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EstablishedMarch 2020
Company NameDama NV
AddressJulianaplein 36 Willemstad, Curacao
Company number152125
Affiliate platformCellxpert

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The Chilli Partners affiliate program is an affiliate program designed from the ground up to maximise the earning potential of the affiliates it takes on as partners. The Chilli Partners program operates multiple new brands which are easy to convert due to the work being put into the customer-centric casinos.

Every affiliate partner which joins Chilli Partners is passed through an onboarding process to ensure he is given the correct tools to live up to his potential. Not only this, but every partner is assigned a success manager who will help and consult with the affiliate on how to improve his revenue stream and marketing channels.

The affiliate portal by default has all the important information visible at a glance conveniently. But Chilli Partners are also data-centric. The affiliate portal allows for deeper diving into the data, exposing room for improvement and feedback on experimental strategies.

Our affiliate management team works around the clock to not only ensure the best potential of the affiliate partner is reached, but also to reward the partner with the best terms possible. The team also strives to give the best support in the business from tracking link issues and maximising conversion rates to adding new revenue streams and suggesting site improvements to our partners.

At Chilli Partners, we are always on the lookout for new affiliate stars. Our end goal is your long-term success and we ensure you’ll have the right assistance and expertise of our management team at your availability to guarantee it!

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