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The world of online casinos is a lucrative place for all kinds of companies and individual entrepreneurs alike. Whether you are in the business of creating online casinos, producing high-quality slots, or being an affiliate, there is plenty of money to be made.

While most fields of business have been adversely affected by worldwide pandemics over the years, the gambling industry has flourished. People have flocked to games of chance for centuries, and they are definitely not going to stop any time soon. The online casino industry has very much proven to be both recession-proof and pandemic-proof.

If you are interested in getting into affiliation—and making some great money in the process—you might want to take a look at Pirate Partners and start earning some of your own loot!

What is the affiliate program by Pirate Partners?

Despite the name, Pirate Partners are trustworthy companions on your way to extra earnings. By bringing in players to casinos operating under the Pirate Partners umbrella, you, too, could start making some cash by directing traffic. Currently, there are two successful casinos, Winny Casino and Dreamz Casino, that are part of the program.

Why choose Pirate Partners?

While there might be many potential affiliate partner programs in the world, not all of them carry the same benefits. On the contrary, many affiliate programs actually use predatory terms such as “negative carryover” to reduce their own risks—and increase yours. With no negative carryover, however, Pirate Partners does not punish you for their players getting lucky. Even if someone wins 10,000 euros while playing, you will not be responsible for having to pay for it the next month. Every month you will see a favourable reset!

Here are a few of the advantages that Pirate Partners provides:

  • No negative carryover. Every month is its own story.
  • Speedy payouts. The program pays you at the same exact time every month. No tomfoolery!
  • Two-man team. Don’t you just hate complex corporate structures? Pirate Partners always has only two people assisting you at any given time.
  • Long-term partnership. Pirate Partners vows to only work with a few people at a time. Everyone likes feeling special, do they not?

How to become a partner?

If you feel like you are finally ready to sail the high-seas and get yourself some booty, all you have to do is click “sign up” on the Pirate Partners homepage. They will take it from there!

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