can rest assured that you are selling a remarkable product to your customers!
  • Reliable payments. You will receive your due commissions on the 15th of every calendar month. No need to wonder where your money went!

How to become a partner?

Getting started with the MegaRush Affiliates casino affiliate program has been made ridiculously easy. After clicking on our associated link, you will immediately come across a REGISTER button for you to smash. It should not be long before you are already out there on the field earning money!

MegaRush Affiliates

MegaRush Affiliates Program Reviews

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