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OXI Partners – Program Review

The OXI Partners casino affiliate program review starts here!

This program sees you recruiting new customers for two popular casinos, Zoome and OXI. There are multiple types of deals available, ranging from revenue share to hybrid. Your progress is being tracked by Affilka, and your admin fees come in at 35 per cent.

What is the affiliate program by OXI Partners?

The so-called affiliate industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. In the world of high-speed internet, there is an infinite amount of websites and other internet services that would be more than happy to drown you in their incessant stream of content. Because of this, companies need affiliates to sing their praises and to channel users toward content that they perhaps never knew even existed. As a casino affiliate, your job is similar to this as you are trying to find new paying customers to join casinos with their proverbial chequebooks open.

When you join the OXI Partners casino affiliate program, your job becomes to toot the horn of OXI Casino and Zoome Casino—two reputable Curacao-licensed online casino brands, both aiming for several worldwide markets. If you succeed in being a great poster boy or poster girl for the said casinos, you could obviously be in for some terrific monetary gains as a result.

OXI Partners Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

Affilka SoftSwiss is one of the leading tracking systems in the world of online casino affiliating. With the help of this well-developed program, you can rest assured that you will be compensated for every single customer you bring to OXI Partners. And, what is more, you will have access to tons of interesting statistics to help you guide your way on your casino affiliate program journey.

OXI Partners Admin Fees

Each affiliate program offers its partners impending value. The OXI Partners affiliate program is no different as there are various frameworks based on which you may be compensated. Revenue share deals, CPAs and even hybrid deals are all available—as will soon be showcased below under the next heading…

Before OXI Partners starts splitting the loot with its affiliates, however, they will first deduct 35% in admin fees from the overall pot. To put things in layman’s terms, if your customers are bringing in 1,000 euros and you have a 30% rev share deal, you can expect to get 30% out of 650 euros and not 30% out of 1,000 euros.

Why choose the OXI Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

All right, the time has now come to list some of the top benefits that are par for the course for everyone joining the OXI Partners casino affiliate program. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Flexible deals. Whether you are looking for rev-share (20 to 45%), hybrid deals, CPA or even sub-affiliation, OXI Partners delivers. Essentially, you decide what works for you the best.
  • No hidden fees. Outside of the dreaded admin fees, there are no additional fees here to catch you off-guard.
  • Payments once a month. OXI Partners promises to pay its partners at the beginning of each month.
  • Multiple play methods for withdrawals. Would you like to receive your money through Neteller, bank transfer, Skrill, or even in Bitcoin? The choice is yours!

How to become a partner?

Are you liking what you are seeing thus far? If so, feel free to click on our link so you will be taken to where you want to be. On the OXI Partners website, you simply need to press one of the buttons saying “Sign up” or “Become our Partner” to begin. Before you know it, your account will already be up and running and you are free to start earning a little bit of passive income!

Good luck!

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OXI Partners Program Reviews

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