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SlotsNPlay Casino Affiliate Program Review

The Slots N’Play casino affiliate program sees partners searching for new customers to join SlotsNPlay Casino. Powered by MAP™ tracking, this program has 0% admin fees and features revenue share deals of up to 50%.

What is the affiliate program by Slots N’Play?

The global online casino industry today is worth billions and billions of dollars. We cannot even begin to guess just how much money is circling around the business, but what we do know is that there are tons of ways to get your hands on some of your own. Gambling itself, of course, might not be the best way to go about this as the chance of winning can sometimes be rather slim. Obviously, gambling should be considered in the same vein as buying a raffle ticket—an act of innocent fun that should not be looked at as a concrete way of making money.

One stellar that you can make money with gambling is to become a casino affiliate. This essentially makes you an online casino marketer who benefits from being able to sell entertainment to your audience. With the Slots N’Play casino affiliate program, your product of choice is Slots N’Play Casino by ASG Technologies Ltd.

Slots N’Play is powered by Aspire Global International Limited who has been in the business since 2003. As a result, you just know that you have a great online casino product at your hands.

Slots N’Play Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

There are a few stages in the process of becoming a casino affiliate. After you are done with the basics—such as registering and talking to your personal affiliate manager—, it is time to provide your target audience with all the necessary links and information. These links are then also used to serve as tools for tracking your affiliate progress. More specifically, the Slots N’Play casino affiliate program uses the MAP™ program to track your first-time depositors as well as how much money they might be winning or losing at any given time. This data helps you plan ahead and keep tabs on your finances!

Slots N’Play Admin Fees

Not everyone out there will be upfront about the so-called admin fees that most casino affiliate programs possess. Usually, these fees are deducted from the total revenue that your customers are bringing in, and this happens before your eventual cut is calculated. Luckily for Slots N’Play casino affiliate program partners, however, no actual admin fees are included. That being said, there are still some small payment processing fees to consider and perhaps discuss with your affiliate manager.

Why choose the Slots N’Play Affiliate Program?

Not all online casino affiliate programs are created equal. Next, we will go over a list of some of the perks related to this program in particular.

No negative carryover. Some affiliate programs out there might come with some rather predatory terms. One of these is the inclusion of negative carryover, which means that your customers’ big wins could keep your finances underwater for several months. Fortunately, Slots N’Play does not have a negative carryover, which means that each month provides you with a fresh new opportunity to make some gains.
Up to 50% revenue share deals. Your rev share percentage here will vary between 30 to 50% based on how much money your customers are bringing in. The more customers you can find, the higher your chances will be to make bank.
Professional marketing help. People working with the Slots N’Play casino affiliate program will be happy to help you with any marketing materials you might need. This way, you can both make more money together!
Nice product. There aren’t many companies out there that have as much experience in this industry as Aspire Global does. These people know how to create high-conversion brands where customers want to play. Whether you are targeting newbies or online casino connoisseurs, marketing Slots N’Play should not be too much of a problem.

How to become a partner?

Most online casino affiliate programs have their own dedicated websites. Joining the Slots N’Play program is a bit more simple than this. All you need to do here is to click our link and enter the Affiliates subpage on the Slots N’Play casino site itself. There you will find all the required information to get the ball rolling in no time!

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