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EstablishedMay 2022
Affiliate platformCellxpert

Your Traffic Flow Partners casino affiliate program review starts here!

Also stylised as TrafficFlowPartners (no spaces), this casino affiliate program comes with 30% admin fees and tracking by Cellxpert. Revenue share deals here range between 20% to 45%.

What is the affiliate program by Traffic Flow Partners?

In this crazy world we live in, affiliating has become an extremely viable source of income. Nowadays, making money does not always require you to do a regular 9-to-5 job. A fishing metaphor might be appropriate here… Instead of sitting crouched next to a creek for 8 hours, trying to stay as silent as possible, you can just as well throw in a few fish traps and come back later to see whether you caught something. The Traffic Flow Partners casino affiliate program works in a similar manner.

Being part of this program, your aim becomes to market all the participating online casinos to your audiences. As you drive traffic to the casinos, Traffic Flow Partners will reward you by offering you a sizeable piece of the overall pie. The more money you bring in to Palmslots, the better you will be compensated for your efforts.

Traffic Flow Partners Casino Affiliate Program Tracking

The online casino industry is full of different sorts of partnerships and cooperation. In order for affiliates to keep tabs on how much money they are making, they need to take advantage of a tracking system of sorts. With the Traffic Flow Partners casino affiliate program, the tracking system of choice is called Cellxpert.

Cellxpert is a preferred tracking system of choice for numerous impactful online brands. Some of these include BDSwiss, Currency.com, IronFX, Markets.com, and Fiverr. The system provides you with accurate and reliable data that you can trust.

Traffic Flow Partners Admin Fees

Nothing is free, this much everyone knows. The Traffic Flow Partners casino affiliate program, too, comes with a few pesky fees that you need to take into account. The so-called admin fees here are 30%, which means that your projected revenue share percentage will, in fact, incur some deductions before the money is actually being paid to your account.

For the sake of an argument, let us say you make 1000 euros (or currency equivalent) and have a monthly revenue share percentage of 45%. Before giving you your cut, Traffic Flow Partners will minus 300 euros from your overall 1000 euros. In this case, your true revenue share percentage of the initial 1000 euros will actually be 31.50% as you will be getting 315 euros.

Why choose the Traffic Flow Partners Casino Affiliate Program?

No casino affiliate program is perfect, yet they all come with their own set of perks and benefits. Here are some of the top reasons to start a partnership with Traffic Flow Partners:

  • Up to 45% revenue share. Casino affiliate programs are all about revenue sharing. With Traffic Flow Partners, your rev share percentage will vary between 20-45%, based on how much net revenue you are bringing in. Please note that the 45% level only unlocks once you are making over 6K in revenue.
  • Monthly payments. TrafficFlowPartners promises to pay you within the first twelve days of each month. The minimum payout threshold is 50 euros.
  • Negotiable no negative carryover. While we are not quite sure whether this “no negative carryover” applies to each and every partnership, based on the terms and conditions, this is at least negotiable. When there is no negative carryover, random massive wins by single customers will not hinder your overall performance for more than a month.

How to become a partner?

Traffic Flow Partners claims on their website that anyone can apply to become a partner for this casino affiliate program. However, there are said to be a number of criteria which must be met in order for an application to be successful. Most affiliate programs are not too picky about their partners, but according to the texts here, not everyone might be able to join.

If you want to send in your application, please visit the Traffic Flow Partners casino affiliate program website through our link and click on the blue “Signup” button in the top-right corner of your screen!

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