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Partners in Game Casino Affiliate Program Review

The Partners in Game casino affiliate program review starts here!

As a partner in game, you are recruiting new customers to YOJU Casino. This program makes use of an in-house tracking system and charges partners 30% admin fees. Multiple commission models are available.

What is the affiliate program by Partners in Game?

Online casino affiliate programs often have the most interesting of names. The Partners in Game casino affiliate program in particular has chosen quite a fun pun as its proverbial epithet. After all, being partners in crime normally means being together deep in the trenches or being as thick as thieves. In other words, being partners in game suggests that this will be a collaboration for the ages.

Enough with the idioms now! When you join the Partners in Game casino affiliate program, your main goal becomes to spread the word about the one online casino brand that this program focuses on—and that is YOJU Casino.

YOJU is a brand new 2022 online casino brand by the immensely popular Curacao casino company called Dama NV. Going forward, as a newborn affiliate, you will be committed to getting more eyes on this product for your own financial cut of the proceedings.

Partners in Game Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

Every online casino affiliate program needs a tracking system to keep tabs on how many customers have joined through your affiliate links. This is how affiliate program operators track how much of the money that your traffic brings in should be heading your way.

The Partners in Game casino affiliate system uses its very own custom-made in-house tracking system.

Partners in Game Admin Fees

No one in this world likes fees—except for the people charging them. Still, you are going to run into all sorts of taxes and extra costs just about everywhere you look, and the Partners in Game casino affiliate program is no exception.

For every euro (or currency equivalent) that you bring to the program, Partners in Game is going to deduct 30% in fees. This is, of course, done before your overall commissions will be counted.

Why choose the Partners in Game Casino Affiliate Program?

Every product out there—online or offline—has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to casino affiliate programs. Below you will see some of the biggest perks when you become a partner in game:

  • Flexible commission models. Partners in Game is keeping its doors open to every type of affiliate program compensation model. Whether you want a rev-share deal, a CPA, or a mixture of both (hybrid), these guys are more than happy to negotiate.
  • Prompt payments. Partners in Game promises fast payments for its partners.
  • No negative carryover. One of the most important perks there is, no negative carryover means that your balance will be reset every month. This helps you recover faster in case someone happens to win a jackpot that takes your monthly balance to sub-zero levels.
  • Expert guidance. True to its name, Partners in Game is always ready to talk to you and to help you get started on your budding affiliate journey.

How to become a partner?

This is easy as pie. All you need to do is click on our associated link and we will take you safely to your destination, which is the Partners in Game casino affiliate program website. There you will find a big old red Sign up button. You cannot miss it!

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