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EstablishedAugust 2022
Company NameReward Group ApS
AddressHellerupvej 8, 2900 Hellerup Copenhagen
Company numberCVR 38 89 60 83
VAT numberDK38896083
Affiliate platformAffilka

Playfina Partners Casino Affiliate Program Review

Your Playfina Partners casino affiliate program review is about to start roaring!

As part of this program, your goal becomes to promote Playfina Casino. The affiliate program uses Affilka for tracking purposes and charges 40% admin fees before eventually paying you in accordance with your compensation deal of choice.

What is the affiliate program by Playfina Partners?

Online casino affiliate programs can sometimes be very different from one another. With some, you will have a whole batch of online casinos to pick and choose from. Others, such as the Playfina Partners casino affiliate program, will only focus on a single brand.

As an affiliate, your modus operandi for making money becomes directing traffic to the services that you advocate for. With the Playfina Partners casino affiliate program, this service, or rather an online casino, is aptly called Playfina Casino. This is a high-quality online casino from arguably one of the best Curaçao casino companies in operation today—Dama N.V.

Playfina Casino operates on the acclaimed SoftSwiss platforms and must be one of the more accessible casino brands available today. This should obviously be a great thing for affiliates hoping to sell the casino to their audiences.

Playfina Partners Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

Once you get your foot in the door with the Playfina Partners casino affiliate program, you will be given something called a tracking link. This link is to be used when advertising the casino, as everyone who joins through the link will be marked as one of the customers that you specifically brought in. These people’s net losses (if there are any) will then be carefully tracked to keep tabs on how much money you are making.

Playfina Partners has turned to Affilka to help with tracking your performance. As you may know, Affilka is one of the most popular and trusted pieces of affiliate tracking software around.

Playfina Partners Admin Fees

As a Playfina Partners casino affiliate program partner, you are entitled to a percentage of the money that your traffic spends at Playfina Casino. This percentage is calculated based on the rules of the program, which is something we will go over soon as we list some of the program’s perks. What you should know, however, is that before you will get your due, Playfina Partners will first have to deduct some pesky admin fees from your total earnings.

Admin fees for this program come in at an unusually high rate of 40%.

Why choose the Playfina Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

We hope that the high admin fees of the Playfina Partners casino affiliate program did not scare you off. After all, there is definitely also a large number of good sides to this program. Some of the most vital ones can be found listed below:

  • Many commission models. Playfina Partners lets you decide between CPA deals, hybrids, and up to 45% revenue share deals. Variety is always good, which means that this deserves a round of applause.
  • No negative carryover. Every month is a new beginning. Your earnings will never fall below zero for more than one month, even if your traffic were to suck the casino dry with their incredible luck.
  • Ready-made marketing materials. Not too fond of Photoshop? No worries: Playfina Partners will help you by providing you with all the necessary marketing material you need.
  • Monthly payments. It is always good to get paid early. We are glad that Playfina Partners understands this as well.

How to become a partner?

Partnering up with the Playfina Partners casino affiliate program is pretty much as simple as registering to a modern online casino. You only need to follow our link and click on the big green “Join now” button on the official Playfina Partners website. It is all elementary from this point on!

Playfina Partners

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