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OMG Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Review

Your OMG Affiliates casino affiliate program review starts right here!

In this Danish affiliate program, you will be looking for new customers for almost 10 different online casino brands. The program uses an in-house tracking system and charges its partners 20% admin fees.

What is the affiliate program by OMG Affiliates?

The world has changed a lot in the past three decades. With the advent of the internet, everything has become very different from what it used to be. One example of this is the way that people speak. Three-letter abbreviations such as OMG have actually made their way out of just the internet and into the mouths of young people especially. Because of this, it only makes sense for a modern intellectual property such as the OMG Affiliates casino affiliate program to use this popular phrase in its branding as well.

The OMG Affiliates casino affiliate program, much like all of its peers, offers entrepreneurial minds a lucrative way to make a passive income. All that participating parties need to do here is try and bring new customers to the casino brands that are a part of this very affiliate program. The online casinos here include Jackie Jackpot, Winners Magic Casino, Lucky Thrillz, Apuesta Mos Casino, Trada Casino, MillionPot, and Greenplay Casino.

Suffice it to say that only a rare few online casino affiliate programs give you as much variety as OMG Affiliates does in terms of brands.

OMG Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

Online casino affiliate programs need to track your performance in order to pay you for it. This is done by giving you so-called tracking links, which will remember every cent that the players you bring to spend on the online casino of their choice.

OMG Affiliates uses an in-house tracking system.

OMG Affiliates Admin Fees

Admin fees are the scourge of any affiliate program, and the OMG Affiliates casino affiliate program is no exception. In layman’s terms, you could refer to affiliate admin fees as a sort of taxation. Before the big bosses start sharing the contents of their money bag, they will first need to take some cash off the top while you just sit and wait.

With OMG Affiliates, the admin fees come in at 20%.

Why choose the OMG Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program?

There are numerous online casino affiliate programs out there, just waiting for you to contact and strike a deal with them. Why, then, would the OMG Affiliates casino affiliate program be your best bet? Below we list some of the most important benefits of this program.

  • Tons of brands. We already listed some of the many participating brands of OMG Affiliates above. If you are looking for a long-time partnership, it makes sense to get in cahoots with a program that has several products for you to sell. This way, you will always have something new to show your audiences.
  • Regular payments. OMG Affiliates likes to be up and honest about its payments. According to their website, they will pay their partners once per month with no need for additional invoicing.
  • Multiple business opportunities. Not everyone likes to be compensated the same way as the next guy. The OMG Affiliates casino affiliate program deals range from up to 60% in revenue share to CPAs and hybrids. As a partner, it is your job to decide how you want to be paid.
  • No negative carryover. The law of the land when it comes to online casino gaming is that people do not always lose and might actually sometimes win a lot of money. When this happens, you will be happy that OMG Affiliates does not feature negative carryover from previous months. In other words, you start each month with a blank slate and will never have to “pay back” what the traffic you bring in manages to win.

How to become a partner?

OMG Affiliates advertises that it only takes 1 minute to register with them. So, what you need to do right now is click our associated link and head on out to the OMG Affiliates casino affiliate program website. Once you arrive there, you simply cannot miss the “Register” button in the top-right corner of your screen!

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